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5 arrested over theft of Arua hospital ambulance

December 6, 2021 by URN

Police in Arua has arrested five people over the disappearance of an ambulance belonging to Arua regional referral hospital.  The Toyota Land Cruiser reg. no. UG 6812 M disappeared from the...

Trucks belonging to sand miners sit buried by volcanic ash after heavy rains shifted ash from the slopes of Indonesia's most active volcano, Merapi


How to avoid the humiliating process of lowering your age

Recently, a newspaper story said more than 1,000 civil servants who are due for retirement have applied to lower the age.  I had always thought that retirement is the...


Mabiriizi: I am controversial and it's okay

HASSAN MALE MABIRIIZ KIWANUKA is a maverick lawyer who wants to be remembered for fighting for rule of law in the country. The proud traditionalist and businessman, who fearlessly...

Sex Talk: Thank goodness I am not a man!

At a recent getaway with my girlfriends, we somehow got talking about the worst ways we have been hit on by the opposite gender, and the conversation got...