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Bullets, teargas rock Mbale for hours as police battles NUP supporters

Kyagulanyi says police directly tossed a teargas canister directly inside his car

Kyagulanyi says police directly tossed a teargas canister directly inside his car

Police in Mbale and Sironko spent the better part of Sunday in running battles with supporters of National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Robert Ssentuma Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Kyagulangyi, who was in Bugisu region failed to address any of his planned rallies in Sironko and Mbale districts as police used teargas and live bullets to disperse hundreds of people who turned up.

In Sironko, Kyagulanyi was expected to address his supporters at Nakiwondye primary school ground in Budadiri town council but police blocked his campaign team from using the venue. They instead advised his team to relocate the rally to Mafudu primary school in Mafudu sub-county, which is over 10 kilometres away from Sironko town. Kyagulanyi declined to go to the new venue.

From Kumi, he used the Namgumba-Buwalasi road to enter Sironko but was stopped by police at Buweri bridge in Buyobo sub-county. Teargas and live bullets rocked Buyobo trading centre as police under the command of Sironko district police commander, Edison Muhanji battled Kyagulany's supporters and forced Kyagulanyi out of Sironko before he could address any rally.  

There were running battles along the road from Sironko to Mbale as police engaged the youth who lined the road to cheer on Kyagulanyi and escorted him to Mbale town. On his entry to Mbale, Kyagulanyi was welcomed by heavily armed police and army officers backed by several armoured vehicles.

Kyagulanyi's supporters in Mbale

Just like in Sironko, thousands of people had lined the Kumi-Soroti road in Mbale to receive Kyagulanyi who had scheduled a campaign rally in Mbale city stadium. The supporters who were dancing to Kyagulanyi's 'Freedom' song and chanting the 'People Power' slogans, engaged in running battles with police for more than 7 hours from the time the presidential candidate entered the town until he left.  

Police staged roadblocks on all major roads leading to the town and attempted to lead the presidential candidate through Nabuyonga Rise road to Mbale stadium. However, Kyagulanyi beat the tight security and entered the central business district through a short cut road near Joy Hospice hospital on Nabuyonga Rise. 

It took Kyagulanyi close to two hours to get to Mbale stadium where thousands of his supporters were waiting for him after police intercepted him around Housing Finance bank on Republic street, which turned into another battleground between the police and NUP supporters. The youthful supporters started picking the fired teargas canisters and throwing them back at the police.  

At around 5:45 pm, Kyagulanyi’s bodyguards whisked him away into Mbale stadium for the campaign rally but it was cut short by police, which said it was past campaigning time. Fred Ahimbisibwe, the Mbale district police commander, had earlier told journalists that they wouldn’t allow any procession in town.

Edison Muhanji, the Sironko district police commander said that they blocked Kyagulanyi’s rally because it had been scheduled to take place at a health facility, which they couldn’t allow.


Earlier, Kyagulanyi surprised security when he showed up at Madera Catholic Church in Soroti city for the Sunday morning mass. Police and the army that later deployed heavily along Moroto road in the wake of Kyagulanyi’s sudden appearance attempted to control crowds that were forming to follow him to town.

Although he didn’t address the church congregates, Kyagulanyi addressed the press at Eneku village where he decried police brutality against his supporters and other opposition candidates amidst the loud silence on the part of the Electoral Commission.
Kyagulanyi with wife Barbie Kyagulanyi at Madera Catholic Church 
Kyagulanyi appealed to the Electoral Commission to exercise its powers by reigning in on the oppression meted on opposition candidates.

"You have all seen that Mr Museveni wherever he goes as a candidate, people converge, he holds processions, his supporters are not harassed, but instead they are protected by police and the army. But for us, we’re not even allowed to exist in our country peacefully. Our supporters are harassed, they teargassed, they are beaten. We thought this is a presidential election that is sanctioned and we thought every presidential candidate is going to be given an equal platform and equal protection from the law. Unfortunately, that is not the case," said Kyagulanyi.

Kyagulanyi was teargassed in Amuria district. His supporters were also involved in running battles with police in Soroti town who tried to stop him from accessing the town.

David Ongom Mudong, the East Kyoga Regional police spokesman, says Kyagulanyi’s supporters defied security guidelines provided by engaging in processions, something he notes caused police to react. 
Kyagulanyi is today expected to hold campaigns in Iganga and Bugiri, in what he considers his political strongholds. 


+5 #1 WADADA rogers 2020-11-16 09:12
Thank you Uganda Police once again, i insist you are doing a commendable job and working in advance for the 1M salary that was promised by Kyagulanyi.

What you are doing is part of the plan we agreed upon in a bid to say goodbye to M7. Please tighten the noose, make it hard for the opposition to meet the electorate and in so doing you will be getting them a sympathy vote and reduce their would be expenses.
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+5 #2 Webs 2020-11-16 12:06
Is it Bobi's fault that he is loved by many? How will he measure the 200 that have been sanctioned by the MOH to attend his rally?

The police impunity is, however, playing into Kyagulanyi's hands. Please NUP leader mind less about the tear gas and maintain your momentum which is far ahead of any other presidential candidate.

You are covering over 1/2 of the country in a single week which gives you leverage to to make even more than 5 rounds moving around Uganda before the poll date. Bravo Kyagulanyi.
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+5 #3 Ainebyana 2020-11-16 13:13
Police is doing Wine's bidding. They are giving him wide popularity, sympathy votes and what have you.

This is a commendable job. That's why, even if Wine says nothing, people are more than ready to vote for him. UPF,just keep it up.
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+5 #4 Larry mike 2020-11-16 14:04
This kind of police response proves two things. The police is undoubtedly partisan, and the Kyagulanyi has proven to be a democratic political force.

How can you met out violence to someone who can't reciprocate? That only proves cowardice.
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+1 #5 Akot 2020-11-16 14:08
Why are Ugandans going for yet another fake election in the country conquered by migrant Museveni & in which opposition isn't allowed to campaign!

How will any other than Museveni be legalised through this sham election?

Is it the +1 opposition candidates helping Museveni divide Ugandans further, who organise, run the election & will count votes?

Does Museveni talk, behave like some one who will lose elecltions he needs to legalise/ensure his lifetime rule & family business continuity?

Did Ugandans come out in full to support Dr Besigye they said won last fake election?

Will Ugandans come out this time & which opposition candidate will they believe won & not Museveni?

If Ugandans can't UNITE NOW, how will they do so after Museveni is declared winner?
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+4 #6 SSERUWU ALEX JOHN 2020-11-16 14:20
State security apparatus crude inhumane cruelty of fellow citizens, inlaws and relatives is barbaric, cowrdice and absurd, if being opposition to regime is grave, then we need to create another country to cater for rejects, the presumed criminals were equality, liberty and freedom are a preqiusite and leave the regime with its own country where it can operate with impunity.
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+13 #7 kabinda 2020-11-16 15:17
How come every police commander is an Ahimbisibwe of some kind.

How much more sectarian will Kaguta be? The guy is a big hypocrite and coward.
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-1 #8 Wainanchi 2020-11-17 02:23
Police keep Uganda safe from gangsters and molesters like Bibi Wine Pig and his gangsters who wants to fight with State security.

Please remember that Kizza Ezza Besyge is mentoring Bobi Dingo with general KARATASI how to trick security and cover his movements Maybe Dingo is using doubles ,maybe trying to escape and hide in car boots like infamous general Kale ,but we are asking you to be vigilant and thwart any tricks Dingo can use to dodgge you and cause disorder.

Thank you security for protecting Uganda against vouchers and traitors Uganda oyeeeeee!!
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