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LRA attacks reported in DRC

LRA's Joseph Kony

LRA's Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony's rebel group, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has lately become active, getting involved in several incidences of looting and abduction of children in areas of Democratic Republic of Uganda (DRC), the LRA crisis tracker has indicated.

The LRA crisis tracker, a joint project of two charity organisations - Invisible Children and The Resolve, reports up to nine incidences of looting and abductions in different parts of DRC in the month of September alone. The LRA is looting majorly food, money and in some cases medicines according to the report.

The report also notes that the LRA is abducting more children and releasing adults. The hardest hit areas are; Gongolo and Bangadi in Haut Uele, DRC and Yalinga, Haute-Kotto in the Central African Republic (CAR).

On September 20, a group of 6 LRA rebels entered the village of Gongolo in Haut Uele province and looted household items and medicines from a medical dispensary. They abducted a young boy before departing according to witnesses. The same group was also reportedly sighted two days later about 7km north of Ngilima with one girl and 4 boys being held captive.

On September 17 in Bangadi, Haut Uele province two armed LRA combatants ambushed two men. They reportedly abducted them before releasing them. The victims later reported that the group had abducted a young girl earlier that day, whom they did not release.

Meanwhile in September in Yalinga, in the Central African Republic, a suspected LRA group attacked civilians camping in a field 5km west of Yalinga. They reportedly looted the village and injured a civilian, before splitting into two groups and heading in the direction of Bria and Nzako.

Other attacks in DRC are in Mabadabada,  where 6 armed LRA combatants robbed 2 cyclists and a doctor of their money, vaccines, and other goods along the Nambia Ngbangala-Bangadi road. The combatants also kidnapped three men and a young boy. They released the 3 men the following day but kept the boy captive.

Three other attacks were in areas of Mugalie where two women, a man and a boy were abducted and later released by 5 armed LRA soldiers.

According to the report, the latest major attack was of armed LRA group that looted food, pharmaceuticals, and other belongings in Banda and also reportedly abducted at least 15 men, 3 women, 6 boys, and 3 girls. The report also says the LRA killed two police officers and injured another.

Although their numbers are considered minimal, the LRA continues to carry out attacks in some areas in the region. Led by war lord Joseph Kony, the LRA is responsible for the death of thousands of people from especially northern Uganda, and the displacement of millions into internally displaced peoples camps, and the abduction and conscription into the army of thousands of children.


+1 #1 PaLugore 2018-10-16 10:16
LRA did not displace millions into IDP camps, Museveni's UPDF did, leading to death of at least 1000 people per week for the entire period of the displacement. Learn to report accurately, history cannot be rewritten!
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0 #2 Akot 2018-10-16 14:14
PaLugore, understood, but,

LRA & UPDF are both responsible for displacement of thousands, especially on Acholiland!

LRA continues to terrosise, abduct children/girls outside Uganda while UN & EU forces in the region enjoy the show!

UPDF terrorise Ugandans for Museveni!

Acholi didn't give Kony base of operation, yet this demon operates outside Uganda while UN, EU tell the world Uganda is a peaceful country tribalistically ruled!

Even Ongwen preferes running away from Kony instead of killing him, to free abductees!

Yet, as things are, Museveni is going no where, LRA scontinue terrorising, abducting & build a world apart under the watch of UN-EU!

Lets pray God floods, fire, ebola...flash Kony out as he is above touch of UN-EU & free to terrorise, abduct, rape & make his own world in the jungle!
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-1 #3 Akot 2018-10-16 14:27
Yet, as things are, Kony should empty his anger on Acholi tribal leader & elites who are helping Museveni own Uganda!

Well, the last time I saw & talked to Kony, he was one of the good soldiers, planning his marriage so happily! Now he is a rapists, terrorist, occupier of foreign land...!

Well, Museveni is also occupying foreign land, terrorising its people, is the only ruler & accepts no opposition!

The war must be:

- UN-EU against Kony,

- Ugandans, in UNITY, against Musevni!

UPDF is Museveni's force, but through UNITY, Ugandans can make it their force, to defend their freedom, country against Museveni & Kony!

Until then, there is no difference between Museveni & Kony who both have different people to terrorise, subject, humiliate...!
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0 #4 Akot 2018-10-16 14:40
[LRA continues to carry out attacks in some areas in the region. Led by war lord Joseph Kony, the LRA is responsible for the death of thousands of people from especially northern Uganda, and the displacement of millions into internally displaced peoples camps, and the abduction and conscription into the army of thousands of children.]

The world should ask why UN-EU forces are in the region yet Kony operates has base outside Uganda!

Is this because UN-EU is happy Musevni is safe from Kony & want it to continue so?

If Kony was a real freedom fighter, he would sneak back to Uganda, kill Museveni, then hand himself to ICC! For once he would be a real liberator!

UPDF/Kony destroyed my village, killed those who did not run in jungles, including my mentally ill uncle who smiled to them!
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+1 #5 rubangakene 2018-10-16 20:52
Lies, lies and lies: this is just a diversionary tactics to 'bait and woo the USA and the west into changing their recent position on the recent callous events of human right abuses in Uganda; re: Arua. At every opportunity this president behaves like the wounded victim.

You see the Somalia adventure has been a failure; no we want to lure the Americans to supervise the hunting of Kony's ghost: this will not wash with Uganda and the Americans, proof: Kanye West is the "Greek Horse".
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+1 #6 Fuller 2018-10-17 00:00
He is back at his old game of deceit, desperate to re-bilk American tax payer out of millions of dollars to continue stuffing his offshore bank accounts!

Uganda's Despot-for-32-Years realizes that his game is up -- he is no longer a useful man to the west. So, he is pulling the old LRA-Kony game...except this time he is facing a different administration in Washington, D.C., Thank goodness.

$780 of American taxpayer money was spent in the phony pursuit of Kony. 100 elite US troops chased the wind since 2008, realized Uganda's Despot-for-32-Years is the biggest conman of the 21st Century. So, Sept. 2017 they closed shop and went home satisfied that Kony was not a threat.

So, The Despot-for-32-Years can pull all tricks from his hat...pretty soon he will have no more.

Or alternatively, which is the best course, he can hand over peacefully the keys to Uganda's future and get out while the going is good.
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