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Normalize rejecting mocking apologies from perennial UPDF brutes

A journalist getting beaten by security personnel

A journalist getting beaten by security personnel

"We shall exert our energies to ensure that all people irrespective of their state in life get equal and just treatment before the law and a fair trial process. This is the only way the interests and concerns of both the victims of the crime for whom the state enjoined to legally revenge can be assured through the dual-process," said David Muhoozi, the state minister of Internal Affairs on the brutal kidnap of members of parliament -  Allan Sewanyana and Muhammad Segirinya.

I opine that the minister should lecture his colleagues in the UPDF and police how to follow the law in every operation they go for before spewing ineffectual and continuous apologies in the media. They were trained to conceivably treat suspects like wildlife.

That is mob justice and as long as Mr Museveni is still hungering for more power, Ugandans should not expect any alteration in their barbaric ways in order to align with the acceptable international and domestic criminal laws.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is undoubtedly notorious for goading and perpetuating violation of human rights and other civil liberties as long as it is in the interest of the supremo chairman - Gen Museveni. Savagery describes the 35-years of Museveni's presidency and this, together with other heaps of maladministration, have continued to outrage Ugandans despite innumerable magniloquent apologies and sugarcoating.

When the UPDF cornered unarmed boxer, Zebra Mando, shot him several times despite capitulation, they abandoned his corpse riddled with bullets and Museveni apologized on behalf of the ruthless officers but up to now Uganda Police are still waiting for the president's orders, they said, to arrest the UPDF brutes.

We have also seen journalists being brutalized by UPDF and police officers on live coverage; the latter apologizes, the former takes it with equanimity only to be brutalized again and again and life continues.

Impliedly, it is easier for the brutes to apologize than changing their brutal ways which makes their apologetic utterances a mockery and very useless in the eyes of the victims.

Gen David Muhoozi should be addressed that the words "we are sorry" have lost meaning to those who have faced UPDF and police addiction to brutality and proliferation of the same but what he should know is that the best apology ever to offer to Ugandans is changed behavior which is practically impossible since it is only one man—the tyrant hiding behind the mask of democracy yet practices Musevenocracy—who benefits from all this barbarism because his greed for power is insatiable until he paddles far beyond. 

Frequent use of "sorry" by the UPDF officers like David Muhoozi reduces the effectiveness of an apology and undermines the trust of the victims—Ugandans. Myself as a victim of barbarism that almost summarized my life, I can never accept an ounce of apology from my malevolent tormentors.

How do you forgive someone who, instead of arresting you in accordance with the law and committing you to court, beats and hangs you like Jesus? You see, Jesus loved his enemies and they ended up crucifying him. If he had fought them, he would have won them since he was the 'son' of God.

We have no option but to take it that all the security forces are Mr Museveni's 'royal guards' masquerading as though serving the country whereas working tooth and nail to keep the country encapsulated in a musevenocracy brand of democracy.

Mr Museveni and his chamchas in the police and army should address their minds to the fact that saying "sorry" doesn't work well when the actions taken to apologize do not match those used to enhance trust between them as oppressors and us as victims. 

Human relationships are founded on trust, a trait built up through authenticity, empathy, and logic. It is embarrassing that the security agencies are putting themselves in a mirror of shame because of their unchanged behavior of terrorizing Ugandans on behalf of one age-ogynous curmudgeon who has outlived his welcome.

Only when a leader takes accountability for their actions and begins steps to prevent the behavior in the future can they really begin to make amends with the victims. Before that, we always have the right to refuse a cosmetic apology meant to sweep barbarism under the carpet.

As Ugandans especially after 69-years of independence, we always deserve to feel safe, happy and respected in our country not otherwise.


Author is a human rights activist


+1 #1 Lakwena 2021-10-13 09:56
Kankwenzi, if Gen Tibuhaburwa (the CIC) of the Armed Forces told whoever cared to listen in 2018, that he is the Author and Master of Violence, namely: Unlawful arrest, False witness/allegation, Abduction, Torture, State terrorism, State organized extrajudicial murder/Massacre (Kasese) and Hell knows what else; it would be a logical contraction if the UPDF (Gen David Muhoozi) and all state security agencies officers (armed forces) are trained differently to be humane to Ugandan.

In other words, it takes practice to be a sadist/brute, violent and inhuman (numb the conscience).

The UPDF is not a disciplined army, but an indoctrinated army (courtesy of Muzee Boniface Byanyima [RIP]): Benign on the outside, but vicious and bloody on inside. Clean on the outside but rotten on the inside.

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+4 #2 Lakwena 2021-10-13 10:40
Otherwise, how did Gen Kainerugaba Muhoozi pick the gut to challenge Hon Kyagulanyi when he tweeted;

“There is no soldier in the UPDF who doesn’t look up to Mzee Museveni as a father, many consider him a grandfather.

Those who think they can use the military against the country are daydreaming!

I told you my young brother, that you can NEVER intimidate us. We are much stronger than you can ever imagine to be.

If you want to fight we will simply defeat you. We want peace. But if you attempt to fight us then bring it on!”

Why would a Ugandan (Muhoozi) who is housed, fed, dressed, educated (free) and now employed by Ugandans, talk about militarily defeating fellow countrymen, women and children?

In other words, Bloody Gen Tibuhaburwa must have been regularly taking the brat behind the house and trained him how to numb his conscience/humanity by wringing live-chicken necks.

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+1 #3 Kalibbala 2021-10-14 21:26
#Lakwena Spot on !! These Notorious Psychopaths Enjoy Inflicting pain and Killing that is Why The Father rejoices by every Killed Ugandan Starting with Luwero where he left 1.000.000 DEAD!!

Recently in Kasese he Commanded Peter Eluwelu to Massacre 200 Women and Children only to Be Promoted to General of UPDF.

November 18/19 2020, 260 Ugandans were Shot DEAD on the Streets of Kampala!! The Devil and Enemy of Humanity came Out Chest Thumping and Applauding his Gallant Soldiers for Executing a Good Job!!..Their Promise To "Kill Ugandans until They get tired of Dying" Still Stands!!it is Up To You Folks to Refuse
the Nonsense! Guinea Style!!
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