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Yusuf Sserunkuma

Who will write Gen Saleh’s memoir, Uganda’s underground co-president?

At the end of the day, we will realise that after 40 years in office—hopefully...

Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Why should corruption shock us anymore?

I am told of a king who, one time, perhaps under the influence of boredom...


Impunity is not how we build a better Uganda

In recent days, yet another embarrassing video of a geriatric African president failing spectacularly trended...


Success of Tubonga Nawe artists suggests working with NRM isn’t damaging

The voting patterns in Uganda’s urban centres suggest that Uganda’s urbanites are not contented with...


Laws do not become vague when challenged in court

The Observer newspaper of Wednesday, January 18, 2023, carried a headline titled; “Lawyers, judges berate...


How can Uganda meet its climate change financing needs?

Climate change is currently one of the greatest challenges facing all countries worldwide. According to...

Ben Misagga

Dear MTN, thanks but no thanks to the Fufa deal

On the surface, the recently-signed five-year Shs 19bn deal between Fufa and MTN is a...


Entebbe extortions: It is not enough to fire the culprits

Entebbe International Airport has been in the press for all the wrong reasons recently.


‘We Will Win Initiative’ to reshape impact grassroot investments & innovation

Of Uganda’s 44.3 million people, 76 per cent reside in rural areas. At least, 41...

Michael Jjingo

Even our businesses can be passed on to future generations

What fuels entrepreneurship survival over generations?