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Ntagali reiterates stand against homosexuality

Archbishop of Stanley Ntagali, has reiterated that Church of Uganda will never bow to pressure and accept same sex marriages like other churches in Europe and America have done. Ntagali said homosexuality is unchristian, and Church of Uganda will oppose it 'until Jesus comes back.' 

Ntagali made the remarks while addressing Christians at Ezuku in Vurra archdeaconry during centenary celebrations of the Anglican faith in Madi and West Nile diocese over the weekend. 
The first Africa inland missionaries who came from the Church of England arrived in West Nile through Zaire (now DRC) on June 24th 1918. They fell sick and pitched camp at Ezuku where they set up the foundation for the Madi and West Nile Diocese in the late 1960s. 

L-R: Rtd. Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali and Bishop Charles Collins Andaku of Madi and West Nile diocese 

In his speech, Ntagali noted that many young people in the Western world have resorted to spreading the message of same sex marriages instead of emulating what the bible tells Christians to do. He called on Christians in Madi and West Nile and the diocese of Nebbi to focus on Christ and start a new centenary with open and believing hearts. 
"...where the missionaries came from are changing the bible…they are saying it’s a book of the past. Whereas the bible and God’s teaching is that; marriage is between a man and a woman,  some people - the grandchildren of those missionaries are saying that is the book of the past. They are saying a man can marry a man [and] they are saying a woman can marry a woman. That is not the kind of marriage God [approved]. As church of Uganda we continue to say that marriage is between a man and a woman. We shall continue to do so until Jesus comes back. We shall preach the gospel uncompromisingly," said Ntagali. 
Speaking in Lugbara on behalf of West Nile legislators, Maureen Osoru, Arua Woman member of parliament, warned Christians against witchcraft, saying the 100 years of faith should make them start a new life full of forgiveness, truth and unity. She called for reconciliation among people with differences especially in families.

Delegations of Christians from the archdiocese of Morobo in South Sudan led by Archbishop Wani and DR Congo led by the Archbishop of Aru' archdiocese, Canon Mega David Adoroti graced the centenary celebrations.


+4 #1 Wazza 2018-06-25 16:37
The removal of age limit from the constitution was more evil than homosexuality.. why didn't you make a clear stand against it???

You religious leaders we detest you, stop wasting time on non issues. Your reiterations are simply rubbish and BS!!
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0 #2 Japman 2018-06-25 16:43
That's it.
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+5 #3 miki 2018-06-25 17:27
I wish Archbishop Ntagali and the other religious leaders in Uganda were as vocal and strident on the issue of human rights abuses by the NRM government as they get on the issue of homosexuality.

Archbishop Ntagali, just like the other religious leaders have been conspicuously silent as this government violates and abuses the rights of other Ugandans - the gut-wrenching Kasese massacres with many killed execution style, hands tied and butt naked, the scorched-earth carnage during the killing orgy by the army, the growing reports of arrest, torture and extortion of confessions from suspects done in both official places and those illegal 'safehouses' at the hands of criminal infested security agencies, reports of active death squads in security agencies, kidnapping and illegally extraditing of refugees back into harms way, the regime targeting and economically ruining perceived political enemies - the list is long. Bishop Ntagali and his ilk have been silent.
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0 #4 Akot 2018-06-25 18:59
Wazza, understood, but,

Don't forget, if you believe in God & the Bible: the road leading to life/God is narrow & few find it!

With complete chaos on earth & fight for control of humans, survival is for the fitest & it will take a lot of courage for church leaders to strand up to their belief in God too!

But let's not forget God has his appointed time & His patience has been proved, otherwise He would have by now wiped out humans from the earth!

Just as it's up to Ugandans to make their stand face to abuse & not just go along waiting to be saved by some unknown!

We pray to God, as for forgiveness, right?

Would God forgive those who pray for forgiveness, yet do the wrong things?

Why did God create male & female & told them to multiply a fill the earth?

God did not create male & male nor female & female to fill the earth, right?
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0 #5 Akot 2018-06-25 19:06
miki, agreed, but,

Would church leaders go silent if Ugandans UNITE & stand up for their right in their country?

Without UNITY of Ugandans & them coming out to force the dictator out, there is nothing any individual-small group-lonely tribal leader-tribe- region can do to make Museveni become human!

The longer Ugandans just watch divided & without common leadership for second Independence, Museveni will only grow wings, be more demoniac, while those who can will be bought off with tax money the demon contrls in a country he is almost owner!
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+1 #6 gwok 2018-06-25 20:15
Quoting Wazza:
The removal of age limit from the constitution was more evil than homosexuality.. why didn't you make a clear stand against it???

You religious leaders we detest you, stop wasting time on non issues. Your reiterations are simply rubbish and BS!!

I agree. Further, what two adults MUTUALLY decide & agree to do with themselves in "privacy" should not be any other person's business.

I resent sex in public, regardless of which gender combination. I am not opposed to it in their own privacy. Please your say.
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