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Museveni reaping from FDC-People Power clashes

What started as an all-inclusive social movement called People Power has now metamorphosed into a political platform and is on the way to becoming an electoral platform.

The symbol and vision bearer of this emerging electoral platform is Kyadondo East MP Bobi Wine. He has already declared his intentions to stand for the presidency in 2021.

The People Power movement has appropriated the red colour which we as opposition in parliament, collectively adopted in 2017 during the fight to stop the removal of the Presidential age limits from the constitution.

According to our constitution, a person is not qualified to stand for president if he/she is below 35 years and is he/she is more than 75 years old. Museveni will be officially 76 at the time of the next elections in 2021. He, therefore, sponsored the deletion of this article from the constitution in order to fulfil his childhood dream of dying in office. 

I bought and distributed the red ribbons that opposition MPs tied around their heads when we registered temporary success during what came to be known as Tojikwatako campaign. Tojikwatako, a Luganda word, means ‘don’t tamper with it’ [our constitution].

The Tojikwatako slogan used during the age limit campaign had been contributed by the Democratic Party (DP). The word Tojikwatako has now been replaced by People Power and the colour red adopted. The red beret, reserved in many countries for the military, has also been adopted by People Power.

General Elly Tumwine told me by putting on red, we made it very easy for them to distinguish us from the rest of the MPs when the Special Forces Command (SFC) descended on us in parliament.

Even I whose name was not on the list of suspended MPs was dragged out of parliament, strangled and detained at Naggalama Police Station because I was in red. Those who attacked Dr Kizza Besigye at Bulange after a CBS radio talk show last week, were, by the colour of their attire, members of the People Power.

I think it is the reason some hot-tempered FDC supporters foolishly roughed up a People Power supporter in Gulu who had just delivered to the Leader of the Opposition a letter from DP president Norbert Mao.

These incidents, isolated as they still are, may define the future FDC-People Power relationship unfortunately. The attack on Dr. Kizza Besigye at Bulange was definitely pre-planned. I am happy Bobi Wine has publicly condemned it. Those who masterminded it are known and must be isolated. They must not be seen hanging out with Bobi Wine again because that will be an unnecessary endorsement of their behavior.

If supporters of the opposition knew what is awaiting us, they would spare the little energy we have. And the life president has not hidden his intentions. One of the leaders of the political parties that met him recently at Munyonyo has a full story.

He was asked why he had stopped Dr Besigye from addressing rallies and Bobi Wine from organizing concerts. Museveni told this leader that Besigye is involved in subversive activities and he and his FDC party won’t be allowed to address rallies. Museveni said the decision to stop Besigye had been taken by security. Whatever this means!

As for Bobi Wine, he said, the musician was using his shows to campaign to become president, which can be reviewed but won’t be tolerated. Therefore, Bobi Wine and Besigye are before Museveni one and the same.

And when it comes to power, Museveni knows no friend or ally. His security told him that Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga is campaigning. That she went to meet LC-V chairmen in Moroto to boost her campaign. And that she was recently in Kalangala on the same mission. That she was also raising money from the business community for the same purpose. He immediately ordered that he should be declared the NRM sole candidate.

And Museveni being Museveni made sure that the recent NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) session that adopted the sole candidate resolution is chaired by Kadaga.

He has now summoned all NRM MPs to Kyankwanzi this week so they adopt the same resolution. District chairmen are also being organized. He wants the NRM National Executive Council (NEC) to convene just as a formality. MPs are nearly half of NRM (NEC).

If Museveni can plan mischief against his own party members, what about us? That is what supporters of the FDC and People Power must know. I know the tension is fueled mainly by those positioning themselves for elective office in urban areas, mainly Kampala and Wakiso.

These urban areas are just a fraction. In the last elections, FDC was able to field only 201 directly elected MPs, yet the slots were 290. We fielded just about 70 women MPs yet the districts were 112.

I think DP fielded just a quarter and UPC even less. We must not allow the fight by Kampala and Wakiso politicians for offices to define our war. We risk losing it even before it has started. Allowing an old Museveni another term in office will bury our country completely.


The author is Kira Municipality MP and opposition chief whip in parliament.


+1 #21 Remase 2019-03-17 16:17
Juwait, it pains me to no end to see those who know better but support M7 and/or to maintain the status quo!

Life presidency is not sustainable. It has never been and never will. But Lwanga and Mayiga are like the flies which are hooked on a dead body until they are buried with it!
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0 #22 muhe 2019-03-17 17:54
i like the way Hon Ssemujju is able to see things at Glance. its a fact and it will remain a fact that Kampala and Wakiso Can never define a winning candidate for the presidency.

some of us who know how the winning comes about are so happy that there is political excitement here in Kampala and Wakiso while of the country is busy in production.

where i come from, people dont even know whats happening here in Kampala and even if they hear, they just ignore. they will just give a month to the elections and it will be over while the political immature regions continue in just shouting.

This is time for silent strategy and economic production. You can not tell me that however much you combine yourself in stupidity, you can the one who is simply strategic and clever.

No wonder some upcoming politicians have been advised that 'biino SIBYAKUYIMBA". Silenty majority
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0 #23 Akot 2019-03-17 21:54
sula, understood, but,

Division of Ugandans is the power keeping Museveni on, reason he has tribal leaders in posts!

But is any tribe FREE?

+1 opposition leader divides further & it's not Museveni doing so, but our people are the ones helping him further divide them & he demon will rule till he drops dead & when?

Can you imagine Ugandans with 1 opposition leader going at Museveni?

Getting rid of a demon dictator is done by a UNITED people & not otherwise, Uganda is no exception to the rule!

The outside world is waiting, watching in silence!
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0 #24 Akot 2019-03-17 22:08
Remase, thanks!

What a pitty Ugandans don't know the country formed by tribal lands belongs to them & they alone can decide who rules, how, for how long!

How can Museveni be allowed to hold everybody by the balls through the tribalistic system in a country he has no tribal land in?

Ugandans are not aware that when Museveni will be no more, they will have to decide then, what they want!

Ugandans behave as if the country didn't exist before Museveni & will be no more after him, so there is no need for our people to prepare for continuity!

As it is, these opposition leaders will retire as Dr Besigye, leaving Museveni in office!
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0 #25 Akot 2019-03-17 22:29
sula, understood, but,

+1 cndidate will never bring the change Ugandans need but bolsters/legalises Museveni who controls parliament, tax money, tribalistically divided & rules!

How will any of so called opposition win when every institution is controlled by Museveni?

But how will Museveni hang on if Ugandans bring down the tribalistic system & UNITE with 1 opposition leader?

Will police/army kill-arrest Ugandans & leave the country for themselves & Museveni?

Even developed countreies UNITE as & when needed for change of leader!

USA leades have 8 years maximum & it's real campaign a sitting president goes for at renewal & must have good results for last 4 years - their campaign is already on!

Algerians are saying NO to 20 year rule of Boutefika!

Ugandans are tribalistically divided & ruled by a conqueror & only 1 candidate is needed, if they want change!
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0 #26 Akot 2019-03-17 22:40
Juwait kali, thanks!

It's question of FREEDOM of every tribe, but ALL must UNITE to throw Museveni out, then Ugandans will go for the kind of governance they want!

We are so so tired & so many commentators have abandoned as it's the same things we have to say because without UNITY of ALL, Museveni is going no where & there is nothing else to say to Ugandans!

What a pitty, even opposition leaders don't see non of them will ever replace Museveni unless UNITY throws him out!

Didn't Dr Besigye leave Museveni in office?

Only UNITY of a people can throw out a conqueror & opposition leaders should be the first to know this!
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0 #27 Akot 2019-03-17 22:53

See how French are not happy with their president's way of handling affaires, yet are also against opposition leaders who failed them in the past & are giving no chance to take advantage of the situation!

The same for American opposition, unless they have better plans than D.Trump, winning voters is going to be hell! Americans have only 2 opposition parties & no independent candidates has made it through!

Conqueror Museveni can only be thrown out if tribal leaders stand down & Ugandans UNITE or he will continue using our people against one another, buying a few off...& will rule beyond his 90 years!

Today 30 year old/grand parents Must ensure a future without Museveni & this can only be with 1 opposition leader to expose Museveni, leave him no chance to rig or hang on!

It's the future of every Ugandan & ALL must join hands to ensure a beginning!
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0 #28 Akot 2019-03-17 23:10
WADADA roger, agreed, yet,

Bobi Wines' biggest mistake, just as was that of Dr Besigye, was forgetting Museveni is a conqueror who can only be thrown out by UNITY of Ugandans!

Why have Ugandans forgotten how powerful they were in 1986 when they wanted change & made Acholi know it?

UNITY that made Acholi stand down will stop Museveni using Ugandans to destroy themselves while he rules them for life!

Why is Museveni still in Uganda, after what he as done, continues to do?

Why do Ugandans maintain the tribalistic system that locks them with Museveni, while locking the outside world out & no outsider will ever say a word against Museveni?
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0 #29 Robert Atuhairwe 2019-03-21 22:35
The problem i have is that Hon. Ssemujju may lose his seat to Pipo Pawa's Eddy Yawe.

Imagine he has already been warned by Mabikke and Bwanika!
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