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Army denies knocking dead Bobi Wine's bodyguard

 Francis Senteza Kalibala with presidential candidate Rorbert Kyagulanyi

Francis Senteza Kalibala with presidential candidate Rorbert Kyagulanyi

The army has denied claims that they knocked dead one of the private bodyguards of National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, Francis Senteza Kalibala aka Frank.   

According to Kyagulanyi, Senteza was knocked dead around Busega by a military vehicle as the NUP campaign team drove to Kampala with a journalist, Ashraf Kasirye, who was in critical condition after being shot in the head to get medication.

"I regret to announce the murder of my security team member Francis Senteza Kalibala aka Frank. He was deliberately ran over by military-police truck No. H4DF 2382 which blocked us in Busega on our way to Rubaga to get Kasirye Ashraf emergency medical attention." said Kyagulanyi in a tweet.

However, the spokesperson of Uganda People's Defense Force, Brig. Gen. Flavia Byekwaso denied that Sentenza was knocked dead an army vehicle.

"We would like to clarify that the late Senteza Frank a @NUP_Ug candidate close protection person was not knocked by a military police Vehicle as purported, but rather fell off a speeding car reg No UBF 850z (drone) he tried to jump to but fell off," she said in a tweet. 


Earlier on Sunday, three journalists were injured as police dispersed Kyagulanyi's supporters in Masaka. Ashraf Kasirye, a reporter with Ghetto TV who was shot on the head, NTV reporter Ali Mivule who was hit by a tear gas canister in the leg while NBS TV's Daniel Lutaaya was injured after falling off a boda boda.    

Mivule said Masaka regional police commander Enock Abaine deliberately targeted journalists even after being restrained by his colleagues. Abaine reportedly said the journalists were going to be "collateral damage" before directly firing teargas canisters at them.

On the injured journalists, police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the police media crimes department has taken interest in the matter and opened a case file to investigate the circumstances.

“We do appreciate the critical role of Journalists to cover campaigns and we pledge better protections so they remain safe while documenting violent confrontations," said Enanga.  

The Electoral Commission on Saturday suspended campaigns by all candidates in several districts around the country, Masaka inclusive over the increased coronavirus cases.


0 #21 Wooden K. 2020-12-28 21:45
Another slowthinker ?

" you need better planning" he says

Anyone with a half a brain can see that Papa Doc is panicking are resorting to primitive violence because PP/ NUP has beaten him when it comes to "planning"

It seems Papa Doc has planted his rats here.
We tell them by their nonsense.

Some just change names and "agree with" themselves.
Booooh !!!
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+1 #22 Wooden K. 2020-12-28 22:07
Look ; it all started with Papa Doc blocking Bobi Wine`s concerts . They thought if they financially suffocate him , he is done . No other plan

They they attempted an assisination , planted guns , tortured Bobi Wine almost to death . They thought he would never recover and find his bearings.

Then it come to another tactic of buying off the ghetto , fronting Bushman , Sipapa , Fool Figure and the like. These pimps promised to "finish off " PP.


Then they tried to disqualify PP by adducting Kibalama and forcing the poor guy to nulify an agreement that gave PP another legal entity.

Then they raided Fire Base , took off with stuff , cash and banned red berets.

We are now deep into blockings , tear gas , fixing deadly "accidents" . shooting journalists , banning campaigns , faked converts etc etc.
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+1 #23 Wooden K. 2020-12-28 22:19
Meanwhile , Papa Doc`s pets are here attempting a diversion.

We can tell them by their repetative recitals
Before that , their best lines were that People Power has nobody beyond Kampala.

When that got bursted , they changed the tune and started bleating that PP/NUP gets money from homosexuals.

When nobody bought that , deportations happened ,NGO closed ,

When that failed , Youtube , Faceboot and others were contacted and asked to close down Social Media.

These days , you hear them screaming that PP/ NUP needs a plan

But the rest of this public is saying that it is Papa Doc that needs a plan . or else his days are numbered.

Bwetaligirya, ..........
Akanakulya, .............
Agamyuka akasolo.....
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-3 #24 Wainanchi 2020-12-29 01:55
Wooden K. No matter what you are thinking,speaking or believing huge majority of us patritic Ugandans disagree with you! Proof?

Look who has been running the country for over thirty years and who was given mandate by the huge majority of Ugandans!

Look at records and past history For you ,you can only write boolshit and dream and write nonsense.

This is democracy But take power I. Uganda by force or by gun, no passaran amigo.You will be cold and dead! Guaranteed! You want another rock?? Hahaha hihihi.YKM for president of Uganda!! Five more years five more years!!!!
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0 #25 Kabayekka 2020-12-29 08:43
High time this paper recommended some of the readers.
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0 #26 Wooden K. 2020-12-29 12:39
Wainamchi , first , I wanted to reason with you on whether my "shit" is correct or not.

Then I saw the last infantile bit of your comment.
I am not one to argue with a small child.
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