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Rwanda-Uganda bickering has exposed EAC futility

There is no doubt that Angolan President Joao Lourenco has worked so tirelessly to end the disquiet between Uganda and Rwanda.

Lourenco’s efforts started in 2019 and by August that same year, he had garnered the first memorandum of understanding (MoU), which was signed between Presidents Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni in Luanda.

The two presidents pledged to improve their soured relationship. This brought some small level of relief to citizens of the two countries who expected to resume their normal lives without any restraints. They were wrong.

Instead, counter-accusations of spying, meddling into each other’s internal affairs and political assassination continued to spill into public view. The tensions had also reinforced Rwanda’s position to tighten security and maintain closure of Gatuna border.

Further, Rwanda also accuses Uganda of hosting and supporting terror groups aimed at destabilizing the government in Kigali. The Ugandan Foreign minister, Sam Kutesa denies that Uganda has any interest in destabilizing Rwanda’s security. There are no prizes for guessing who the immediate victims of this standoff are!

These are the small-scale traders, who eke out a living by crossing the border daily between Rwanda and Uganda. There are also ordinary people who through intermarriages or historical circumstances have found themselves belonging to the two countries.

They have been restrained. However, the East African Community (EAC) should be embarrassed that it has failed to rein in the quarrelsome members, who continue to offend the treaty.

The indifference and absence of EAC and its organs such as the summit, the council and East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) in this particular conflict exposes the futility of the institution.

The peace negotiations and reconciliation talks are steered by a SADC member state. East Africa is not short of peace negotiators and elders such as Tanzania’s retired presidents Benjamin Mkapa and Jakaya Kikwete.

What happened to Uhuru Kenyatta’s charm? What is the relevance of EAC if it can fold its arms while some members are bickering and breaching the treaty?

Little wonder then that the Lourenco-led peace talks are tending to turn into a rat chasing its tail. Does this mean that EAC has failed to grow to the level of being trusted by its members to iron out its conflicts?

The unending cat-and-mouse game has exacted a terrible cost on everyone; and EAC is not concerned! Lives are lost, incomes are shattered, families are cast asunder, people have lost their liberty to move between the two countries.

Still EAC seems unbothered! EAC has lost an opportunity to prove itself as a relevant power and economic bloc! Everyone is tired of this unnecessary bickering. The suspicions, unfounded allegations of spying, sabotage and the killing and the maiming must stop.

Neither Rwandans nor Ugandans deserves a life shrouded in uncertainty. What is so difficult to resolve? How can the comradeship between the two degenerate to an irreconcilable level?


+1 #1 Robert Atuhairwe 2020-02-26 17:27
The feud reinforces the justification for a Confederation/Federation.

Still, the other four member states (plus one) are at one with each other. Only one of the six countries runs a feud with at least two other countries
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+1 #2 Lysol 2020-02-26 22:52
Museveni is the black sheep here. No body can trust him and work with him He has no real friends, He has out-lived his time.

He was boycotted in Addis Ababa by African leaders with his bogus dream of forming an Africa Standby Force. That is the problem with his so-called dream of integration, lack of trusts and respect for him..

Kenya may also follow the Brexit and leave the EAC. TZ is very relaxant and so is Rwanda now, which is looking towards joining the SADC.. The African old man in the silly hat is being isolated gradually.
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+1 #3 Henry Mukasa 2020-02-29 02:18
It suggests that investing in other EA countries because the EAC is extremely dangerous business.

You can lose your shirt in a split second of a disagreement among the leaders. Remember Idi Amin ?
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+2 #4 kirya 2020-03-01 00:45
m7 smells like shit so nobody wants to get close!!

They all hold tight on their purse. It is good Africans are waking up! The man is naked with no clothes! jhe turned Uganda into a toilet.
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+1 #5 Lakwena 2020-03-02 08:47
Observer Editors, they say if you are going to break up a fight between two pigs, then prepare to get dirty as well as lacerated (hurt).

Because they are old, grumpy, dirty, and bloody, wiseacres (luggezi-gezi) "Problem of Africa"; Kenya and Tanzania do not want to get dirty.

In other words, Gen M7 and Gen Kagame are treacherous and backstabbing criminals who are better left alone to their own vices (to destroy themselves).

In my strong opinion, If it were not because of Mr. M7's fat ego and imperial ambition, and because of their vicious ethnic and bloody cleansing history; Rwanda and Burundi on the one hand, and South Sudan on the other, should never have been allowed to join the EAC yet.

Now we are stuck with an enigma that won't go away. Eish!
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0 #6 Omuzira Ente 2020-03-05 13:35
Kenya benefited alot during Idi Amin's period when Uganda was on fire.

Tanzania reaped from the oust of Idi Amin taking all Ugandan planes and military equipment.

Its not their fault that we have learnt nothing from history.

The problem is not our neighbors, but its Uganda to get to its senses and realize that at 58years you don't need to create enemies than you humble your self to earn more respect.

Kenya and Tanzania have chosen the right path to development by accepting that there are better citizens than the current leaders thus accepting the Presidential Term Limits.

Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi have learnt nothing from history with the most educated people leaving politics to would be failures in life and allow they to hold guns to for selfish ends with no idea of what the future calls for.

Both countries will have to shed blood to change their regimes until such a time when the sober genuine citizens take charge of their counties.
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