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Museveni agrees to lift ban on DGF 

President Museveni during a meeting with the Danish delegation

President Museveni during a meeting with the Danish delegation

President Yoweri Museveni has agreed to lift a ban he imposed on Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), a civil society funding body, whose activities were suspended last year. 

In a press statement issued by the Presidential Press Unit (PPU), Museveni lifted the ban following a meeting with the Danish minister for Development Cooperation, Flemming Miller Mortensen.

It is almost two years since Museveni suspended DGF, accusing it of operating a multi-billion donor fund without the government's representation in its decision-making structures.

“The president's promise came following an appeal by Hon Mortensen and the Danish ambassador who said that the project has only six months left to elapse. The president said he would formally communicate the position to the relevant government departments,” the press statement reads in part.

Ever since DGF was suspended, a number of meetings have been held between the European Union donor countries that pool together the fund’s resources and senior government officials. However, up until now, no concrete results have been realized.

Meanwhile, Museveni assured Danish investors of the available markets of Uganda, East Africa, Africa, US and China, among others. He saluted Denmark for commercializing milk production in Uganda. For his part, Mortensen promised to give Uganda support in the area of irrigation in order to stabilize agriculture.

Mortensen told the president that Denmark will establish new programs in Uganda in the areas of human rights, civic education and accountability. He said that Denmark has a lot of focus on the relationship with Uganda. The minister said that Denmark will be a good partner to Uganda and that they will continue to support development projects in Uganda for a better life. 


0 #11 kabayekka 2022-06-24 17:47
Akot thanks for reminding those running away from the problems of black tyrannical rule in much of the African continent.

For Uganda it is the British style of parliament that is rubber stamping this dictatorship unlike the previous dictatorship of Amin, Tito Okello, and Obote I and II. Individual citizens have their rights to run and avoid such an arrangement especially when the climate of planet earth is getting damaged.

What we are trying to say to the foreigners is that they invest their money at their own peril. They should not expect neither the people of Uganda nor their children or grandchildren to pay back such astronomical debts that are being given to this long serving African dictatorship when he or his son leaves power.
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