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Giant chapatti, great juice at Feedrite restaurant

I always thought Feedrite restaurant surely serves only boiled African food – How wrong I was!

The restaurant, located on Kanjokya street in Kamwokya, indeed specializes in Ugandan cuisine but it is not entirely all boiled.

There is fried food (sauce) as well. The food is served in big rations and so it does not come as a surprise that a plate costs Shs 22,000 minus a drink.

A glass of cocktail juice costs Shs 7,000. The juice is surely one of the restaurant’s selling points. It’s well balanced juice that you get to taste the coconut milk therein, the mango puree, oranges, passion fruit, etc. None of those fruits stands out, yet you can tell what is in the cocktail.

I ordered for pilau rice, but sadly I was not told it was cooked with meat in it. Being vegetarian, I did not touch it, but luckily I had ordered for chapatti on the side.

The chapatti costs Shs 2,000. That was so paltry in comparison to the giant chapatti that was delivered! I struggled finishing it off with the fish stew. The fish piece was also extremely big and tasty.

The fish is cooked with enough grated spices and vegetables and the soup is very thick. You can taste the vegetables but cannot see them as well. The soup is also served in plenty.

I was glad the tilapia tasted like freshwater lake tilapia, and not the kind caught from the ever-increasing ‘fish farms’ (fish lovers know the difference). There are not many tables at the restaurant. It appears the restaurant does more outside deliveries than in-house services.

It is also pleasantly very clean and tidy.


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