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At Boss Burger, simply ignore the price

The best way to enjoy your Boss Burger is not to look at or mind the Shs 22,000 price per burger, or the Shs 4,000 for the 500ml water.

Dare start comparing with the market price of a bun and the countable chips on the side and you won’t enjoy and eat like a boss as their tag says.

Boss Burger is located at Royal Park along Kampala road and Kyagwe road and they sell nothing else in terms of food except burgers that are all served with fries, with chicken wings and chips on request.

They have a few countable tables inside and a large sitting area outside under a staircase which also works as their ice cream parlour (if you don’t mind eating with all the other shoppers in the side shops looking at you).

It is a popular eating joint. While fast foods in the developed world are for the poor due to their unhealthy aftereffects, here they remain for the rich and middle-class pretenders. The burgers can work on those not-so-hungry days or as a missed lunch filler.

If you think you will sidestep the high pricing by going for chicken wings, well, your Shs 23,000 can only get you four to five tiny ones. The chips have an inviting aroma and texture and taste as good as they smell and look. The wings could be better, especially for that price.

For the vegetarians, there is the Bean+BeetBoss burger which comes filled with a single black bean smash patty, the crunchy sweet and salty roasted beet aioli, onion relish, inhouse pickles and topped with burger sauce. It looks and tastes delicious.

Who knew something vegetarian could taste so meaty, juicy and sinewy?


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