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Bobi Wine bodyguard charged with treason in Gulu

Edward Ssebuufu, the personal bodyguard of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has been charged with treason.

Ssebuufu also known as Eddie Mutwe was charged before Gulu Grade One magistrate Yunus Ndiwalana. He was charged together with Musa Ssenyange alias Rabadaba Musisi, a 31-year-old driver a resident in Njeru town council in Buikwe district.

State prosecutor, Julius Ochen told court that the duo is part of the 33 suspects who were charged in the same court with treason. It is alleged that while in Arua, the suspects threw stones at the convoy of President Museveni and smashed the rear window.

Eddie Mutwe (C) with Musa Ssenyange (R) in court today. Photo: courtesy @BenOngomTweets

Tony Kitara and Ocaya Acellam, the accused's lawyers attempted to block the charges saying that the Civil Division of the High court had ordered Ssebuufu be released unconditionally.

"As officers of court we respect this decision, we may not agree with it. We intend to pursue the bigger remedy that this client, just like the previous 33 are entitled. So right now, we're getting down to work on papers for the bail applications and hopefully before the end of the week or whatever time next we'll have him produced for his bail application so that they are released."

However, Ochen said the order was meant to prevent the detention of the suspects in illegal facilities. He said bringing the suspects in court would prevent further illegal detention when they are remanded to a prison facility. Magistrate Ndiwalana then advised the suspects to apply for bail in the High court and remanded them to Gulu Central Prison until October 1. 

Ssebuufu, 37, was allegedly picked up by state operatives from Semakokiro Plaza in Kamwokya on August 25, some days after the arrest of his boss Kyagulanyi on August 14. He was locked up incommunicado in unknown place. 

His lawyer, Eron Kiiza filed a habeas corpus application on August 30.  Following the application, High court judge Musa Sekaana directed security agencies to produce Ssebuufu in court on September 4 and justify why he was being detained.
On September 4, state prosecutor Peter Tusubira told High court that Ssebuufu would be taken to Gulu Magistrate's court to answer to charges of treason just like Kyagulanyi and 33 others.
In his earlier ruling, Justice Sekaana said the continued detention of Mutwe is illegal and ordered that he should be released immediately and unconditionally.


+3 #1 eric L 2018-09-11 18:19
Kukikayo Eddie. At least the CMI is not as foolish as SFC.

He looks un beaten and this should not be seen as a favor but a right.
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+3 #2 Akot 2018-09-11 19:33
Why is museveni using Acholiland to torment his former allies/those who defy him?

Kony, why are you too, letting Museveni use Acholiland to torment Ugandans, especially those who brought him in, those who were happy with him, until they fell out with the demon?

Acholi tribal leader must really be a happy brainless/heartless with all this inhumanity going on in Gulu & will thank Museveni for tormenting those who oppose him!

How much does the tribal leader get from his chief Museveni?

When will Acholi have leadership to even just defend themselves, protect their territory that Muevnei uses today at will to make his statement against his former allies who are today his opponents?

Why is tribal landless Museveni free to torment Ugandans for just wanting to live freely in their country?...
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+2 #3 Akot 2018-09-11 19:39
Amin never dared cross Acholiland unless with heavy military convoy or by helicopter! But Museveni is at home on Acholi land, land of a people he completely destroyed-isolated-told the world were evil & made UN confine in refugee camps!

The entired Acholiland should today be base where any Ugandan under threat of being arrested-molested by Museveni is at home, protected!

Museveni MUST be thrown out of Uganda & NOW in UNITY, before he makes Acholiland his base of operation, especially as the demon knows that as long as tribal leaders are with him maintaining the tribalistic system, Ugandns will REUNITE against Acholi & not against him!

Why don't Ugandans see Museveni uses them against one another & will go on till he drops dead, if not stopped in UNITY?

Why have Acholi surrendered & will give Acholiland to Museveni as a gift, for destroying them?
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+2 #4 Akot 2018-09-11 19:58
Yet, as Ugandans don't want to UNITE against Museveni, all the other tribes that UNITED against Acholi to bring him in will REUNITE against Acholi!

Do Acholi want to be locked up with Museveni, the man who isolated them, drove them in exile, made UN confine them in refugee camps?

Have Ugandns forgotten Museveni has already tried many time to make Gulu his military/police base?

Acholi want to be part of Uganda again, be visible & heard, but it's not by giving Museveni base to torment his former allies, they will get back on stage & be just Ugandans!

Acholi must by now know that without UNITY of ALL, Ugandans would rather get at themselves, instead of getting at Museveni!

Without UNITY of ALL against Museveni, Acholi form Independent State while waiting for those who brough Museveni in to make up their minds!

What's going on is so so deadly for Acholi!
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+2 #5 ainembabazi 2018-09-11 22:10
Like we commented elsewhere, the junta has outwitted the judiciary, again. Now, this gentleman is among the Arua-33, who has been charged with treason for throwing ONE stone.

You must not be a very clever man to know very well, that it's physically impossible for more than one man to throw a SINGLE stone.

So, this is persecution, NOT prosecution.

Cry, oh Uganda cry.
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0 #6 juwait kali 2018-09-11 22:17
I think he's using acholi land as a warning if you like.

Dare and I will deal with you the same way as a doing with these baganda people.
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+1 #7 jose 2018-09-12 07:57
how many hands can throw one stone, just stop fooling the whole world
and where is that car, not even in pictures
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+1 #8 Lakwena 2018-09-12 08:08
In other words, under Mr. M7/NRM, Human Rights crimes like: "inhumane treatment" of others; day-light and undercover torture; crime against humanity; detention without trial and malicious prosecution have become the Law in Uganda.

"The state calls its violence law; but that of the individual crime, Max Stirrer, The Ego and His Own (1845)

In other words, no one is safe.

Ugandans must have a resolve for Mr. M7/NRM to leave office and town now.

Otherwise, at this rate every Ugandan who does not agree with his diabolism will be charged with treason.
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-1 #9 gwok 2018-09-12 09:17
Quoting Akot:
Why is museveni using Acholiland to torment his former allies/those who defy him? Kony, why are you too, letting Museveni use Acholiland to torment Ugandans, especially those who brought him in, those who were happy with him, until they fell out with the demon?

Dear Akot, Kony committed "mwonyo tigo" crimes against some of us.

I believe that he fought for his BELIEFS, whatever those were, rather than for Uganda, as you think. Please stay clear of Kony issues, at least for the sake of retaining your own moral standing.
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