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Police fires all Flying Squad operatives

Police has terminated the services of all Flying Squad operatives across the country. 

The more than 80 operatives, working as special police constables have had their contracts terminated with immediate effect. The decision by the police top management was communicated through an internal memo pinned at the Flying Squad headquarters at Central Police Station Kampala, on Monday November 5.

According to the memo, the operative's services are terminated until further notice.

"All those who have been working with Flying Squad as operatives their services have been terminated with effect from 5th November 2018 until further notice," reads the memo signed under the stamp of the commandant Flying Squad, Peter Kakonge.

The termination of operatives leaves only fully trained and recognised police officers as part of the Flying Squad uniformed personnel.

The operatives most of whom have been in the unit since it was founded in 2005 as an operation code-named 'Wembley' are believed to have participated in tarnishing the image of the police elite unit which was formed to handle gun related crimes, motor vehicle robberies and kidnaps. 


+1 #11 WADADA rogers 2018-11-06 22:18
They are going to emerge under a different name but doing the same mischief as they have been since 2005.

Its gonna be situation of old wine in new bottles, Ugandans are being fooled again.
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+2 #12 WADADA rogers 2018-11-06 22:21
Let Ugandans not forget that 95% of the Flying Squad were hard core criminals who were responsible for all the silent thefts, murders, rape and burglary.

So if it is true, we are going to have a brand new set of thugs terrorizing the town outside the cover of Uganda Police
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-1 #13 Wainanchi 2018-11-06 23:57
We love this music!! You want another rock? Yes Sir!!
Neera neera neera Mzee,Paka last,Paka Paka.Long live Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.Greatest leader of Uganda of all time!!!
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