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Banning red beret waste of time - Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine wearing the red beret

Bobi Wine wearing the red beret

Kyadondo East MP also presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has denounced the government's banning of civilian use of red berets, a symbol of his "People Power" movement that he hopes to use to oust longtime President Yoweri Museveni.

The government last month gazetted the red beret and other pieces of military wear as "property of the state." It warned people who wear or sell them that they would be prosecuted under military law, which can lead to a life sentence.

"This beret ban is a sham. It is a blatant attempt to suffocate a successful threat to the autocratic status quo," Bobi Wine, 37, said in a statement.

"But People Power is more than a red beret, we are bigger than our symbol. We are a booming political movement fighting for the future of Uganda and we will continue our struggle for democracy," the statement said.

Since he became a legislator in 2017, Bobi Wine has rattled Ugandan authorities who see him as a formidable threat to end Museveni's more than three decades in power. Bobi Wine has amassed a large support base, especially among young Ugandans who have been wooed by his bold criticism of Museveni, sometimes delivered in his lyrics.

Authorities have responded by clamping down on his supporters, jailing some. Bobi Wine's rallies have been broken up with tear gas and live rounds. Last year he was beaten as he campaigned in a parliamentary by-election and had to seek treatment in the United States.

Uganda's next presidential elections are due to be held early 2021. Museveni, president since 1986, is widely expected to stand. While Museveni has not officially declared his intention to run for re-election, top organs of his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party have endorsed him as their flagbearer.


+2 #11 Mubiru 2019-10-01 19:55
Will the red gear-fez worn by mainly Moslems like Semujju Nganda also be banned?
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-3 #12 Mama Mia 2019-10-01 20:53
"Bobi Swine has amassed a large support base " blah blah blah!!! What support? If the so called "Arsenal" , the murderers and kondos are a large support base then I am afraid that the large support base has become delusional and day dreamers.

To cut the story short, Hon. Swine will never be the president of the republic of Uganda. Full stop!!! The natural successors to throne should Mzee decide to retire are the following: Peter Mayiga, Gen. Katumba, Gen. Keinerugaba. Mao and Muntu have since disappointingly faded.
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0 #13 rubangakene 2019-10-01 22:54
We told you so; you see "yellow" is not a colour the photographers' fraternity associate with, it is not photogenic, whereas "red, blue and green" are.

humans as well as animals are easily drawn to this colour instinctively. However, this battle is not about colour per se, it is a battle of truth and justice which the likes of Bobi Wine et al are ready to 'see through' red or no red. BRING IT ON!
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+1 #14 WADADA roger 2019-10-01 23:33
When rebranding to cover up a past bad record, an institution can change its motor, change its name, change its uniform and may be its employees but so long as the institution remains in the same place or does the same work, a change in all the above will make no difference.

I wonder why the UPDF is thinking that the order to stop Ugandans from wearing the red beret will change the way they think about Museveni, my answer is NO, even a blind man can see this very clearly.
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0 #15 Wainanchi 2019-10-02 03:39
@Mama Mia-- Totally agree!! Thank you Mama Mia!One correction please! I instituted Bobi Dingo Dog, but Bobi Swine is equally appropriate. !

I would humbly suggest our dear readers to give their votes and chose which one of the appropriate labels should this tug and spy take-- Bobi Swine or Bobi Dingo Dog?

Dingo in Aussie , Australia terms means bush dog, dingo...Since Dingo Dog was getting foreign money and went abroad to kneel and ask for foreign intervention from president Trump, but was given cold shoulder and then was taken by his Deep Shadow Government ...discarded operatives around corridors of the State House , where he went for a short call, and Congress where he did the major human necessity with his handler Amsterdam,he was let loose to confuse good .,decent people of Uganda and young people who are looking for their place under the sun and being lured with money and false promises
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+3 #16 Munyarwanda 2019-10-02 12:50
Haaaaa haaa, its true thatas some people keep aging even their rate of thinking decelerate.

Museveni thinks that burning red caps will divert our political ambitions ....that's a big NO.....Our brains can not stop reasoning because of such dictatorial means of leadership by M7'S rotten and corrupt government
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0 #17 Kikomeko 2019-10-02 14:01
1.000.000 dead Ugandans..to sustain the Status Quo.NRA..a Terrorist Group of Loosers that took to the Bush..Killing, Maiming and Robbing Banks..Their God came from Nowhere and has no Case to Answer.

Every Able bodied Ugandan should stand Up and Get Counted..We are Approaching Phase Zero..when We will be Hanging them by their Balls..Hold the Line
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