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Uganda on 'high alert' as opposition-led protests rock Africa

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga

Ugandan security forces have been put on high alert to avert any spillovers from opposition-led protests in neighbouring Kenya. One person is said to have been killed during the protests which have also rocked Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria and Tunisia over the same economic hardships. 

Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga, who narrowly lost last year's presidential election to President William Ruto organised the protests that brought business to a standstill in Nairobi CBD.

Odinga says the protests codenamed #Maandamano will now happen every Monday until Ruto's government heeds to their call and finds a solution to the high cost of living and reverses what he called a stolen election. Yesterday, President Ruto warned that the protests will not be allowed as the elections were free and fair and the high cost of living is only temporary and partly caused by external factors.

Police got overwhelmed after thousands of Kenyans turned up for the protests with their fiercest running battles happening in the poor Kidera neighbourhood - a strong opposition stronghold. Kenyans are suffering from surging prices for basic necessities, as well as a sharp drop in the local shilling against the US dollar and a punishing drought that has left millions hungry.  

Addressing journalists on Monday, Uganda police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, has said they are closely monitoring the situation in Kenya and in case of any spillover, they are ready to swing into action to quell the effects. 

“We are ready for any spillover effects that could arise out of the protests in Kenya," Enanga said. "Like any other protest, there is always a potential of violence and for that matter, we have contingency plans to address any security and safety concerns that may arise along our eastern border with Kenya.”

He said although there is still peace at the border points with Kenya, they have nevertheless deployed and are keeping an eye, to make sure that such violent acts don't spill to Uganda. Police also said they are keeping an eye on similar protests in South Africa which could also have an effect on happenings in Uganda.

“We know that, especially in opposition, they will want to come out to mobilize Ugandans to also demonstrate in the same manner in Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, and Nigeria, we shall act accordingly,” Enanga noted.


0 #1 Akot 2023-03-20 19:30
[Uganda on 'high alert' as opposition-led protests rock Africa]

Uganda is colonised by Rwandese Museveni, so cannot be compared with the rest of Africa, fighting to be finally well governed!

Enslavement of poor tribally divided ruled Ugandans is what makes Rwandese Museveni so power & owner of the Uganda he created!

Ugandans don't have a country any more & their tribal lands & riches belong to migrant Museveni & family!

Only NO to the tribalistic system Museveni so cleaverly put in place, then UNITY & Ugandans coming out in full force, will block & show him way out!

So, are Ugadans UNITING to end Museveni's evil rule, ownership of their land & riches, control of every institution, or do they prefer just ensuring they are slaves of the migrant & family for good?
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-3 #2 Ssekabaka 2023-03-20 19:58
But wait, aren’t violent riots and tear gas only relatable to dictatorships like M7’s Uganda?

I thought Kenya & South Africa are democracies who hold elections every year and change presidents every week…so things should be perfect???
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0 #3 Ugthinker 2023-03-20 20:52
Uganda government with their Bobiwine shouldn’t worry about protests. Another bullet proof will even keep things calmer…..
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+1 #4 Lysol 2023-03-20 22:00
The corrupt killer regime is suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder, PPD. It is always scared of its own shadow.
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+3 #5 Kidepwe 2023-03-20 23:11
Ssekabaka, these were democracies, until Ruto and Ramaphosa got lessons and tips from our veteran leader here, on how to brutalize people agitating for their constitutional rights, using teargas and rubber/ live bullets.

No surprises there. Who best to consult other than our very own Tibuhaburwa.? He takes the crown as the master of violence.

He has been in the business for 60+ years, and his tips are free of charge and unfortunately his advice works. Just ask Salva Kiir and his counterpart in the Sudan.
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+2 #6 kabayekka 2023-03-21 02:09
Indeed it is a very worrying situation for the police in this country.

Especially when one looks at the pictures of some of the unhealthy housing these police force officials use as their homestead and offices especially in the metropole of Kampala city.

In some of these small and dodgy police offices one wonders what type of toilets these officials use throughout their time of 24 hours of hard core policing in this poor African country? It is unfortunate like the medics in this country, that the professionals in this country do not see any problems with the national economy!
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+1 #7 Lakwena 2023-03-21 13:27
In other words, the likelihood that it can easily spillover into Uganda, is a cause for our Problem of Africa to start breaking into cold-sweat and sleepless nights.

But Enanga must be reminded that: under the regime of the Problem of Africa, gen Tibuhaburwa; being a Police and/or government Spokesperson (PR [False Relation) for an extended period of time is not good for his mental health, and/or future personal security.

Forewarned is forearmed!
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+2 #8 kasede 2023-03-21 19:08
Quoting Lysol:
The corrupt killer regime is suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder, PPD. It is always scared of its own shadow.

I disagree bwith you in this text: (1) It is a possibility that M7 is afraid of a possible FRIENDLY FIRE from his own son who has openly said that he is TIRED OF WAITING TO BE [the next] PRESIDENT of Uganda...... (the insertion is mine).

If in deed he (Gen. M'zi) has the guts to confront his father headon & if he still has his own army embedded within his father's presidentalia protection unit, then M7's fear could be REAL. (2) International roumour mill among the B-Uganda Diaspora in Canada & USA is that Gen M's biological mam was disappeared (possibly in a "Diana style".

If so, we could be seeing here a traumatized young man who is seeking for revange. {Please take this last point as rumours only for the time being, although the same source got it right the other time about Gen KK's plan for the removal of M7}.
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