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Witchdoctor now withdraws case against speaker Kadaga

Witchdoctor Damian Akuze (R) at arriving at Jinja High court

Witchdoctor Damian Akuze (R) at arriving at Jinja High court

Damian Akuze, a witchdoctor who recently sued the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga for non-payment for his sorcery services has withdrawn the case citing threats to his life. 

Early this year, Akuze filed the case through his lawyers; Mangeni and Company Advocates at the Jinja High court, demanding for a payment of Shs 200 million for the sorcery services that allegedly propelled Kadaga through to the top leadership positions. 

In his application to court, Akuze says that Kadaga was riding on his charms to keep herself in senior positions since 1990. However, he says that Kadaga failed to pay for the service over the years and that the money has since accumulated to more than Shs 200 million.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday outside Jinja High court, Akuze said that he held a meeting with individuals whose identities he refused to disclose, before withdrawing the case. 

Akuze says that Kadaga’s supporters have been threatening his life, which affected the wellbeing of his family. Ivan Mangeni the plaintiff's lawyer denied involvement in Akuze’s decision to withdraw the case.

Last month, angry residents armed with placards in defense of Kadaga stormed Akuze's home and ejected him. The residents sounded drums within the compound and ordered him to vacate or risk being lynched. 

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