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17 killed in fresh Bududa landslides

At least 17 people have been confirmed dead in today’s landslides and mudslides that swept across five villages in Bukalasi sub-county, Bududa district.

The LC V chairman, Wilson Watila said the number of the dead is likely to go even higher as several people remain are unaccounted for. Watila said the landslide was caused after River Suume burst its banks following today’s heavy downpour.

Uganda Red Cross spokesperson Irene Nakasiita said their emergency team on the ground can’t access the affected areas because it’s still very dangerous. The eastern Ugandan district, Bududa is prone to landslides. 

In March 2010, landslides buried an estimated 350 residents Nametsi parish, about 28 people in Bulambuliwere were killed in 2011. In March 2012, landslides again killed six people in Sironko district while in the same year, in the month of June 2012, landslides in Bududa district buried 18 more people.

Last year, 10 people were again buried in Sironko landslide. This year in May, one person was buried dead when landslides occurred in Busae, Bukirimwa and Bukibino parishes of Bududa sub-county.

Efforts to relocate the residents from the landslide prone areas were thwarted by corruption by the Office of the Prime Minister officials and resistance by the residents, who prefer to carry out agricultural activities on the fertile slopes of Mt Elgon. 


+2 #1 Fuller 2018-10-11 18:28
Here is a relevant question: When is The Despot-for-32-Years helicoptering to Bududa to hand out money to the victims of the flood?

He just finished the 'Grandfather' (since he has named himself so, and I submit he is Dirty-Old-Man Grandpa the Pervert after he thanked his men for beating up Jane Abola and Asara Night in Arua in August and leaving them bleeding in the vagina), so anyway, he just finished the Grandfather of all Clowning handing out millions of cash all over Kampala, clowning -- as usual -- like a man with nothing else to do for the day.

The honorable thing for The Despot-for-32-Years is to hurry to Bududa, help the victims -- return to Kampala urgently and hand in the peaceful resignation so Uganda can become sane again.
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+1 #2 Akot 2018-10-11 19:15
Weather disasters are occuring just as & when the earth has to defend itself against human activities & such disasters have no borders!

France just experienced the same a few hours ago, just after Japan, Indinesia, USA...!

The world has to wake up & finally believe there is a creator greater than human with morality & expects us to obey & respect nature, as no human can control such desaster!

Yet even developed world is at the Popes throat for making church stand on abortion, homosexuality..., while denying there is God who created us, the univers & expect us to live according to decent standards, respecting nature & Him!...
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0 #3 Akot 2018-10-11 19:18
...The Bible says there will be hearthquakes, flooding, nations will rise against nations..., & all these are happening: is it not time to ask how humans came to existence?

We continue to fight for rights of individuals at war with God & forget each one is answerable for his/her deeds before God!

Which humans go to prison for another's crime even in man made laws?

Can Museveni, developed world leaders...stop flooding, hearthquakes...by forcing us to defy God & go with what they want for ever when they are incapable of stopping even wars?

Ugandans MUST start making right with themselves & God, by UNITING & bringing an end to the tribalistic system as this will give our people chance to see things clearly & not be Museveni's slaves for good & for no reason!
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+1 #4 Mubiru 2018-10-12 17:43
Unfortunately this is not the first time (nor will it be the last) Bududa people arre suffering the disasters of flooding.

Every time such calamity re-appears lots of funds are poured into the area to help the hapless victims and millions we hear are spent on the future disaster preparedness.

At one time, Museveni armed with a gun, as if he was going to shoot floods, was seen promising victims "heaven on earth" at the sites. Where do all this funds go?

Natural disasters are all over the world but because in those countries funds are not stolen, billions poured to contain the disasters are usefully used. As long as thieves steal public funds without any one touching them, I am afraid people will continue dying preventable "diseases" like the Bududa floods.

Thieves don't have any care for other human lives as long as their bellies and those of their families and bag carriers are catered for on public money. One day they will pay heavily for their mortal sins.
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