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Land registrar admits to issuing fake land titles

 Luella Ataro Bogere

Luella Ataro Bogere

In one of the most heart-rending revelations, a senior registrar of titles at the ministry of Lands, has admitted masterminding a fraudulent land transaction in which she created and issued a fake special certificate of land title, that may see 161 households including the auditor general John Muwanga evicted.

Acting against the provisions of the law, Luella Ataro Bogere, without any due consideration of the normal procedures, acted illegally and created a special certificate of title for land under contention, located on Block 185, Plot 1131 at Namavundu sub-county Wakiso district. The fake title was created in the name of Peninah Karenge Busingye.

In collaboration with other surveyors, among them Vianney Lutaaya, a surveyor in the ministry of Lands, Ataro, issued a special certificate of title, knowing that all the plots in the mother certificate had proprietors.

Ataro did not also consider the normal procedures that when somebody applies for special certificate of title, the registrar has to wait for 30 days after an announcement is made in the national gazette.

Appearing before the Commission of Inquiry into land matters on November 20, the senior registrar of titles failed to defend herself saying it was an oversight. The commission is investigating allegations of double titling of land in Namavundu, Kasangati town council in Wakiso district. Commissioner Fred Ruhindi put Ataro to task to explain why she is always implicated in serious land fraudlent deals.

“This is not the first time you have caused a change in proprietorship on people’s titles. And this one is gigantic. What is it that it is you constantly? How many times so far have you been here on very grave matters and this one is worse? You have been compromised to the marrow,” Ruhindi said.

“You knew the transactions were taking place on this title but you didn’t act. Don’t try to white wash things here… but even if you wanted to do things fishy, you can’t even do it nicely”.

Ruhindi lashed out at the way the likes of Ataro testify against complainants in court.

“In courts of law you are the very people who go and testify against the complainants and testify against the commission. You earn twice from your deals. You earn from a person claiming money from government and the ones you are giving fake titles. Assuming our commission never came into existence, how could you actually cover this?" Ruhindi asked.

Commissioner Mary Oduka questioned why Ataro decided to ignore the statutory 30 days required by the law before issues of the fraudulent title.

“How much money was that that was involved that you couldn’t even wait for the days (30 days). Don’t tell me it was an oversight, you didn’t know. Not even God will listen to it.” said Oduka..

This is the fourth time Ataro whose name has hit the post office box for notorious fraudulent land deals, is appearing and being questioned before the commission. In June 2017, the Land Probe chairperson, Justice Catherine Bamugemereire ordered for the arrest of Ataro who she accused of obstructing justice and disrespect. Ataro was detained at Wandegeya police station.

Ataro, who was then appearing for the second time before the commission to explain her role in the issuance of a set of land titles to individuals in wetlands located at Kijabijo, was also accused of telling lies by the commission.

”And I am asking you again today and you said no. What exactly do you mean? Which means you actually knew about it", a visibly exasperated Bamugemereire said. 

Ataro who had been avoiding some of the questions put to her by the commission could not, despite overwhelming evidence from witnesses, admit that she had a hand in deceptive land deals and did not follow right due procedures when processing applications leading to grant of certificate of titles in wetlands.

Records obtained by the commission showed that title 170 plot 644 was registered by Ataro and her senior land management officer, Satya Mwangushya without following laid down procedures. The two, the commission heard, avoided the district land officer and the district land board by approving the award of certificate of titles in a wetland.

In March 2018, the commission told Ataro to resign after she was accused of allegedly conniving with land grabbers to take the central forest reserve in Ssayi, Mukono municipality, and soliciting for money in order to sign transfer forms.

The revelation followed an earlier testimony from one Evelyn Kafeero, who had wanted to transfer a piece of land she bought from Jude Clement Kidega in 2014. Ataro, the commission heard, refused to sign the transfer forms and instead demanded for Shs 10 million for the transaction. 

Kidega, an employee of ministry of Works, is also accused of selling part of Ssayi central forest reserve in Mukono, which is under contention to Kafeero, admitted before the commission that he paid Shs 10m to Ataro to help her sign his transfer forms

The land probe team also heard that Ataro illegally authorised the sub division of Kabaka’s land at block 369 plot 3 at Golomolo Kiyaga without Buganda kingdom’s consent. It is alleged that Ataro, through  a mutation form, authorised the sub-division of Kabaka’s land from block 369 into plots 8,9,10, 11 and 13.

Mutation is the transfer or change of title ownership from one person to another when the property is sold. 
Ataro has further been implicated in the issuing of title in Mabira central forest reserve to Nurdin Yusuf and Bashir Yusuf illegally.

In all these incidences, Ataro, vehemently denied any involvement in the bribery scandal.

“My lord, it is not true that I received money. It is totally false,” Ataro said. She also stated that she did not know that the land in dispute was a forest reserve.

But in a turn of events and unlike other appearances where denial was been the order of the day, Ataro, who was again arraigned before the commission this time round succumbed to her deceitful woes and admitted creating the special title for the Namavundu land located on block 185, plot 1131 in the names of Peninah Karenge Busingye.

“My lord and commissioners, it was an oversight and I apologise for it, I did not know the magnitude of the problem but now I realise there was a problem,” Ataro told the commission during cross examination. 

She admitted she did not advertise the application for the special title in the newspapers, as it is required by law, to establish whether or not there were people with interest on the land. 

But this did not solve the equation: “The way you minimalise mistakes by saying it was an oversight…, I apologise…is rather appalling. You issued the certificate of title in violation of all the rules, regulations and procedures of the law. You had made up your mind that you have to get a title out” Justice Bamugemereire.

“This thing of titling a certificate that belongs to over 160 people and you keep saying I apologise is ridiculous.”

Documents tendered before the commission show that the fraudulent special title was issued only nine days after the application was submitted as opposed to the 30 statutory days required by law.

Furthermore, the commission found out that the special title that was supposed to be issued in the original names, was instead issued in the in the name of Natasha Karenge. Kerenge has been summoned to appear before the commission. However, last week he submitted a letter, to the commission purporting that she was indisposed and that her doctor had prescribed a bed rest. Karenge asked to be given some time before she can appear before the commission. 

The presence of the illegal special title came to the forefront when one Karenge together with her daughter, Natasha Karenge, under duress, fenced off the land claimed by one Stanley Lwanga, who holds the original title of the land under contention. 

Lwanga, a retired accountant formerly with the ministry of Health, is one of the 161 households in Namavundu who face eviction as a result of the fraudulent transaction. Others include the auditor general, John Muwanga. 

The land probe commission was created by President Yoweri Museveni in December 2016 and is chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire. Bamugemereire is assisted by six commissioners; Fredrick Ruhindi, Dr Rose Nakayi, George Bagonza Tinkamanyire, Joyce Gunze Habaasa, Mary Oduka Ochan and Robert Ssebunnya 

The commission’s lead counsel is Ebert Byenkya while the deputy and assistant lead counsels are John Bosco Suuza and Andrew Odiit respectively. The commission’s mandate is to probe the efficiency of the laws, policies and processes of land registration, acquisition, administration and management.

It is also tasked with inquiring into the effectiveness of the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) in administering public land and relevant bodies in the reservation of wetlands, forests, road reserves and national parks.



-1 #11 Akot 2018-12-02 19:59
...Yet, the entire population of Uganda is in open prison & will be so as long as the demon goes on, especially as he is now assured of continuity as there is on more opposition to him, the tribalistic system ensures his post, tax money is in time & in peace, army/police are on standby to block any one who comes out to oppose Museveni!

This young woman, like all officials, are payed to ensuring Museveni is served, tribal leaders are paid just to keep Ugandans tribally divided, thus powerless!

If this young women is got rid of/locked up in prison, the next official will do just like her, steal, loot, serve Museveni & survive!...
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-1 #12 Akot 2018-12-02 20:02
...When will Ugandans understand they/their kids/grand children are alos in danger if they don't bring an end to this self destruction, by throwing Museveni out?

While Ugandans teargas, give themselves faked land certificates, try one another in court & lock one another in prison, get at one another, maintain the tribalistic system keeping Museveni in power...who is benefiting & who is suffering?

Why is Museveni using Ugandans against one another so that he just goes on & our people are the last to see it?
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-1 #13 Akot 2018-12-02 20:12
Quoting mbabslarry miguelito:
I am sure there are so many fraudulent transactions being done by fellows in the ministry of lands that have caused great suffering to Ugandans.

Imagine one displacing a village to set up a farm!


Is Acholi tribal leader not just enjoying life under Museveni in silence like a brainless & don't recall the demon destroyed his tribe completely?

Has any one heard of Rwenzururu tribal leader?

As long as we destroy one another, everything is fine for Museveni & we are just helping him perfectly!

How can tribal leaders even still believe they are leaders & whose leaders when it's Museveni the sole boss, the only one who has a say, the only one court-parliament serve?
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-1 #14 Akot 2018-12-02 20:18
Quoting kabayekka:
Interesting that much of the land that has been acquired illegally is on the territory of the State of Buganda.

This shows clearly the incompetence of the leadership of this Ancient African state!


Museveni is finalising conquest of territory & we are helping him do so! If any Ugandan still thinks he/she will be included in the Uganda Museveni so dreamed of & is about to have, then we are doomed for good!

If any tribe has leadership, it's time to break away before Museveni throws official-legal-constitutional papers of ownership of Uganda at us!
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+2 #15 gwok 2018-12-03 00:36
Quoting kabayekka:
Interesting that much of the land that has been acquired illegally is on the territory of the State of Buganda.

This shows clearly the incompetence of the leadership of this Ancient African state!

Sir, when I said here LAST YEAR that "milo land in the hands of the king and the princes was at risk" you were one of many who strongly rebuked me here as "anti-Buganda".

Welcome on board, Sir. I am still a non-Ganda. What is now being revealed should worry some of us [non-Ganda], for if a few fake certificates have come out in that commission of inquiry, for sure there are more of those at large in our pockets.
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+3 #16 Lakwena 2018-12-03 10:30
In my strong opinion, because Luella Ataro Bogere of this country are heartless and causing so much anguish, destitution and suffering; I would prefer that they are rolled into the Market Square and their heads are guillotined into a basket.

Or together with their benefactors, they are arm-strung and marched to the City Square and subjected to public stoning. Eish!

In other words, it would have been better if they were not born!
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+1 #17 Lakwena 2018-12-03 10:56
But where on earth do the Kicinco and Busingye of this country get the billions of shillings, to buy off whole villages and/or square miles of settled and inhabited land?

In other words, if Ugandans have to have their peace of mind and life; we are dealing with an organized crime syndicate that must be cracked and terminated.

Considering the Justine Bagyenda of this country, that Organized crime ring must be inside Bank of Uganda where nobody checks.

E.g. a few years ago, where on earth did Mr. M7 get the balls to order BoU to give Shs.20 billion to Basajjabalaba, who is now quiet like the proverbial mouse?

Otherwise, in my mother's name, except thru fraud, no current Ugandans: businessmen/women and/or employees can save, obtain and dispose of such huge sums of money in prime properties.

Ugandans balabye! But Treva will accuse me of being a jealous idiot full of hatred.
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0 #18 Wainanchi 2018-12-03 14:05
I am chronically tired and pissed of by the same crooks and thugs over and over again.

Same bullshitting thugs, Akot, Lakwena, Kabbakayekka...don't you have something else to do in your empty and idlying lives but drink and urinating in this portal every day.

Maan, what kind of aliens or beasts are you to write and repeat,repeat and write,like the famous song goes, on and on and on Come on thugs,get of our backs for sakes . You are a bunch of thugs and losers!! Pehew!!
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0 #19 rubangakene 2018-12-03 22:49
Oh Uganda, may God uphold thee,
We humbly seek guidance for even our womenfolk have joined in the wanton 'theft' from the communal granary.

God this never used to happen before, we implore thee further so that we might stop this otherwise YOU will have so much 'mea aculpas' to harvest. Mea aculpa, mea aculpa, mea maxima aculpa!
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0 #20 Lakwena 2018-12-04 12:14
Quoting Wainanchi:
I am chronically tired and pissed of by the same crooks and thugs over and over again.

Same bullshitting thugs, Akot, Lakwena, Kabbakayekka...don't you have something else to do in your empty and idlying lives but drink and urinating in this portal every day.

Maan, what kind of aliens or beasts are you to write and repeat,repeat and write,like the famous song goes, on and on and on Come on thugs,get of our backs for sakes . You are a bunch of thugs and losers!! Pehew!!

In other words Wainanchi, existence is repetition. We are here to drive you nuts, until you start removing your pants on Nakasero Road, and move around "naked" (exposed).
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