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Bugingo, it’s unconstitutional to degrade women

At Makerere Law School, I was one of the few male students in the gender and the law course unit class, then headed by Prof. Sylvia Tamale.

That is partly because I was brought up by a grandmother with majority of girls, which made me appreciate the role of women. I opposed the “Miss Curvy” contest launched by Minister Godfrey Kiwanda a few months ago because protection of the dignity of women is far beneficial than the money that may come from presenting the nature of their bodies as a tourist attraction, which in turn degrades and reduces them to objects intended to make men happy. Women are beyond that.

My prayers were answered when the final contest did not attract the organizers’ expected turnout. Last week, I was shocked when I viewed Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s video, straight from the church altar, narrating how he sustained his wife’s haemorrhage ailment for 10 years, and how he used to buy cartons of cotton because pads could not work in stopping the bleeding.

That he topped up this patience with spending money on treatment and how his wife was not able to be in bed with him at least 100 times during their 29-year marriage. These created doubts in my mind about the pastoral credentials of a man who recently obtained a diploma in theology.

The divorce papers he filed in court reveal that he is a dishonest man because among the children, he lists a son of four years. He needs to explain how that son of four years came up yet he claims that the haemorrhage was for the past 10 years.

Bugingo’s statements are totally unconstitutional, awaiting a court case. Every Ugandan citizen, which I think pastor Bugingo is, is duty-bound under Article 17(1)(c) of the Constitution “to protect…vulnerable persons against any form of abuse, harassment or ill-treatment;”

Article 33 provides that “Women shall be accorded full and equal dignity of the person with men…Women shall have the right to equal treatment with men and that right shall include equal opportunities in political, economic and social activities…women shall have the right to affirmative action for the purpose of redressing the imbalances created by history, tradition or custom.” 

Article 32(2) provides that “Laws, cultures, customs and traditions which are against the dignity, welfare or interest of women…or which undermine their status, are prohibited by this Constitution.” 

Article 31 provides that “A man and a woman are entitled to marry ….and are entitled...to found a family; and to equal rights at and in marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution…It is the right and duty of parents to care for and bring up their children.”

Bugingo has infringed all the above provisions and has exposed his children and in-laws to ridicule. As a country, he has degraded our own foundation which is based on women who bring us up through birth, breastfeeding and the related.

Article 50(1) of the Constitution empowers every Ugandan to check this conduct by providing that “Any person who claims that a fundamental or other right or freedom guaranteed under this Constitution has been infringed or threatened, is entitled to apply to a competent court for redress which may include compensation.”

Pastor Bugingo, by uttering reckless words about any medical or sexual life of any woman, you are degrading your own mother, grandmother and even your new-found ‘wife’. What will happen if your new ‘wife’ suffers from a graver ailment than that of the old one?

A Luganda proverb states that “Bwozingamira enkadde, n’ejozimba ekulema” translated as “If you neglect your old house, you also fail to complete the one under construction.” By degrading your old wife, you will equally fail to find a new one because they are all women who deserve respect and protection of their secrets, so that they can do the same to you.

If you would not be happy for your wife to expose your bathing, eating or sleeping habits, your HIV/Aids status or your manhood strengths, why do you think that you are at liberty to disclose her health history (which I believe is false)? You are duty-bound to take care of your wife and you must preach that to your followers.

Preachers are bound by our hard-earned Constitution, hence Pastor Bugingo should be suspended from preaching because what he preaches is unconstitutional and intended to destroy our children and family fabric.


The writer studied Gender and The Law at Makerere University.


+5 #1 Kisame Moses 2019-07-17 12:29
The author of this article is very brilliant and i just want to thank whoever is behind it for the quotations sighted in the constitution which the so called pastor failed to see.

Truly this marks the end of muffere pastor, i really pity his followers.
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0 #2 Vernessa Mbabazi 2019-07-17 23:48
Thank you Mr male Mabirizi for this brilliant article , honestly ,that so called pastor bugingo didn't only degraded or disrespected his wife but all women.

Imagine that lady is the mother of her kids ,she bleeded because of the birth of his kids... how could he disclose her bedroom secrets in public. I pity the those women who clapped their hand in the church during that service.
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0 #3 Vernessa Mbabazi 2019-07-17 23:57
Honestly , that so called pastor bugingo didn't only degraded or disrespected his wife but all women, imagine that lady is the mother of his kids , and she had that bleeding because of the birth of his children and he disappointed me for disclosing their bedroom issues (secrets ).

Thank you Mr male Mabirizi for this genius article. .God bless
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+2 #4 Lakwena 2019-07-18 10:36
In other words Mabirizi, Pastor Bugingo is neither religious nor a religious leader/figure, but a satanist and/or professional con artist; who is out to con his clueless congregation, in billions of shillings.

If a religious figure has no principles of personal and/or professional/religious ethics, like for example: trustworthiness, compassion, forgiveness concern for others, preventing physical and emotional harm, and fidelity, confidentiality, etc.;

of what pastoral leadership or relevance is Pastor Bugingo providing in church?
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0 #5 WADADA roger 2019-07-18 15:52
You guys in here, forgive me in advance because i expect a barrage of insults from all women on this forum.

For the record, i dont like Bugingo and i dont even have intentions of liking him. I dont see anything wrong with what Bugingo said about Teddy, he was only emphasizing that he did not leave Teddy because for selfish reasons, he said if that was the case, he should have left her when she was challenged medically.

He said the health condition should have been a reason for him to quit but he stayed and stood with Teddy. Bugingo did not spill family affairs to the public and it was not a secret to the members of this church as Teddy had earlier given a recorded testimony about the same subject.
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-3 #6 juwait kali 2019-07-19 14:13
So the big age limit lawyer has joined the gossiping brigade ha.
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+1 #7 Beatie 2019-07-19 14:35
It is still WRONG!!! Wrong Timing!!! He was sharing it as defense for his infidelity.
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0 #8 Concerned Ugandan 2019-07-23 16:38
Bugingo is conveniently forgetting the place in his vows that emphasizes 'for better or for worse' and he most of all as one who professes to be a man of God should be leading by example.

His wife never asked to have a bleeding problem! Men like Bugingo never stop to think what it would be like if they were the ones with a persistent medical problem in the marriage! He would probably be screaming the loudest about how his wife has betrayed him and left him to suffer!

I advise his wife to leave. She is far better off without him! Even animals care for each other far better than Bugingo does for another human being more so his wife!
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