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Your mail: Bobi Wine supporters should respect Besigye

The recent attack on Dr Kizza Besigye by a group of people confessing to be People Power diehards isn’t only inconsistent but also annoying. It has become fashionable that whenever Kizza Besigye appears in the media or gets attacked, some political bootlickers rush to accuse him of seeking political mileage.

The NRA bush war hero’s popularity is written in the sky and there is no way he could do things to reinvigorate that. If Bobi Wine, the director of the group in question, wants our support, it is fine, but there is need for him to use significant ways to lure the masses. Employing dishonorable means as seen by these latest actions won’t help matters; it will instead make him a dreaded leader.

It is vile that every time the group unleashes terror against innocent souls, diversionary sentiments follow. If the statements that the attack on the former FDC presidential candidate was stage-managed are something to go by, what about people like myself who were manhandled during the Arua Municipality parliamentary by elections last year?

The ugly events that unfolded during that exercise will be embeded in memory for years. The truth is that in Arua Municipality if you didn’t support the candidate People Power supported, you would be dismissed in words to the extent of confronting you in an uncivilized way.

I challenge Bobi Wine and his boys if they believe they have popular support to start modelling their own political players, instead of just weighing behind ready-made politicians.

From the look of things, it is evident the majority of Ugandans are yearning for change in leadership of the country. And if People Power is the new force to cause the anticipated change of the status quo, we warmly welcome it. However, its members should be smart enough and emulate President Museveni who liberated the country from individuals who ruled extrajudicially.

As a concerned young citizen, I would like to call upon the youths to always be conscious when associating with such amorphous groups. Security, on the other hand, should put People Power to order before things get out of hand.

Muzamil Alamiga,

Ugandans should start businesses instead of going for kyeyo

I think the issue of human trafficking is really becoming huge in our country and we need to work with the government to eradicate it.  

The story of the lady who was showed on NTV recently, sharing the experience of abuse in Oman, and how she was raped by a gang of men, was extremely tough to watch.

One fact is that people are going to such countries with the claim that there are no jobs in Uganda. But I wonder, why don’t they use the money they are paying to access the visa and the other costs to start a business here.

People are paying Shs 3 million on average to meet the costs of this entire process. I feel it is the love for adventure that is forcing many of these people to go to such countries.

We keep blaming the government for not protecting the people in those countries but before we blame it, why not protect ourselves first because government won’t be there in some situations.

Catherine Namuddu,

Bobi Wine must prove he is a good leader

The abuse being showered on Dr Kizza Besigye shows how forgetful, ungrateful and disloyal some Ugandans are. I can only imagine the pain Besigye must be feeling right now.

I noticed Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine fans are playing the ‘youth’ card frequently, and mistakenly brand whoever supports Besigye to be very old. Yes, the young should be given a chance to lead but they must first prove themselves in some way, and respect for everybody must be maintained.

Many of Bobi Wine’s fans wrongly call Besigye a mole - meaning he is working for Museveni. But when you ask them to produce evidence, they go on the defensive, saying stuff like, ‘he has been around opposing for 20 years’, as if there is a time limit for opposing.

Whatever problems this country is facing at present, the opposition will meet and conquer with the same united resolve and determination that are cardinal to its leadership.

That’s why the opposition must be very careful when crafting out the leadership positions. When you get the leadership question wrong, even a successful win in an election cannot guarantee anybody a presidency, or a continuation of events in the post-election, in your favour.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba,
United Kingdom.

KCCA should license food vendors

I would like to request the KCCA leadership to consider creating a license category for food vendors in the new taxi park. Although there is a law that outlaws vending of merchandise in the city, that law is abused by the enforcement officers in the new taxi park who only selectively enforce it when it is convenient and offers quick cash returns.

That is not to mention the fact that the officers lack the moral authority to enforce it since they too have their food vended to their office booths in the park.

I think it will be in the best interest of all parties if KCCA created a license category for food vendors in the new park so that the law enforcement officers stop harassing and stealing from those food vendors their hard-earned money in the name of law enforcement. This will, of course, also see an increase in KCCA’s revenue collection.

Reagan Turakira,

Uganda needs more electricity to save forests

On March 4, 2019 the deputy executive director of National Environment Management Authority reported on NBS that Uganda loses about 100,000 hectares of forest cover every year and it’s likely to increase due to the growth in population and demand for charcoal, among others.

This has caused a lot of pressure on biodiversity, Uganda tourism potential, climate change, agriculture and the livelihood of the most vulnerable and poor communities who depend on these sources of energy, among others.

Our country has invested heavily in the construction of large and mini hydropower dams and it’s proven that Uganda has excess electricity, which would provide the best and perfect alternative source of energy to save Ugandans forest cover.

Therefore, to protect Uganda’s forest cover, we must have alternative sources of energy that will not only address the challenges of degraded forest cover but will also address the poverty levels of local communities.

Electricity being one of the major backbones for social and economic development, Uganda should make sure that power is excess and is made reliable, affordable and accessible in order to reduce the pressure on the forest cover.

Balach Bakundane



0 #1 Akot 2019-03-18 19:04
[Bobi Wine supporters should respect Besigye]

What if the 2 help UNITE Ugandans, instead of locking themselves in internal fight at a time when all know Museveni has already won next fake election?

Opposition figures should know it's not them nor Museveni who will bring change, but a UNITED people of Uganda with that just 1 opposition leader so needed, yet is so lacking!

- Ugandans ensure Museveni tax money in peace,
- the tribalistic system ensures tribal allegience,
- the ruling party has just Museveni as candidate,

But opposition are in internal fight!

NRM knows UNITY is what it takes, but opposition leaders who want to replace Museveni don't!!!
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