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Patient with COVID-19 symptoms dies in Mbale

An ambulance dispatched to pick the body from Joyce Hospice health centre

An ambulance dispatched to pick the body from Joyce Hospice health centre

Tension is high in Mbale city, eastern Uganda following the death of a 34-year-old female patient with COVID-19 like symptoms. The patient was picked up from Mabyale sub-county in Namisindwa district and admitted at Joyce Hospice health centre.

It is alleged the patient fell sick a week ago and was admitted at one of the branches of Joyce Hospice in Namisindwa district where she was working as a cleaner.

The Mbale district COVID-19 surveillance focal person, Edward Nyogensa says that the deceased was presented with COVID-19 symptoms including dry cough, high fever, chest pain, headache and difficulty in breathing.  He says they have drawn samples from the deceased for testing. 

“Our medical teams are now at the clinic where the deceased died from trying to take samples from the body to ascertain the truth as of now. What I can say that she presented with the signs but we can’t confirm that she died of COVID-19,” he said. 

Nyongesa says the Mbale district surveillance team is now liaising with their counterparts in Namisindwa to locate the contacts of the deceased.

The deceased’s relative only identified himself as Martin said that she called him on Tuesday complaining of chest pain. She reportedly said that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia and flu. Currently, Joyce Hospice health centre is out of bounds to the public. Even those in the facility including health workers and patients have been barred from leaving the facility.

Ministry of Health said in a tweet that samples have been withdrawn from the body and are currently being tested for COVID-19 at the Uganda Virus Research Institute and results from the tests will be communicated later. According to the ministry, the deceased is a Kenyan national married to a Ugandan. 


0 #1 Akao 2020-07-22 21:16
The patient felt sick a week ago and they are getting sample from the body? How incompetent?

What is the ministry of health doing about small health care business all over the country?

Did the ministry gave them some guidelines on monitoring/ testing patients that present themselves to those clinics if they are suspected of covid 19?

Its a shame that most people are now relaxed regarding covid 19, but if they are not careful it could become worse like some of the western countries
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+1 #2 Gwolirabajjo 2020-07-23 00:10
In the afternoon, a male Ugandan of sound mind said "if only we could get a case" in response to being advised to strictly observe guidelines. He was even aware of events in South Africa: So the community is relaxed

The Health center is a PNFP, under supervision of a district COVID Team. The region is at high risk because individuals enter the country, The TV covered this last week.

If the patient was a COVID-19 case, samples from the body will serve the purpose.

The problem is within the district and the management of the facility. She was a cleaner so a likely facility transmission should be ruled out, but who was the index case?

As the ease of lock down excites us can the ministry of health re educate the public using an approach that the community is familiar witth,, would the village health team miss such a case?
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-1 #3 Lakwena 2020-07-23 07:56
When you hear the rumor, the truth is putting its shoes and off on its way.

The bad news is: the father of fear and terror mongers is in our State House. To caw us down further one announcement of death from the virus will automatically send Ugandans scampering for their already wretched live.

In other words, who will independently counter verify the rumor?
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0 #4 Yiki wilfred 2020-07-23 08:36
Does it mean that those health workers in that health facility still don't the the signs and symptoms of covid19?

Why do they take long to test her until she lost her life?
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0 #5 Wainaichi 2020-07-23 09:54
Unfortunately the whole world is registering
ng fatalities as consequence of Covid 19.Luckily we in Uganda have very causalities.

Even one death is too many but in Anerica we have hundreds of thousand of deaths from Covid.Mere fact that autopsy will be performed is good for Uganda since WHO even prohibits autopsies.!!! Corona virus is still big mystery and for many goes away after some time.

For some is fatal and Yganda is on the forefront of protecting its population from huge numbers of deaths.We lament any soull lost and pray the vaccine which is just around the corner to save humanity.

Until them we have to abide by Presidents directives and those of our Ministry of Health.
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+1 #6 Wainaichi 2020-07-23 10:38
CNBC reported two weeks ago that Vietnam has zero coronavirus deaths Why?

Because it did the same as us in Uganda. Screening all incoming passengers and keeping them isolated.

CNBC is reporting that one British commercial pilot was sick and dying in Vietnam of Corona and a big number of people volunteered to donate lungs to the pilot.

He was successfully operated and recovered and he was the only one who was registered as a sick person from Covid 19.

This is a nig success for Vietnam and shows how to fight Corona.All Vietnamese were mandating to wear masks like we in Uganda and obey Government measures and that saved them.

We in Uganda always lament and criticize the government instead of following its advice and proclaimed measures Uganda is doing terrific job and we all have to be happy and proud Thank you Mzee Museveni and NRM.Neera neera neera.Paka last,paka paka Mzee.
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