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Dangers of uncontrolled change

There is a story this old man who was giving an account of his life. In his prime years, he was full energy, vigour and on top of his game. Making money wasn’t a problem, neither spending it. It never occurred to him that he would wake up one morning old, with his once beautiful black hair turned grey, all his well-built young body wrinkled and frail.

I never saw myself being witness to my old age, he said. I lost many of my friends young and in my mind I knew I was going to die young too like them. So I made a decision to spend my money the way I deemed pleasing, chased after every beautiful girl I saw, I worked less and enjoyed more. After all, life is short, he said. Then reality hit; he'd reached retirement age and had to be pushed out into the life he never planned for. He wished to turn back the time to change a few things but it was late.

With regret he said, I wasted a lot of time, now time is wasting me. The things I learnt in this story; there are two constants God gave man that is Time and Change. For as long as planet earth lives, these two will be there. We can’t avoid time, neither can we avoid change. It’s a physiological fact that we have to learn to live and deal with. And these two work together.

From the time we are conceived in our mothers’ wombs to the time we die, there’s constant change happening in and out of our lives which we can’t stop and that change happens in time. There was a moment where you were a foetus, with the passing of time, you grew into a baby who was born. Girls grow into women with the influence of estrogen hormones and boys to men with the influence of testosterone hormones.

Change is not only happening in people, everything that lives in time is experiencing change. There was a time when agriculture was the thing, came an industrial revolution and now we are in the information edge.

Since these two constants can’t be stopped, all we have to do is manage them. It should be known that God created man and put him into time not just to exist in it but rather to use it wisely because change will happen. And since we have the knowledge of most of the change that happens in time to us, we have to use the time given to us to plan in anticipation for the change that is bound to happen.

As it is with the saying, if you don’t plan, you are planning to fail. This saying is so true because planning is not for the past, we plan for the future. We plan because we don’t expect things to stay the same, we expect a change in time so we plan for it. 

For if we don’t plan and prepare for change and we just let it happen to us, it will always leave casualties by the time it’s done. Uncontrolled change is so damaging and dangerous. We have seen nations fall as a result of trying to stop change.

So whether you like it or not, there will be political change. If you choose a democratic kind of system, respect the set rules because it is those set of rules that have been established as a plan to avoid uncontrolled change that comes through uprisings and coups.

Since 1962, Uganda has gone through uncontrolled change that has left lives of many lost, some wounded, others displaced and property destroyed. This has a direct effect on the economy. The reason you barely see wars in monarchy kind of system is because the sitting king and the entire kingdom already know who the next king is when the sitting king passes on.

We have seen businesses that have collapsed for not keeping up with the changing dynamics in the market like technology, marketing strategies, change in consumer’s needs and many other influencing factors that are constantly changing.

That’s why there’s need for doing market research, it’s a good strategy that helps you to capture some of the changes that are happening in the market and move along with it, that’s if it’s not avoidable.

Time is a resource which has been distributed to each one of us equally when we manage it well, we control change.

And when we fail to manage time, change will eventually manage itself and we won’t be spared the effects of it. So let us manage our time wisely while we can to avoid it wasting us at some point in life.


+1 #1 Lysol 2020-02-26 22:41
Change can come at any moment in time. It has not be coordinated. Out of chaos always something good comes out.

The so called uncoordinated change you talk Joram, is to keep some elements of the status -quo within the new change.

Thai is not necessary in many situations . A complete new beginning is always the best alternative, like in the post Museveni's Uganda. Uganda will rebuild and heal.
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