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Coronavirus: Kadaga says Ugandan doctors "lack brains"

President Museveni with Rebecca Kadaga and Prof Niazi

President Museveni with Rebecca Kadaga and Prof Niazi

The speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has hit back at the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) for expressing reservations about the purported spray that can instantly kill the coronavirus.
Yesterday, Kadaga claimed that in two weeks' time, Uganda will start, in conjunction with a Ugandan biochemist, Mathias Magoola start co-producing a coronavirus spray after Prof Sarfaraz K. Niazi reportedly donated the patent to Uganda.
In a statement jointly signed by UMA president Dr Richard Idro, general secretary Dr Muhereza Mukuzi and Dr Misaki Wanyengera, a senior scientist and senior lecturer at Makerere University, UMA noted that the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 is a new strain of coronaviruses that was discovered to cause human disease less than 3 months ago and hence has no known cure yet.
The association expressed concern over 'quack cadre scientists', saying Kadaga’s statements divert the population from known and effective preventive messages. They also questioned how the United States would give the patent of a potential cure to a country without a single case of coronavirus when the country has its own thousands of cases.  
They also noted that the purported sanitizer hadn’t been approved by the National Drug Authority (NDA), which is legally mandated to do so. 
“In Uganda, the only competent authority that can give permission for the entry and use of medicines in the country or oversee the testing of any medicine is the National Drug Authority. To our knowledge not any such testing, scrutiny or oversight of the medicine the speaker talked about has been undertaken by the National Drug Authority,” the statement adds. 
UMA said because of the mandatory tests and trials the vaccine would have to undergo, the earliest any successful coronavirus vaccine can come on the market is next year around March. Ministry of Health also said they were unaware of Niazi's spray and in any case, the permanent secretary Dr Diana Atwine said it would have to be subjected to trials and tests. 
Hitting back, Kadaga said if the doctors from UMA "had brains", they would have sought for details from her instead of calling Prof Niazi 'a quack doctor' and questioning his spray. Kadaga questioned why the UMA leadership didn’t find it necessary to engage her office on her comments about her coronavirus spray instead of running to the media. 
"Yesterday [Monday], I informed members that some work is going on by some Ugandans to develop medicine in the country, but I would have thought that the doctors of the Uganda Medical Association had brains, they would have first come to me and said; ’we heard you talk about this can you tell us about it’ but they went ahead and issued a press statement," Kadaga said. 

Kadaga insists that Niazi's sanitizer is effective, advanced and kills COVID-19 instantly. She also said those calling Niazi a quack doctor are simply expressing ignorance because he teaches through his over 50 books and 100 patents in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical field.
Kadaga accuses the doctors of trying to fight the new sanitizer to probably push the interests of other companies. She said Niazi's sanitizer as safe to be applied on hands and surfaces without causing any health risks. She said the plan is to massively produce and distribute the product to stop the spread of COVID-19 all over the world.
“I do not deal with quacks. I do not think that there is any Ugandan scientist who has done the kind of work this professor has done. Professor Niazi assisted former US President Barrack Obama in designing the Obama Care and is an advisor of the Food and Drug Administration agency in America,” Kadaga said adding that, “I do hope that these three doctors; Dr Richard Idro, Dr Muhereza Mukuzi and Dr Misaki Wanyengera, will have the courtesy to apologize for issuing the press statement without first checking with me on what I was talking about." she sais. 

Kadaga has also faced a backlash on social media in Uganda and internationally with some questioning her intentions and accusing her of making President Museveni part of the scheme.
In pictures and videos shared on social media, Kadaga is seen posing for the cameras with Museveni, Niazi and Magoola promoting the spray. The president even goes as far suggesting that even when coronavirus eventually disappears, the spray would still be bought for guarding against other viruses. 


0 #1 The Ugandan... 2020-03-18 02:59
Why is UMA so concerned about a sanitizer spray when 60-91% alcohol can do the job as a hand sanitizer?

This is some form of colonial mentality where they think that anything made by a white man is good but that made locally is not good enough.

As the speaker said, they are probably in the pockets of some corporations threatened by Prof. Niazi's solution.

Niazi should patent his work in the US and EU if he hasn't done and have it approved FDA (not easy). Then we shall see what these UMA people have to say.

This inferiority complex and potential greed exhibited by the UMA is holding Ugandans back.
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0 #2 karemire 2020-03-18 03:09
The regime is ready to swindle the country on this one. I always thought that the Madam has clean hands and a reasonable brain.

I smell what seems to be hers joining hands with the usual dirty hands dipping into the National Treasury in this one too. [Please excuse my reasonable doubts].
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+1 #3 MR 2020-03-18 03:46
Kabaga must have lost her mind from kissing m7 ass too much.

There is a reason why doctors and medical researchers Worldwide first do extensive testing for long periods of time to verify suitability of drugs and other medical consumables on humans.

Also she should have asked if this “spray” was cleared by the nation’s authority. You go to them to get clearance not the other way round. Kadaga just from your statements you’re the one who has no brains.
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+1 #4 Concerned Ugandan 2020-03-18 10:17
Madam Speaker, I have read somewhere that it is a sign of confidence and class when you can admit you are wrong and do it with grace and humility.

The more you insist on this issue, the more we question you brains as opposed to those of the medical professionals who are actually talking about an issue for which they are trained unlike yourself.

It is also painfully obvious that your intentions in this entire matter revolved largely around pushing your tribesmate into the limelight as opposed to being mindful of the wider national interest.

My sincere advice to you Madam Speaker is that if you are not so concerned about your personal image then at the very least be mindful of the disrepute you bring upon the office of the Speaker when you act erratically and irresponsibly. For God and my Country.
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+1 #5 Kelly 2020-03-18 15:01
But The Ugandan… I seem to be confused by your comment.

You are castigating UMA at the same time praising them in your disjointed analysis. Actually it is UMA telling Kadaga and your ilk that not everything from a white man is superior or better.

Look, the so called “super sanitizer” Kadaga is strongly pushing for (I wonder where that woman gets the courage to defend something outside her basic understanding) has not been tried, tested and approved by NDA as mandated by law.

You seem to be saying that “hey NDA and Ugandans, this thing was formulated by an American so it is super!”.

And for Hon. Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga (a.k.a ARK) to vehemently lambast the good, poor doctors for not seeking clarifications from her smirks of brainless-ness.

It is akin to asking a priest to inquire from an Imam if there are 7 sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church.
Who should have contacted the other before blurting out misleading information??
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