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Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Things to do after Mr Museveni goes (Part One)

A colleague of mine has a small piece of writing pinned on a board beside...

Yusuf Serunukuma

Only the poor are governable (before they become too poor)

There is a reckless political theorist who convinced [post-independence] African leaders that a rich public...

Richard Musaazi

Are our police a definition of rule of law?

Recent social unrest across the country protesting the police excessive use of force against Makerere...


Why the diaspora should participate in our national politics

One of the consequences of globalization has been the enhancement of diaspora involvement in a...


Kiira Motors should lead innovation ambitions

Reference is made to an article by a one Matsiko Kahunga that has been published...


Police, IGG should crack the cartels exposed by Bamugemereire

Finally, after a dramatic two years and 600 public hearings, the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire-led commission...


Your mail: KCCA should regulate transport sector

Following the recent accident on Kiwatule-Ntinda road where a truck failed to brake, creating an...