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When God wanted us to exonerate Amin, he sent Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni

Gen Yoweri Museveni's outright deception has begun to stress some of us so much that it is traumatizing to reconcile the fact that he is still the president even after failing flatly to fulfil his innumerable promises since he installed himself on the presidency in 1986.

As though Ugandans had sent him to fight, he used machinations to cajole both proletariat and lumpenproletariat to fall for his jiggerry-pockery. Some of the Ugandans who fell for his monkeyshines and left their jobs to join him must be the most traumatized. Of course, the likes of Dr Kizza Besigye has already said it and apologized to Ugandans for being arm-twisted or wheedled into sham liberation.

Museveni would pledge to; combat corruption, eliminate vote rigging, shock the wastrels and solve extrajudicial murders—all of these have, throughout his presidency, helped him to consolidate power and one would honestly have no choice but to think that in 1981 when he joined the bush, he did so out of biting poverty, joblessness, greed and the fact that he was jaundiced with a handful of votes he got from the election where millions voted. Ugandans did not know that he would catapult a democide government to build another.

Whoever thinks that Museveni went to the bush to liberate Uganda should look at what has been going on in the country since 1986 and relate it to the Uganda he claims to have extricated us from. What did he liberate Uganda from when what he claims invoked him to fight in the bush is still choking us!

Undoubtedly, he built on the foundations of impunity left by the deposed former heads of state like Iddi Amin and here we are stuck with the proliferation of oppression he succeeded from them. What exactly did Amin do that Museveni hasn't yet done? Since he would blame all the evils on the past presidents and would use it as an extenuation to fight them, what gives him the exaggerated confidence that fighting an incompetent head of state began and ended with him? 

The folly of thinking that patronage, agents provocateurs, guns and braggadocio will keep him in power forever.

These unresolved murder of Ugandans hurt so much yet when he had just taken an oath as president almost 40-years ago, he said that he wouldn't preside over a country where a Ugandan is murdered and the security agents do not know who the killers are.

He has since presided over Uganda where murder is the order of the day and no one knows whether they will live to see sunset or sunrise.

These murders have swelled into such a national conundrum that Gen Museveni has decided to name call the murderers 'pigs' in his lamentations whenever a person is murdered but he was quick to praise the 'pigs' who were on Kampala streets on live coverage butchering innocent Ugandans with impunity.

The machete wielding thugs continue to wreak havoc in Masaka sub region, Karamoja and Kasese the same way gun wielding security agents wreak havoc on streets to shoot and kill unarmed citizens. There is no good murder and bad murder.

It is quite discombobulating how despotic apologists who have stolen public money meant to buy medicine in the hospitals and the patients end up dying in large numbers, open their mouths to talk ill of murderers, unknowing that they are the white collar murderers competing with machete-wielding murderers.

Everyone is living in fear and it is traumatizing that we have to walk on the streets while looking over our shoulders in fear of lurking assassins.

That is the country Museveni promised us before and when he came out of the bush and he wants us to foolishly panegyrize him that twebaka tulo. When he and his household together with members of the kleptocratic gerontocracy snore, he thinks that we are all snoring!

The fictitious pigs he blames for murdering Ugandans do not know where he or his relatives stay or the members of the Rwakitura Kingdom are more protected than other Ugandans?


Author is a victim of Museveni barbarism.


+3 #11 Moses Mundeke 2021-09-09 22:43
Quoting Marvin ya Kuku:
I wanted to scroll down and know more about the author. Was expecting something like "Author is a PHD holder and opposition member" only to read "Author is a victim of Museveni barbarism".

It made me laugh for some reason.

Most PhD holders are cowards they can't express their feelings against Dictator Museveni and definitely Kakwenza is an Opposition Member (Fdc) for your own Information if you didn't know....
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+6 #12 Moses Mundeke 2021-09-09 22:51
Thank you Kakwenza, Dictator Museveni is left with nothing to tell Ugandans except to resurrect his 1980 Guerrilla tricks to instill fear in Ugandans so as not to oppose his life Presidency, Museveni can't fail to know who kills Ugandans but he comes up later as a life saver to be praised by Ugandans, kumbe abasiba kiwani..
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