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Kyambogo strike: canister shatters student's hand

Abraham Kansiime, a student of bachelor of Automotive and Power Engineering at Kyambogo University has lost hand after it was shattered by a teargas canister.

Kansiime sustained serious damage on his right hand when he tried to pick up the canister and haul it back at police officers during a violent student strike today morning.  

He was rushed to Kyambogo University Medical Centre, which transferred him to Nsambya hospital for further treatment. 

"He is lucky he has been managed early," a staff at the University Medical Centre said. Police was called in after students rose up in protest against a new tuition policy requiring them to have cleared tuition by the 12th week of the semester else they get a 'dead year.'  

The university academic registrar, Dr Anna Begumisa announced the policy changes recently. The students threw stones at vehicles, damaging windows of the university bus and university secretary’s vehicle. They also vandalized window panes of several university buildings. 

Police fired teargas and live bullets to drive the students outside the university to the neighbouring Banda trading centre, leaving empty classes. A student leader said management used the window of change in the student leadership to enforce the new policy.   

"We want soldiers and police out of Kyambogo University," the student leader said.


+4 #1 Wazza 2019-03-28 17:07
Very unfortunate but people who demonstrate never learn that a canister can explode any time.

Trying to pick throw it back is very very risky! I hope we pick lessons from this
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-2 #2 Akampurira Derrick 2019-03-28 18:47
Police has no respect for students plus even citizens
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+1 #3 WADADA roger 2019-03-29 07:27
We all played those silly games of picking tear gas sinisters and threw them back at police but looking back, it was dangerous
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+4 #4 Lakwena 2019-03-29 08:48
Quoting Akampurira Derrick:
Police has no respect for students plus even citizens

In other words Derrick, Mr. M7 has turned the Uganda Police and the military into an anti people's forces. Mr. M7 uses them like foreign mercenaries against Ugandans.

Otherwise why would the police and the UPDF point and/or fire AK47 and sub-machine guns at unarmed Ugandans?

Universities like Makerere or Kyambogo are not military Academies or sic barracks, why on earth must Mr. M7 deploy military police in these two universities?

In other words tyranny is at work.
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