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Two Pakwach teachers arrested over drinking during class time

FILE Drinking alcohol

FILE Drinking alcohol

Two teachers of Ayara primary school in Pakwach district have been arrested after they were found drunk during class hours.

Richard Thopacu, a primary five teacher and Pascal Omara, a primary seven teacher were arrested on Tuesday. Michael Ocama, deputy head teacher of Ayara primary school said that Omara sought permission to allegedly go for treatment at a nearby health centre but ended up at a local drinking joint.

The school was alerted by some concerned community members that the teachers had become a public nuisance. Pakwach district inspector of schools Maxwell Atia says that two teachers were previously reported to his office for overindulging in alcohol during class hours.

Atia further noted that the notorious behaviour of the affected teachers has created significant gaps in the school’s operations. However, Toepista Mono, councillor of Amor West Ward appeals for leniency for the teachers. She explains that the school is currently struggling with limited teaching staff and imprisoning the teachers would grossly affect the operations of the school.

According to police, the suspects have been charged with neglect of duty and their files have been sent to the Resident State Attorney for legal advice before they can appear before the court of law.

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