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M4.7 earthquake shakes West Nile

A light 4.7 magnitude earthquake swept through some areas of northern Uganda, sending residents of Arua and West Nile into panic. 

The earthquake which occurred at about 21:15 on Saturday in Arua, was first noticed after trees started shaking as if there was a stormy wind. It was followed by a crumbling noise underneath the earth and shaking of houses for over two minutes.

Prior to the quake, rainy clouds hovered over Arua with a light drizzle for over 30 minutes and also shortly after, another light drizzle followed for about five minutes. In the outskirts of Arua town, some residents ran out of their houses while those in social places like bars reportedly ran in disarray.

According to reports URN obtained in Koboko and Maracha districts, the earthquake had a greater effect which kept on subsiding as it moved south towards Arua district.

"The earthquake found us still outside and after realizing the danger of everything shaking we called the children who had already gone to sleep to immediately run out of the house," a resident of Maracha identified as Alfred told URN on phone.

However, in Nebbi district, Ronald Oketch, a resident in Nebbi town told URN that the earthquake was felt but it was of a small magnitude. No substantial damage has been reported as a result of the earthquake in the region. West Nile region last experienced an earthquake about five years ago.

On the same day, earthquakes were also felt in Laiwui, Indonesia (twice), Sarangai, Philippines (M5.0), Ibusuki, Japan (M4.6), San Andres Xecul, Guatemala (M4.5) and Puerto ElTriunfo, El Salvador (M4.5) according to the United States Geological Survey. 

According to US Geologists, most earthquakes are caused by slow movements inside the earth that push against the earth's brittle, relatively thin outer layer, causing the rocks to break suddenly.


0 #1 kabayekka 2019-01-06 17:06
Well then one hopes the country of Uganda is thinking seriously about joining the technology of listening to what is happening underground of this planet!

Especially when it is very determined to start pumping oil from underneath these famous Rift Valleys of the old continent of Africa.
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