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Isaac K. Ssemakadde

Katureebe picked wrong lessons from Nyanzi’s sentencing

With the Judiciary still reeling from the horror of an empty plastic bottle that was...

Yusuf Serunkuma

Ugandan, Asians have learned nothing from 2007 Mabira blues

A picture of a man of Asian descent bleeding heavily with a shirt soaked in...

Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Mr Museveni is evidently aware of his waning support

There is one family friend that we often reminisce about with laughter in our family...


We shall help local contractors handle big projects

Recently, I had the honour of meeting and interacting with local contractors under their umbrella...

Richard Musaazi

Prayers not a solution to the carnage on our roads

Prayer is not a solution to every problem; what we need is new ideas to...

Tracy Diana Tusiime

Separation of religion and state shouldn’t be eroded

The Government of Uganda has for a while sought to “regulate” religious freedoms under the...


Who are the mafia in government?

So, who are the mafia? The term mafia is given different definitions according to context...


Your mail: Hospitals are cheating us

I have witnessed several incidents where hospitals demand a down-payment of the full amounts before...