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Two cleaners sentenced to 4 years in jail over aggravated robbery

Ssemivumbi and Safari in the dock

Ssemivumbi and Safari in the dock

Two cleaners from Kitovu hospital and Good Foundation primary school in Masaka municipality have been jailed for four years over aggravated robbery contrary to sections 285 and 286 of the panel code act.

The two, Asuman Ssemivumbi and Innocent Safari were convicted by the General Court Martial chairperson Brig Gen Robert Freeman Mugabe who found them guilty of aggravated robbery.

According to the prosecution, in April 2019, Ssemivumbi and Safari robbed Vicent Kiberu of Shs 2.3 million and a Techno phone. The prosecution also told court that the two robbed Justin Nassaazi of  Shs 8,000 and a laptop bag containing clothes while she was driving motor vehicle number UBE 154N on the same date. 

On the same day, the convicts also robbed Cissy Nalwoga who had come to rescue Nassaazi during the attack. According to the prosecution, the convicts carried out all the robberies using an SMG gun number 5637012831, which is ordinarily a monopoly of the defense forces. 

While delivering his verdict, Brig Gen Mugabe noted that cases of aggravated robbery are rampant in the country. He, however, noted that since the duo pleaded guilty and had spent three years on remand, he sentenced them to four years in prison on each of the three counts that they will serve concurrently.


+1 #1 Lakwena 2023-01-24 10:08
I thought aggravated robbery is a capital offense that should have attracted the death or life sentence. But these thug got away with only four years.

In other words, does Brig Gen Mugabe know what a capital offense is? Otherwise, it is becoming self-evident that; serious crimes like this one is being trivialized.

As a result with just a slap in the hand, hardcore criminals will continue to have field-days.
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