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African gov'ts are to blame for drowning immigrants

The pan africanists are fond of blaming the colonialists for most of the economic troubles blighting Africans.

Some African governments have even applied in some courts for reparations for the plunder of the resources by the former colonial masters.

Ironically, the people who complain of plunder have fled their own home countries to Europe and North America for seemingly better lives.
So, what explains the desperation of Africans to run to people who once treated them as slaves and plundered their resources for their benefit?

The answer may lie in the fact that in some cases the post-colonial governments became worse than the colonial masters. Many became merchants of deaths and sources of despair.

For instance, the countries which are endowed with infinite natural resources such as minerals and oil and gas, have experienced the worst poverty and dictatorship. The leaders, mainly military persons, turned the nations’ resources into personal and family fortunes.

Those who tried to oppose the status quo were either embedded in the looting spree, butchered or exiled. Others just gave up for personal preservation. Employment and careers are not open to skills and talents, but to whom one knows in positions of power.

Political power is also dominated and shared among particular ethnic groups. And in such circumstances, oppression and suppression of basic human rights has been the natural outcome. In the worst cases, this has degenerated into civil strife and war, sometimes involving ethnic cleansing.

The young, energetic and educated who feel oppressed and segregated against have sought refuge in Europe and North America, where rights seem to be respected and where there is hope of being employed. People have resorted to desperate means of fleeing their home countries such as daring crossing the treacherous desert and the choppy high seas. And many have paid dearly with their lives.

A few have fallen prey to the wiles of the human traffickers who have promised them a better life upon crossing to Europe only to be turned into involuntary human organs donors. And what have the independent African governments done about these despicable events? Many have kept quiet and failed to investigate why their people are desperate to leave their homes for the unknown!

African leaders need to value lives of their people. They need to democratize and respect the basic fundamental rights of their citizens. Most states in Africa have become vampires.

They need to put in place conditions that entice their young and skilled people to stay and develop their countries. They need to awaken economic potential in their countries so that standards of living are improved. The African states need to demolish the personal fiefdoms that seem to be bankrolled by the nations’ resources at the expense of the welfare of the greater numbers.


+4 #1 Japman 2019-08-14 10:50
Very True and Painfully disappointing.

They keeping blaming colonialists half a century later, instead of changing the fortunes of their people. There is one from west Africa who spends most of his time in France on citizens' tax.

Shame on us, Africans.
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0 #2 Akot 2019-08-17 20:53
[African gov'ts are to blame for drowning immigrants]

Agreed, but,

Africans are to be blamed for fleeying their rich lands & leaving them to demon rulers!

Change is brought about by the people & there cannot be change when the people migrate & leave demons to rule till they drop dead & other demons take over, knowing the people won't UNITE to throw them out!

There are Many migrants in Uganda financed by UN-EU, but do they say a word about how Ugandans live under Museveni, who by the way, gets 30% of UN-EU money given to ensure migrants live well in Uganda?
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0 #3 Akot 2019-08-17 21:26
Japman, thanks!

French are over taxed to meet migration costs: food, housing, healthcare, education! Even Food is expensive now, except for migrants who get if freely from social centers run by Mayors offices! Even electricity bills rise steadily!

Each time a area in France is cleard of migrants who are resettled so costly, there are more immediately to be taken in!

Can you imagine if D. Trump hadn't said NO to migrants flocking in USA as their right?

Well, tribalists migrants at armed wars who have taken refuge in Uganda are financed by UN/EU & won't go back to their shitholes.

Why are USA-well governed EU countries still members of UN, finance & help this body ensure dictatorship/bad rule, thus migration that has turned USA-EU into silent worrying zones?
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+2 #4 Lysol 2019-08-19 21:18
One can never run from poverty. Those African dictators who overstay in power are always part of the problems not the solutions.

The solution is to get rid of them and try new things. Otherwise Africans with the many resources can continue to die in order to run away from poverty.
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