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Opposition's politics of cheap popularity in Kampala bombings

A bombing scene in Kampala

A bombing scene in Kampala

Often times when the country faces security challenges, the opposition doesn't get concerned about how to join hands with the government to solve the challenge, but they rather concentrate on milking cheap political capital.
However, as they play their games they forget patriotism, the mandate of the government to protect citizens, and what the majority of Ugandans think about them. Recently the country faced deadly bombings, something that scared citizens and up to now, security is still working hard to deal with that problem.
As security tries to put things back to normal, the opposition has come up with a lot of conspiracies with an aim of earning cheap popularity. While on different political talk shows on different TV stations, the opposition blamed security for shooting people, who they say are 'innocent'.
The opposition doesn't explain how those people are 'innocent' and why exactly security was persuing them and not the others. The intention of the narrative they're creating is to earn cheap popularity from the relatives and the faith group that those suspected terrorists belong to. 
Before security made any progress in trying to put the situation back to normal, the same opposition was all over the media accusing security of being incompetent and some even said that the attacks proved laxity in Uganda's security.
Now suddenly, the opposition is all over the media again accusing security of persuing 'innocent' citizens. They search for relevance and populism in sensitive issues that involve the safety and security of our country.
When President Museveni made a proposal to have cameras installed on the streets of Kampala and other urban centers, the same opposition criticized the idea saying it was not going to yield any fruitful results. But these cameras have helped significantly in fighting the heartless criminals who do not value life.
The opposition cannot go on the floor of parliament today to move a motion in appreciation of the president for having thought it wise to install cameras on the streets of Kampala. The National Resistance Movement government resolute is to protect Ugandans and this is evident for the last thirty years we have been in power.
We foster peace because everything starts with peace and security and that's why the enemies, people who are dying with hatred have been trying hard to put down the peace and stability that has been in existence for all these years.
Recently we faced the challenge of criminals who were killing Ugandans using pangas in Masaka, when security swung into action and the people of that area got a moment of relief with no more cases of similar criminality today. Some of the opposition members of parliament were arrested and we wait for the court to decide on their fate.
The unfortunate politics of populism should stop for once especially in this period of time where terrorists have put the lives of Ugandans at risk. The opposition should know that the people who are losing their lives in these cowardly acts of terrorism also deserve and have the right to life.
How come they don't talk about them during their political debates on television? How come they didn't visit the families of those who lost their loved ones in the Masaka killings? Why does the opposition focus on standing and defending those that the police arrest with the intelligence of involving themselves in terrorism.
I hope Ugandans will be very wise enough to discover that the opposition doesn't care about their safety, all they want is criminality to continue so that maybe they achieve their goal of being in power. 
Osama Bin Laden and other world terrorists were pursued and killed by United States security. Did anybody see the opposition of the United States complaining that their government is killing innocent citizens? Was Bin Laden and other Islamic State terrorists ever taken to court and convicted? Wasn't that extrajudicial something that I'm hearing Uganda opposition singing on radios and television every day?
The writer is a deputy RDC Kyenjojo district.


+14 #1 Fawkes 2021-11-24 04:54
Mr. Orikunda, through his article, is clearly trying to catch the eye of his appointing authority, perhaps for a promotion.

Unfortunately, the write-up serves no purpose; it adds no value to the fight against terror in Uganda.

Government is constitutionally mandated and obligated to serve and protect all citizens. It is equally the duty of citizens to demand, and expect, quality service delivery from those they pay.

Apparently, Sam sees authentic interrogation as antigovernmental rant. Gaspadin Evidence, as a government employee, actively creating division the way you are trying to do in your piece is a no-no.

It is one thing to claim allegiance to NRM; it is entirely another to be a truly patriotic government employee. Orikunda is neither.

Without doubt, bread on his table is what drove the deputy RDC to pen absolute hogwash. Clearly, this is a desperate attempt to paint a rotten and failing government in gold. Please, stop putting our hard-earned tax payer’s money to waste.
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+7 #2 Jama 2021-11-24 22:59
I don't whether I should call you honourable or cadre okirunda I want to ask you some questions:

1, Is killing a handcuffed man not extra judicial?

2,Is nepotism, tribalism, corruption part of the patriotism you're manifesting?

3,Didn't those who were killed during the Kampala riots by those you claim to be protecting them had no right to live (not to mention luewro, congo , northern Uganda, kasese etc)?

Can compare the political and judicial systems in the USA with the Uganda of today under your oppressive regim?

I wish you good appetite as you enjoy part of your national loot.
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+3 #3 Lakwena 2021-11-25 14:29
But this Deputy Resident Dictator, Orikunda; according to the Law of the Land, who has the mandate to declare a suspect guilty or innocent; therefore, imprisoned, executed or released?

In other words, the opposition, whom the Resident Dictator is accusing of not explaining the innocence of the victims of extrajudicially murder by the regime's blood thirty security agents; are on the side of the rule of law: which dictates that a suspect is innocent until found guilty or confessed, and/or pleaded guilty.

Otherwise, by continuously executing suspects under arrest, the Bloody regime leadership is guilty of extrajudicial murder of innocent Ugandan.

In other words, by extrajudicially murdering suspects like Boxer Zebra, under the pretext of trying to escape and/or self-defense, it becomes apparent that: the victims of extrajudicial become the notorious and proverbial "Silent Witness"

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+2 #4 Joseph 2021-11-30 10:17
Okirunda, your looking for a promotion but you will not get it.

I have a simple question for you, if you knew the suspects why didn't you engage them before the bombings.

Secondly, you bring in the example of Osama bin laden, killing him started an invasion in Afghanistan which ended miserably last few months. It summed up failed policies

Lastly as Ugandans we want peace and to be free to move in our own country, but your government is denying people that right.A country leadership that fears it's own people is good as nothing.
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