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Bobi Wine, accepting defeat is also democracy 

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

åOne of the problems of the African opposition is that they never accept the results of the election even when they are sure that they lost genuinely. Our African democracy is doubted because of the efforts of the opposition figures in Africa.
I don't know if the opposition is aware that, conceding and accepting election results is part of democracy. There's no elections body that will ever declare two winners. There must be one winner from an election who will be sworn in to take up the leadership of the country.
Frequently when the opposition refuses to accept defeat, the country goes on tension with some people causing chaos on the streets and people losing their lives. What is funny is that the opposition leaders never mind when people are dying through the violent demonstrations they fund and organize. 
The gullible supporters of opposition never demand for the accountability of the lives they mercilessly put to an end instead they direct their guns to the government in power. I think in Africa we have created a situation that the opposition is always right and that it's the government in power that is always in wrong.  
When Bobi Wine filed a petion to the Supreme court challenging President's Museveni's victory, some of us wondered why he was wasting time. First, Bobi Wine had earlier confessed that he doesn't believe in Uganda's judiciary. We then wondered why he was running to the court which he didn't believe in, what did he expect from that court?
Similarly, Bobi Wine was quoted as saying he doesn't believe in Uganda's electoral commission but the same Electoral Commission declared him winner of the Kyadondo East by-election after defeating an NRM candidate.
He was sworn in and he has since been earning his monthly salary and also getting other allowances as member of parliament. None of his supporters has ever asked him how he won that election if the Electoral Commission is biased and only working in the interest of Museveni and the party in power.
NRM's lawyers have been arguing that Bobi Wine's petition was incompetent and locked enough evidence, they also said the petition had falsehoods to back it up and which the NRM lawyers were going to prove before court. I think the NUP lawyers feared the embarrassment in the eyes of the public hence advising their client to withdraw the case.
Having withdrawn the petition, Museveni's victory is now unchallenged. The people's court which Bobi Wine is saying that he has referred his case to, decided on 14th January when they overwhelmingly voted for Museveni and the NRM.
Anybody who still thinks that Ugandans will change their minds having ticked Museveni is either mad or out of their senses because they were not forced to do what they did. 
The writer is a deputy RDC for Kitagwenda district.


+6 #1 Lakwena 2021-02-24 09:13
Evidence Orikunda, when you say that: the problems of African opposition is that they never accept the results of the election even when they are sure that they lost genuinely,"

did you also have in mind, the December 1980 General Election; when our/your current self-confessed "Problem of Africa" was in the Opposition Camp; miserably and squarely lost to his Muko, Sam Kuteesa?

In other words, you may lose your job/shirt, because the same finger you are pointing at Hon Kyagulanyi is the same finger pointing at our Problem of Africa, Authoryou are pointing
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+2 #2 kabinda 2021-02-25 17:14
This time lets pin point the stupidity and idiosyncrasy of this sycophant's article.

Withdrawing from a case is not, will not and has never been a concession .

In no way is Kyagulanyi saying he suddenly realized he lost the election and so your Museveni is the winner .

Read his reasons for once before running your mouth. Never accepting results of an election you say is Africa's opposition problem.

Well ,I'm not sure where your generalization comes from but true in Uganda, whenever results point in his opponents favor, Museveni shows his refusal to accept by putting his opponent under house arrest, shutting down communication, wearing uniform in public even when he says he is not a soldier anymore and mass rigging in several polling stations.

That is a fact. If I don[t believe in the electoral commission but they declare me winner ,that means I was wrong to doubt them. Even a donkey thinks better than that.
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+3 #3 kirya 2021-02-27 18:25
Nonsense paid corrupt writer > The problem with Africa we do not look beyond our interest.

10000 killed over 8000 rotting in prisons and safe house on the orders of m7 and here comes a writer a supporter of a m7 writing crap to confuse. Shame on you ignorant bastard.
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+2 #4 Jama 2021-03-01 14:43
To write such a heartless article you must be out of your mind.

How can you blame the opposition for the murder committed by your regime.

Your article is an insult to the memory of all those who murdered during the electoral process.

Despite your alienated comments,deep in your conscience you very well know that if the elections were free and fair without the backing of the electoral body, justice, security apparatus and public treasury your fellow tribesman had no single chance for victory.
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+1 #5 Apollo Ekelot 2021-03-02 11:13
I always don't want to waste my time responding to a deputy RDC, whose livelihood depends solely on a certain election result.

Now he is trying to lecture us on accepting results. In his lopsided wisdom he doesn't qualify his advice by adding '........ of a free and fair election'
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