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Let us give peace a chance, happy New Year

What a year 2020 has been. From the disastrous advent of Covid-19 that has killed many people to the near collapse of the economy!

Ironically, Covid-19 became a very attractive carcass devoured by unethical public servants as well as a political weapon to facilitate political maneuvers. As a weapon of political maneuvering, Covid-19 has been used by some politicians to curtail freedom of expression.

Covid-19 has pulled the military out of the barracks on to the streets. Unfortunately, the troops’ presence on the streets has caused more harm and deaths. This is ironic given that their constitutional duty is to defend the integrity of the country and peoples’ lives.

The justification for heavy military deployment is that police alone cannot enforce the Covid-19 standards operating procedures intended to prevent the spread of disease. As a consequence many people have been shot dead by police and the army. Others have been arrested, tortured and maimed.

Ugandans have a right to life, peace, liberty and security. And in order to enjoy these rights SOPs don’t have to be enforced by brute force. Violence is not only a bloody exercise; it is immensely destructive even to the victors! Whatever the cause of violence, the country needs peace and there is no justification for someone to end anybody’s life.

No body’s political ambition is worth anybody’s blood. Inevitably; the absence of economic spur and collapse of spending power impact on the newspaper business. The year 2020 has been a bruising one. But “not all challenges or storms come to disrupt your life; some come to clear the path for better things.”

We have learnt our lessons well and may 2021 be better. To those who have believed and trusted in our products and services, we are extremely grateful for your unwavering support. We cannot take your support and well thought out criticism for granted.

We are in the same vein especially grateful to the team, which has maintained the paper and this includes; the authors, columnists, contributors, interns, editors, marketing and circulation staff. We could not have had a better team. To those who have been rubbed the wrong way during the course of offering our services, we say sorry, we never intended to hurt you.

We pledge to be alert to any ill motives that some bad intentioned people may wish to channel through our medium. We are not a medium for evil. We are a fair medium, which is open to all manner of expressions as long as it is not intended to disrupt peace and, harmony.

We are guided by the principles of balance, fairness, objectivity and honesty. Whenever we fall short of those principles we correct ourselves and admit our mistakes. We would like to wish all Ugandans a peaceful time to express their right to vote candidates of their choice. Happy New Year.


0 #1 Akot 2021-01-07 18:53
[Let us give peace a chance]

This will be so when the tribalistic system is brought down & UNITY ends Museveni's rule!

Then & only then, will Ugandans talk of peace in a country/tribal lands they will form, organise, run!

Until Ugandans believe the country is formed by their tribal lands & they alone have the power, legiitimacy, right...to have a say as to how it's governed by who & for how long, there will be no chance for peace!

Has Museveni not said he won't give "his Uganda" to any one else?

The question is; "Do Ugandans want chance to live freely on their land, govern as they want or not?
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