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Police shoot dead 18-year-old boy in Kamuli over 'curfew insult'

Police in Kamuli district has detained one of their own, assistant inspector of police (ASP) Isaac Twesigye over the shooting dead of an 18-year-old Guster Bakooye at Buwenge Mpya zone in Kamuli municipality on Sunday night.

It is reported that the plain-clothed Twesigye attached to Kamuli central police station was walking with a female companion whose identity has been withheld at around 9:30 pm when a group of youths started hurling insults at them. 

Ismael Mulondo, a resident within the area, says that prior to the shooting, the angry youths accused Twesigye of arresting them over curfew violations yet police officers are left to spend nights in bars unstopped. 

“Most of us are small business operators and just like the victim who lost his life, we spend some time out before quietly spending nights in our shops," Mulobndo said.

Following the insults, Twesigye allegedly walked back to the police station and returned to the scene in the company of three other police personnel who attempted to quell the angry youth in vain. 

Twesigye is then reported to have fired two rounds of live ammunition in the air before shooting Bakooye in the chest. The Kamuli district police commander, Ahmed Madiri confirms the incident, adding that, inquiries are underway.


0 #1 kabinda 2021-05-31 21:58
Goes that make them better than COVID 19?
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0 #2 kasede 2021-06-01 00:12
Do these guys use only bullets to arrest people except their own?
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+2 #3 Lysol 2021-06-01 04:54
The police will bring down M7 and he is so naive to understand the game.

It is about paining the picture to make the regime looks bad to the world, just like in the dark days of the past leaders.

Change may come from the inside out.
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0 #4 Kalani Jonathan 2021-06-01 18:09
Are we not returning to the times before 1986? When shall we get justice?

Mr. President, don;t you think the police needs retraining? These hooligans are reversing the gains since 1986.
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