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Coronavirus: Uganda cancels all international conferences, issues travel ban

Minister Jane Ruth Aceng addressing the media

Minister Jane Ruth Aceng addressing the media

Uganda has cancelled all international conferences that were scheduled to take place in the country over the coronavirus outbreak.

Among the cancelled is the G77 summit that was scheduled in Uganda from April 16-19, 2020 at Speke Resort Munyonyo, attracting participants from 136 member states.

Addressing journalists today at the ministry of Health headquarters in Kampala, minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng, said there is no confirmed case of coronavirus in Uganda, but the government was taking precautionary measures to ensure that the deadly virus doesn’t get into the country. The virus has symptoms similar to common cold and mild flu (coughing, fever and breathing difficulties). The virus jumps from human to human through the air via secretion of an infected individual. 

The virus whose outbreak has now spread to all continents of the world has not caused a single death yet in Africa with Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Cameroon, South Africa, Nigeria all reporting no more than two cases each.

However, outside China, the epicentre of the outbreak where more than 80,565 cases and 3,015 deaths have been recorded, the virus continues to rake up numbers of infections and deaths. Italy (3858 cases, 148 deaths), South Korea (6,088 cases, 42 deaths), Japan (1,057 cases, 12 deaths), Germany (514 cases, 0 deaths), France (377 cases, 6 deaths), Iran (3,513 cases, 107 deaths), Spain (259 cases, 3 deaths).

Aceng says travel of Ugandans to these countries will be restricted henceforth and the travellers returning from these countries have been advised to postpone all nonessential travel to Uganda.

Any travellers from those countries, Aceng said, shall be subjected to a 14-day self-quarantine whether they possess symptoms and signs of coronavirus or not.

Also, travellers from UK, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, India and USA, Aceng said will be closely monitored and the evolution of the outbreak in these countries and any travel restrictions announced.

Uganda joins DR Congo, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ethiopia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea as countries have issued travel restriction to their citizens to countries ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak. Others like Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea and Russia have completely closed their borders. 


-1 #1 Lysol 2020-03-07 21:33
The corrupt regime of Uganda is clueless how to handle the COVID-19. One can travel to Uganda at one's own risk.

Why do it unless one is suicidal?. One would not advise anyone to travel to that sithole country. Some of our kids and grandkids abroads don't want to come and visit that Museveni's corrupt dictatorship country.

For what?? They will come and visit after he is gone.
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-1 #2 rubangakene 2020-03-07 22:13
Good riddance; these conferences were serving no purposes except excuses for officials to eat and drink without any outcomes for the 'wanainchi' of Uganda.

I wonder what other ruse they will try to concoct for these luxuries.
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+3 #3 Amooti Mugi 2020-03-08 02:07
That is the right thing to do...the same measures should apply for all borders entry points...
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0 #4 okonye 2020-03-08 03:00
Dr. Aceng, thank you for the statement. As professionals we need to concentrate on awareness, education and management of symptoms.

Think about it no body knows where this virus is going and where it will take us. It may become an ordinary virus like flu.

Of course, my big worry is that the world has become a global village so if people are restricted from moving or entering, how is the economy going to run?
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-2 #5 Akot 2020-03-08 20:23
Lysol, agreed.

Why would Ugandans living abroad go back or bring their children/grand kids to Museveni's Uganda?

As it is, Museveni will finally have the second rwandese territory!
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-3 #6 Akot 2020-03-08 20:30
rubangakene, agreed.

The conferences are means for Museveni to show the outside world how peaceful Uganda is under his rule while peaceful Ugandans live in terror!

Isn't it time Ugandans bring an end to Museveni's rule?

Museveni is worse than coronavirus to Uganda! Remember, he came with HIV & his war dogs inffected so many Ugandans!

Museveni is protecting himself by not housing conferences as those who come only get close to him & those in high posts!
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