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One million register for Uneb exams

Uneb executive secretary Dan Odongo

Uneb executive secretary Dan Odongo

At least 1,137,315 candidates have registered for 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

Of the 1,137,315 candidates, 695,468 registered for PLE, 337,380 UCE and 104,467 for UACE. Speaking at the Uganda Media Centre today Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) executive secretary, Dan N. Odongo said the final information such as names of candidates, index numbers and subjects for which they registered has been sent to schools country for final confirmation and verification by candidates.

While the preparation process is in advanced stages, the board will start engaging candidates on October 11 with briefing of UCE candidates.

Senior Four examinations will go on until November 15th. PLE candidates will be briefed on November 1 but write their examinations on November 2nd and 3rd, 2019.

UACE examinations will commence on November 8 and end on December 2. Odongo urged parents and guardians to check the registration status of their children when there is still time for Uneb to take remedial measures.

According to Dr Peter Wakabi Waiswa, the director IT at UNEB, the registration status can be checked from schools/centres, SMS, or using the link https://ereg.uneb.ac.ug/reg_status.

“A candidate is deemed registered after payment of Uneb registration fees. With online, the display even shows the candidate’s coloured photograph and subjects for which they registered,” Wakabi said.

“Parents can also check the registration status by typing Reg <space> full index number & send to 6600 at a fee of Shs 500 across all networks.” For centres that have not yet paid the full examination fees or for any student not registered, the status will reflect “Not registered”.


Odongo urged headteachers not to deny pregnant candidates an opportunity to sit their final examinations this year. Odongo said there’s no law or written policy that bars girls from sitting exams while pregnant.

“If a girl is pregnant, that’s already bad enough and traumatic. To stop her from sitting final Uneb exams; lawyers call that double jeopardy,” Odongo said.

He said some schools especially faith-based are hard to convince but special arrangements can be made for such candidates.

“In faith-based schools and others where morals are strong, they believe this is an affront on morality and encourages other girls to be careless with themselves knowing that they will be allowed to sit exams. As a board, we understand their concerns but these are 15 and 16-year-olds that may not have been in control of everything that led to the pregnancy,” Odongo said.

He added that if a candidate is visibly pregnant, she can be given a special room but watched over while writing her papers. When the paper is complete, she can be escorted out of the school and brought in when on another paper. Odongo’s views were backed by the state minister for Primary Education, Rosemary Sseninde, who officially released timetables for the October/November examinations for all the three levels of examinations this year.

“It’s not a policy that students must be in school while pregnant but on a humanitarian ground, I appeal to headteachers to allow children to sit exams,” Sseninde said.

“You may lock out this girl from such a crucial examination without knowing what lies ahead of her in case she excels. Let’s give them a chance as parents and teachers continue to sensitise girls on the effects of early pregnancies.”

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+5 #1 Lysol 2019-09-12 21:13
The quality of education is very low right now. Those of us who sat both the(old) East African Education (O-level and Advanced Exam certificates) and later proceeded to colleges/universities can say the current system is a complete BS and mess.

No wonder we have a former baby-sitter as the head of education ministry . That Makerere has become a useless diplomas mill for those who can buy them.

Back in the day nobody could resit an examination twice. Either you pass the first time or you're out forever.
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+1 #2 Mubiru 2019-09-13 16:42
Those who put on gowns pretending to be "well qualified" will only work in Uganda where they tolerate failures with fake degrees. International jobs must be a day dream to them.

When people "pass" just because they spread their legs wide or bought the degrees in cash no wonder why services in Uganda are either terribly sub-standard or exist in name only.

The sick and ill thieves plus the well connected can be treated abroad when people like me are admitted in filthy empty (no beds or medicine)hospitals manned by "Doctors" with fake and imaginary qualifications.

Even the suitably qualified doctors cant work without "tools" ie medicine etc.

No wonder the unconnected poor die like cockroaches. It is pointless to erect huge impressive buildings and call them "hospitals".

The structures benefit only thieves who inflate costs and "eat" the difference- (enjawulo). The UNEB exams are a waste time and public funds as long as they are, like the police, infested with kawukumi.
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