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Mpuuga’s season of dancing with the stars

Mathias Mpuuga

Mathias Mpuuga

It is not true that Leader of Opposition comrade brother Hon. Mathias Mpuuga underestimated the meaning of the protest he started.

The fact that once into it, simply walking away from it is political suicide (especially from his base at Kamwokya-Kavule).  I think he understood this really well. But more importantly, there are real victims, ruined lives, broken bones, and possibly missing and dead people behind these long-awaited protests.

It seems to me comrade Mpuuga finally understood that justice is never given on a silver platter. In fact, the idea of protests itself — as a political method — signifies the entire existence of NUP and perhaps Bobi Wine himself.

I know, it comes a little too late, but it is not true either that comrade Mpuuga decided to finally enter Delta Force mode as a stunt to ensure his re-appointment as leader of opposition as the first season nears its end in December.

I know, his life changed a lot, thanks to the Shs 8 billion budget that comes with the office he occupies — and wouldn’t want to lose it. But it is my position that finally, brother Mpuuga understood the absolute foolhardiness of his so-called “alternative agenda,” and thus decided to embark on the real politics of his electoral victory and appointment. (As Counsel Isaac Ssemakadde explained recently, I really wish they protested or summoned Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo on the inactivity of the Supreme court).

Thus, I am convinced, this is Mpuuga’s moment to write his name in the annals of history as a man who used his position, risked dismissal from parliament, risked losing lucrative perks, to stand up for the justice of the victims of government violence. (It is possible that we might actually write this story as “the man who actually lost these things).

But whichever way this goes, ‘Mpuuga in Protest’ will emerge victorious, and Mpuuga in compromise will emerge a loser. In protest, he will win not only with his core base in Kamwokya-Kavule, but with the entire NUP voting mass. This is Mpuuga’s moment to resurrect his almost faded political lustre as a resolute politician who made his mark both as brave Buganda official and Suubi activist. This is Mpuuga’s season of dancing with the stars.


It is not about the law in this case. Speaker Anita Among has no qualms actually dismissing these protesting legislators. I am confident by the time she went public issuing threats, she had asked them privately to return to the house.

Being that these opposition MPs have been partners in arms (on the low-low), she considers this betrayal that now they have become hard-line activists.

“What games are they playing?” she must be asking. “Is it about money? Can they not ask without these stunts!” she must be fuming as she continues to call — simultaneously persuading and threatening — them privately.

After her deadline to them expires — and not ready to embarrass herself in return— she will order that they receive no salaries, and all related benefits be terminated forthwith. If they all stick to their guns and get “fired”, these legislators will have to run to court for arbitration.

Now, this is Owiny Dollo’s court: it is less renowned for being biased, but more renowned for its often- deliberate slowness with concluding cases. It might take the entire remainder of the term!

I am not sure for a second that these free-money-addicted folks can stand a life without the perks in parliament, while having court battles at the same time. Consider also that all moneylenders, and loan-sharks will be after them and the little assets they have. Against this, I find Mpuuga dancing alone.

The over 100 opposition leaning chaps with him now will definitely find some excuses — there is always one nice excuse, however stupid — to return to the house before Among’s deadline. (I cannot say much about some other exceptions, but I bet, Hon. Francis Zaake will be there with him).


This is where the plot becomes even more complex – but in a good way for us wananchi. Ofcourse, Museveni’s government can resolve this standoff in a second if they wanted to.

They could respond to Hon. Mpuuga’s key demands specifically (a) the 18 people whose whereabouts are unknown: they could come out and apologise and say they died or present them to the public.

If they actually died, we are so powerless to do anything, instead we will thank them for their candour. (b) Stopping of trials of civilians in military courts is also easy, they could just stop the appeal against the High Court ruling against this practice.

(c) The persecutions of Muslims: they could release all those in detention, apologise and promise to do better moving forward. This would be half the issues and could promise working on the others in due course. Ugandans will definitely forgive their old president.

But the problem here is that government fears opening the window of protests. Because this would become the modus operandi, especially that it also wants to retain its autocratic hue after a less competent politician is poised for next presidency.

On the other hand, gentlemanly Mpuuga would put himself under pressure from his bases especially that he seemed to have closed Delta Force politics for the last two and half years. But this is would be a small issue for Mpuuga, but bigger for Museveni and team. 

As for me, I’m counting on Hon. Mpuuga. Here is a window for him to join that small list of decorated Ugandans who never lost themselves at that critical hour. I can only imagine the phone calls and threats. Good luck, my friend.


The author is a political theorist based at Makerere University


+2 #11 Remase 2023-11-30 14:56
We cant, and never will unite, if our traditional and political leaders are in love with M7.

That is the cause of the divisions between the opposition parties and among individual opposition parties. Everyone is in it for his/her own interests! That is why we keep recycling the bogus elections over and over but expect different results!

What you see is what you get, "Opposition in disarray as FDC, DP call off parliament boycott." Some opposition leaders like Nandala Mafabi sneak into state house and come out with billions of Money, and other traditional leaders like Nabagereka Naginda go in state house openly and officially to get some of the looted money!

That is the cause of lack of unity for our common cause. unfortunately, we are dead in a quagmire, and M7 is here to stay until we all unite agaist him.
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-2 #12 Joe 2023-12-01 04:36
Remase, "Shalom". May the festive month of December bring you and all Ugandans joy. Please cease fire on Buganda's Katikiro, Nabagereka and politicians who are under the line of fire from you.

By the way, I am not a spokesperson of govt or cultural leaders. The human mind is programmed to believe things that are mentioned repeatedly, like the "big lie" in a country I also call home. You've really thrown tantrums at them repeatedly.

The Observer readers might believe you that those leaders are completely bad and have no good sides.
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+1 #13 Remase 2023-12-01 09:00
Joe, thanks for your best wishes and may God show you the light and be able to appreciate the truth. Joe, be kind enough and point out where I have lied.

It is clear that you agree with me that M7 is the worst ruler Uganda has ever had. You further concede that Uganda is not different from Somalia because it is led by a warlord, M7, who captured power by means of the gun and violence. joe, isn't that true?

As a warlord, M7 is kidnapping innocent people, killing them and others are missing! Joe, would you have a cup of tea with a warlord, M7? Joe, as they say, Mbulira gwo'yita naye nkubulire empisa zo."

Based on your view, my only crime here is to clearly show the love affair and/or the adoration between Mengo, Mayiga, Nabagereka and M7! Yes, those leaders may well have a good side, but what good is it for Buganda and Uganda do we get out of their adoration for M7, a warlord?
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+1 #14 Remase 2023-12-01 09:22
Joe, you are talking about "cease fire on Buganda's Katikiro, Nabagereka and politicians who are under the line of fire from you," how is that possible when our country in sinking deeper and deeper into ruins while those leaders are in bed with M7, a warlord?

Joe, as we speak, Mengo and Mayiga in particular have partnered with M7's ONC, Office of NRM National Chairman, and inked a mega partnership thousands of youths in Kampala with startup capital. That development was reached on Nov 30, 2023.

Hajati Hadijah Namwalowho represented M7 delivered 2m from the looted money to the Kingdom of Buganda! In the mean time the warlord, M7, is busy kidnapping innocent people, killing them and others are missing!

Joe, why don't you ask Mengo, Mayiga and Nabagereka to cease their love affair with M7 than asking me to stop exposing their adoration for a warlord, M7?
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+4 #15 Lysol 2023-12-02 03:29
In a Parliamentary system like Uganda the opposition is supposed to be the government in waiting. Unfortunately, many so-called legislators do not see it that way.

There are only there to enrich themselves and to make a career out of politics. Uganda is a dictatorship by all means. The NRM system is designed to make sure that the opposition is only there in name only, and can never take power.

The opposition can waste time with whatever protests. Museveni won't give a damn. He can only go the same way he came to power or when God recalls his evil soul.
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+3 #16 Remase 2023-12-02 09:37
Joe, you sound like a well known commenter who use multiple fugazi names here. Be it as it may, what do you consider "fire on Buganda's Katikiro, Nabagereka and politicians?

By feeling that they "are under the line of fire from me" is the same as you saying or feeling [just like them] that "M7 akoze, M7 akoze bange." "M7 akoze, tulina omukisa, Uganda erina omukisa." "Tulina president alina experience. "Era mwe abakatuliki, mukube wo akabonero." Loosely transilated that we, Ugandans, are lucky and blessed to have M7 as our dictator. That we must that God because, where would Uganda be if M7 didn't come on the plolitcal scene? Isn't it? .
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-1 #17 Remase 2023-12-05 01:49
Joe, it pains to no end to see that you could make such unsubstantiated claim of attack on Mayiga, Nabagereka and politicians.

What you consider to be an attack is those individuals to be in bed with a well known hardcore organized criminal or to use your words, "warlord," M7. It's endlessly painful because you, and those individuals, are more interested to benefit from the looted money from M7 than the truth that M7 is a warlord.

Joe, would Mayiga or Nabagereka or those politicians you talking about be in bed with Amin if he was still alive and the president of Uganda? Joe, you clearly known that M7 is worse than Amin by far!

Personally, I lost my father (young brother of my father), who was kidnapped during Obot II. He was my best friend but I or we never saw him again. Joe, do you know how it feel that M7 if doing the same things again, which Mayinja calls, "bizzemu?"
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0 #18 Remase 2023-12-05 02:02
Joe, Mengo, Mayiga, Nabagereka and those politicians are the reason why we, Ugandans, have failed to unite against the worst detector on the planet!

If Nabagereka could go and beg M7 to get a share of the looted money, would you blame Fool Figure to do the same?

Joe, if Katikiro Mayiga adores M7 and believes the M7 is the best thing that has ever happened to Uganda, would blame Basajja Mivule to feel the same way? If Mao believes that M7 is the only one meant to rule Uganda for life, would you blame Mpuuga tp go back to parliament? Joe, you tell me.
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