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NUP will fail to remove Museveni just like FDC

Bobi Wine and his supporters

Bobi Wine and his supporters

We have less than a day to the polls but the National Unity Platform party has continued to give false hopes to the youth of Uganda that they will remove President Yoweri Museveni on 14th January.

They, however, don't give facts on how they will manage to do what Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and other opposition political parties have failed in the last 35 years. NUP which hatched from a mere pressure group does not have any known ideology or vision for the country that we could say Ugandans should base on to vote for them.

A political party should be having principals, goals and ideology. They should be having reasons as to why they seek the mandate of Ugandans to be entrusted with power. NUP apart from chanting 'people power' do not have any clear goals and vision for the country.

They are lucky to get the attention of the enemies of Uganda, the groups which have been jilted by the progress of our country hence working with them to forge a way of throwing the peaceful and stable county into violence and maybe war. 

While appearing on the famous Morning Breeze program on NBS TV, Bobi Wine made us laugh again when he exposed his lack of capacity to answer important questions hence doubting his competency. When the host asked him about his strategy to boost the economy when he becomes president, Bobi Wine simply went irrelevant.

He said, "We don't want to talk about numbers, we want Ugandans to develop in vernacular".

This is not the first time Bobi Wine is failing to answer questions about the economy, foreign policy, security and several others. I think if we had a chance to have a presidential debate, Bobi Wine was going to be embarrassed. Any person who seeks to take leadership of any country without knowledge about the economy, foreign policy and security is simply incompetent and does not deserve to be voted into power.

In these times when Ugandans are civilized, educated and modernized, they put every candidate on a weighing scale. It will be difficult for Bobi Wine to force himself on Ugandans as their president just like Idi Amin did in the 70s.

Idi Amin managed to overthrow an educated and more understanding president and took over. All the years that he spent as president ruining the country, Ugandans regret them up today. Actually, not only Ugandans but also the neighbouring countries because they also got issues with an illiterate leader who simply did things the way he wished without thinking if they're right or wrong.

The FDC under the leadership of Dr Kizza Besigye tried to take on President Museveni and NRM. They started as a pressure group, Reform Agenda in the early 2000s and their struggle has never yielded any results. FDC has been having only 35 members of parliament against NRM's 300. 

The irresponsible communication of NUP leaders will make their struggling party fail to win. While addressing journalists Joel Senyonyi the NUP mouthpiece said "some people will die but the struggle will continue". That means he didn't care and he didn't value the lives of those who have died and neither does he value the lives of the young people who run after them wherever they go.

Any understanding Ugandan wouldn't risk voting such a group of irresponsible people who don't take the lives of people important.

Also, Bobi Wine's continued romancing with foreigners who are against the growth of our country will make Ugandans choose otherwise. There's no sane Ugandan that will risk the future of Uganda into the hands of the merciless foreigners.

The author is a Ugandan voter


+4 #1 Lack There Of 2021-01-13 01:31
Gwe Evidence...or lack there of,

Twaliza muli! Ogira ogutwe. No one has time for your nonsense and thanks you you, we're going to stop reading this paper.

Can you imagine such a piece appearing in your paper -Kevin waffa nnyo!!!
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+1 #2 Akao 2021-01-13 03:26
Museveni already stole the votes. Smart people wold not be writing about this.

This a well known fact. Read a book, or try to learn something different instead of writing irrelevant!
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+6 #3 kabinda 2021-01-13 08:32
This is nothing less than a rumble of a corrupted individual. If you wanted to be a reputable propagandist, you might as well spend some time polishing your talking points because the garbage spewed here is not worth the script time it was give.

That Ugandans are "civilized, educated and modernized".. What is that supposed to mean?

That therefore they love oppression. autocracy, kleptocracy and mckakamchaka unilateralism led by an ageing demagogue devoted to cronyism as a riling ideology? Speaking of ideology ,you obviously don't know a thing about ideology Mr Ugandan voter.

Museveni has no ideology. The turn coat he is he is pseudo everything from democrat to even a wanabe tyrant. You are just as much a loser as he is. The rest of your crap is not worth the time.
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0 #4 Lakwena 2021-01-13 09:23
But Evidence Orikunda, I do not know what is your objective definition of "failure" or success; justice or injustice; right or wrong; good or evil, evidence or fraud; etc.?

Why do you make reference to "NUP and FDC failure to remove" our Problem of Africa?

Between Joel Senyonyi and the ones who massacred, ran-over with pickup trucks and maimed NUP members, who cares or does not care about Ugandans lives?

Who is peaceful and who is violent; who love or hates; who is the greater or lesser evil in this country?

In other words Orikunda it is self-evident that you are a sadist/nihilist. This is because like you herein, it is those who hate that kill and blame their victims.

Otherwise, what moral value do you subscribe to. Otherwise, in life neutrality in moral value: between right and wrong; good and evil; just and unjust, kind and cruel; etc. is an impossibility.
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0 #5 Lakwena 2021-01-13 09:39
By the way Evidence, where is the fanatical NRM young man who in 2018 staked his life and in the presence of Mr. M7 publicly said that; as NRM youths, they will "kill" Ugandans for the sake of our "Problem of Africa, Author and Master of Violence", Gen Tibuhaburwa aka Juma Lenin.

In other words Orikunda and probably , which is why you come herein with your arrogance, confidently and with a straight face and a Yellow tie; to remind and tell us that NUP like FDC will fail to remove our Problem of Africa.
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0 #6 Lakwena 2021-01-13 09:50
Or in more words Evidence Orikunda, you are probably in league and/or the front-line lieutenants of Gen Kainerugaba, the son of our "Problem of Africa", who already declared and dared BW Kyagulanyi to "bring it on" when he tweeted:

“There is no soldier in the UPDF who doesn’t look up to Mzee Museveni as a father, many consider him a grandfather.

Those who think they can use the military against the country are daydreaming! I told you my young brother, that you can NEVER intimidate us.

We are much stronger than you can ever imagine to be. If you want to fight we will simply defeat you. We want peace. But if you attempt to fight us then bring it on!”

In other words Evidence Orikunda, you are an exposed evidence and/or heartless agent of a vicious dictatorship.
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+1 #7 Lakwena 2021-01-13 10:02
Evidence Orikunda, given this brazen verbatim, by a serving UPDF soldier; in a democratic country, Muhoozi would have been court martial for not only patronizing, vulgarizing and/or bastardizing the armed force, but also treason.

In other words including yours Ugandans are documenting and/or counting all the statements and actions of their tormentors. nene ne nene ne!

This is not an intimidation because, fore warned of your recklessness is your salvation.
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