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High court rules Britain’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda legal

Stand Up To Racism campaigners hold banners outside the High court in London

Stand Up To Racism campaigners hold banners outside the High court in London

Britain’s High court has today ruled that the government’s controversial plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is legal.

The British government has reached an agreement with Rwanda that would deport migrants who arrived in Britain illegally on a one-way trip to Rwanda, a country with a questionable human rights record, to have their asylum claims processed.

Under Britain’s agreement with Rwanda, applicants granted asylum would be eligible to remain in Rwanda but would not be eligible to return to Britain.

Britain had to cancel the first flight to Rwanda in June after the European Court of Human Rights blocked the move, saying that the plan carried “a real risk of irreversible harm.”

Human rights groups say Britain’s pact with Rwanda is inhumane and the African nation does not have the capacity to process the claims. Politicians say the plan would deter the influx of migrants into Britain.

More than 40,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel to arrive on Britain’s shores this year. Last week, four people died on their trip from France when their dinghy capsized in freezing weather.


+2 #1 Ssekabaka 2022-12-19 21:57
Wait, is this story about the UK judiciary? I thought its the Ugandan judiciary that makes such silly rulings that are against human rights!!!!

How can a supposedly developed country with a supposedly "free and fair judicial system and a supposedly "tough" human rights system send refugees and asylum seekers to a country many call the "North Korea" of Africa? A country with no free press, no opposition??? And all for what?

A few million pounds? As a NUP supporter, am really angry and annoyingly perplexed by these so called "super powers". One moment they shout democracy, rule of law and human rights, the next, they are dining with the likes of Kagame, M7, Abiy, Sisi, Nguema, etc. Who is fooling who?
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+1 #2 Lysol 2022-12-19 22:39
Non whites asylum seekers are not welcome anymore in the UK, but the Ukrainians are welcome in millions.
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