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Trapped in every seed is a hidden tree

A few months ago I was doing general cleaning of my kitchen, dusting off the walls, removing the spider webs from the ceiling. And while I was cleaning the kitchen wardrobe, behold I saw a mango seed lying on top of it. By the look of it, it had been there for some good time because it had fully dried and even its outer hard coating had changed in colour.
I got that seed after my chores, picked a hoe and dug a hole in the compound and planted it. Since it was a rainy season, I was saved a great deal of having to water it. Three weeks from the time planting, the seed had germinated into a plant and now I have a mango tree in growth.
A few years from now, it might bear fruits. Relatedly, trapped in every follower is a hidden leader, but society has successfully created a notion that there are people born to lead and there are those born to follow, there are those meant to give and there those meant to receive.
The systems in place are designed to produce followers rather than leaders, they teach us employment rather than deployment, they teach us submission even to the wrong phylosophies. In an African home, children are not allowed to challenge their parents because there is this notion that parents are always right. I remember while I was still a kid my father would beat me up for playing soccer with my friends.
What society does is literally to suppress the man or woman you were meant to become and brainwash you into becoming what they want you to become. That’s why we have dictators in Africa, they are a creation of society, but ignorance won’t allow us to see that. They will imprison, torture and even kill anyone who challenges their authority and those who offer themselves as an alternative.
Leadership is an inherent ability that exists in all men but many of us live to die without ever realizing the great men and women we would have become. Because society thinks that’s the best you can be. They create an environment where you are not allowed to grow into a dominator.
We have been placed on top of a kitchen wardrobe where we can only be seeds, yet for real growth to happen, we have to be placed in the soil and watered into becoming leaders.
That mango seed wouldn’t have lived to see the tree it has become had I not put it in an environment of growth. For God’s original intent for the creation of mankind was to have dominion over everything that exists on earth Genesis 1:26.
And that didn’t include fellow mankind. The work of fathers, mothers, and society at large is to help in nurturing and bringing the best version of the trapped leaders in those children out.
Have you ever wondered why children born of a king think and live like kings and eventually they become kings and queens like their parents!
It’s not because they were created in a special way, the environment they are in makes them to become that. All men are created and born equal: you have an equal opportunity like any other child to become great if society helps you to become it.
Ignorance is generational; your parents can only teach you the things they know, society will influence the person you become because your performance and reasoning will not supersede that of society understanding until you break out of the set system, set norms and beliefs and start thinking outside the box.
The quality of the leaders that a country has is basically a reflection of society. Because it’s the same society that nurtures and puts these leaders out.
Therefore if you don’t like what you are getting change what you give; if you don’t like a dictatorship, let democracy reign even in your own homes, because they become what you put into them.


+1 #1 Lysol 2020-02-10 00:54
Legumes seeds for example. do not grow into trees.They are eaten has leaves or the seeds are eaten as beans, peas etc.

Even the Biblical 'the Mustard seed" has been distorted by some selfish politicians. The real meaning has been corrupted and compromised.
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