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New 2km-long crack sends panic among Sironko residents

The 2km crack is sending panic among residents

The 2km crack is sending panic among residents

A 2km-long crack has developed in Gombe town council sub-county, Sironko district in eastern Uganda, sending panic among the area residents.  
The new crack which has cut through three cells; Kibogoyi, Gibbalwa, Namusilo in Kisali ward has also struck Bugibone government-aided primary school and Diligana water treatment plant. 

George Waboya, the councillor representing Kisali parish says that as leaders, they are worried that any time a landslide may occur since rains are still pounding the area. He urges the ministry for Disaster Preparedness, Management and Refugees to intervene quickly by evacuating people and stop the re-opening of Bugibone primary school scheduled for next month on October 15.

Suzan Nagami, one of the parents at Bugibone primary school, has asked government to put tents in a safer place where their children will study since the school is in danger.

Fred Nadaya, one of the affected residents, says that government should evacuate them to safer places as early as possible because a landslide is looming. 

James Nandala Mungawu, the LC III chairperson of Bugitimwa sub county says that the cracks were seen last month and they wrote to Sironko district chief administrative officer Moses Seguya  Bukenya but no response has been received to date. He now urges the people to just evacuate to safer places so that they don’t lose their lives. 



0 #1 WADADA rogers 2020-09-25 23:04
Now, that is what they call a bad sign, its possible that some rocks have already cracked and filled with what and of course pressure.

2km is such a long distance given the fact that the area if on a steep hill with constant running water. Our Government finds it easy to act quickly in arresting Kibalama for giving away his party and take ages to act on such a threat that would claim thousands of lives.

They would rather have the disaster and then ask for a supplementary budget than deal with the situation before it runs out of hand
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0 #2 Sabiti 2020-09-26 17:15
It is quite surprising that danger is staring right at your face and you are waiting for government to come and evacuate you!!!!

Don't the people of Sironko know that the Ministry of disaster preparedness only acts after people have died? Get yourselves to safer areas.
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0 #3 JOHN DRAVU 2020-09-27 11:11
The presence of this 2km long crack in the ground is a clear indication and warning that danger is lurking under ground.

it's highly advisable that all persons currently living in the vicinity of this crack, have no choice but to urgently evacuate the affected areas and move onto safer ground.

At this moment nobody knows the extent of a threat of danger, expected from a potential landslide, but there's no point in waiting for government plans to evacuate the local population.

You just cannot afford to kneel down in prayer, in front of a charging cape buffalo and expect to be saved. The angry cape buffalo will knock you silly and possibly kill you, that is.

You can't bet your life on the government. But rather govern yourself responsibly. Take action now and move out of this danger zone, while you can alive.
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