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Don’t worry, torture is marketing Uganda

State Minister for Education Rosemary Sseninde’s daughter plays women football with Queens Parker Rangers in the UK.

She recently organized an event in Uganda that attracted some of her supporters and I think officials from the UK. The visitors arrived in Uganda at the time of the Arua municipality by-election.

The killing of MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s driver Yasin Kawuma and the brutal arrest and torture of MPs and civilians due to the alleged stoning of President Museveni’s convoy is information they consumed daily from the media until they left the country.

I met one of these visitors recently in Goa, India during the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIFE) meetings and all he asked me about Uganda is whether the brutalized and tortured MPs have now been released. In fact he is the one who informed me that Rosemary Sseninde’s daughter is a good footballer.

You can imagine this gentleman came to Uganda courtesy of Sseninde’s daughter that plays football but all he remembers about Uganda is the torture and brutal arrest of leaders. That is the striking story he carried from Uganda.

Those torturing people ought to remember the bad publicity the late President Idi Amin Dada generated because of his government’s atrocities. I have visited a number of countries and Idi Amin remains the most known Ugandan, even in death.

It is at the Goa meetings that I learnt why Amin’s story has refused to die. I also met Indians born in Masaka and Mbarara, some of whom Idi Amin summarily deported from Uganda in 1972. The most interesting thing is that those talking about Amin are not only the old Indians that suffered his wrath but their children as well.

One of these children living in the UK still remembers that his dad was born in Uganda but got expelled by Amin. I think the expulsion of Indians is a story that will outlive many generations. The expelled Indians, as you know, sought asylum in many countries. Today either them or their children live in Canada, USA and Europe.

They are the ones who marketed Amin. Their story is the story of being expelled from Uganda by a dictator. People who travel know how many times they have been asked about Amin.

It is not guerillas or the peace ushered in by the Museveni government that is remembered, but the excesses of Amin. I was born two years into Amin’s regime but here I am being asked about his excesses.

That is what these soldiers being deployed to brutalize people must be aware. The regime they are seeking to protect will go but Uganda will remain. These human beings they are torturing will die but the damage they are causing to their country will remain.

While in India, I read about Kanye West’s visit and the kind of hullabaloo it attracted. Obviously the president who wants to associate with crowd pullers, including those who had sex during a live television broadcast, had to host him. I later read comments my friend Tourism minister Prof Ephraim Kamuntu made about Kanye West’s visit and how it would boost our tourism.

And what do they do to crown Kanye West visit’s? Unleash armed men on the street to display their skills of torture. We are now not discussing Kanye West anymore but the brutal arrest of Yusuf Kawooya, the Democratic Party supporter who was arrested recently.

He was abducted on the streets in the city centre by armed men who repeatedly hit him even after his surrender. Then a statement was issued by the UPDF that said they had arrested the tormentors. What about those who killed Yasin? MP Francis Zaake can hardly walk. Where are the fellows who have disabled him?

I think the country faces a serious crisis. Mr Museveni has not only maintained military presence in towns but it appears he asked his guards to take over police roles. And for me that is what we must now address. Why should people in civilian clothes, some shabbily dressed, be the ones to carry out arrests?

In my constituency, I saw military men on trucks patrolling and I was excited, thinking they were out of the barracks to boost security. On Monday evening I was shocked when I saw on NTV news of a soldier carrying a gun and running after taxi drivers that were demonstrating.

Of course, police is not any better but we must force these military men back into their barracks or at least stop them from brutalizing and torturing our people. If we don’t stop them, we should expect more deaths and torture.


The author is Kira Municipality MP and opposition chief whip in parliament.


+5 #11 Lakwena 2018-10-24 16:00
In other words, since these thugs don' first identify them selves, and the government/spokespersons first deny knowing them, but later admit after the damages have been done; there will be nothing wrong, if Ugandans also marooned these thugs and lynch them forthwith.

Eish! It is high time Ugandans started to even out: harm for harm, torture for torture, tooth for tooth, kidney for kidney, neck for neck, life for life, etc.

And lets see how the country will survive in a state of nature/ anarchy and terror; which Mr. M7/NRM is now practicing, in order to hang onto power.

We shall see who wins and loses.
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+2 #12 Phalanch 2018-10-24 17:29
U see these 19 century dictators have no idea that the world has become a global village in the 21 century.

Like on steroids they abusing the powers given to them by the people to turn nations into Lands of horror and terror but without a doubt .

History has recorded their cruelty and so it will judge them it has happen before and It will happen again.
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+2 #13 Jama 2018-10-25 02:31
Yes history will record their cruelity.

They are still thinking and living in the past that's why they don't realise how things are changing around them.

They tend to ignore that any atrocities they commit is recorded and published immediately. The image of the recent brutal abduction of Kawoya has been viewed worldwide.

Unlike in the past when they could do whatever they want to whoever they wish and pull out.unnoticed., this time anybody can film them and relay the image.
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+1 #14 kelem 2018-10-25 08:38
But when will Ugandans wake up from the Museveni induced sleep and be free for once !!!
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+1 #15 The Great invitatio 2018-10-25 08:58
Semujju is right. I received the news of the brutal at arrest of one Kawoya from a Swedish og to my shame as a uganda.

This lady once visted uganda for a certain program. You see, it is now clear Mr. Museveni is no longer in charge. Goons are
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+4 #16 juwait kali 2018-10-25 11:15
Indians should give the world a break. They like to colonise every other country on earth conomically, yet they are the first to kill anyone who attempts to marry into their race.

They never integrate with anyone. They should remain in India if that's the case.
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-2 #17 Wainanchi 2018-10-28 07:01
Look at these ones! They are lining up in comments of hate if this notorious hater of Uganda hiding the title BV if " HONORABLE" MP!!!

Hahaha....it makes me laugh!! I suspect that he may be one of the organizers VB of hit squods and is the right hand of Dr Kizza.I would appeal police to arrest that thug and interrogate who is he working for and why he spills daily poisonous comments against Uganda!

I think that laws in Uganda dnot allow malicious propaganda against Uganda and it's cutizens.Where are watch dogs of Uganda democracy to call those thugs for answers and pay for their hate!!!!
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-3 #18 Wainanchi 2018-10-28 08:53
Honorable Muyaye Semujju! Just now now released UN report says that life expectancy in Uganda has risen from ,45 to 63 years.!;

This is huge achievement by world standards and has been realised by the NRM Government providing good and healthy food, water, vaccinations healthcare, security .,modern style of living education.

public awareness and care for its citizens You can bla bla bla your daily bullshit but the United Nations says opposite of you muyaje.
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+1 #19 Remase 2018-10-28 18:46
From tyranny to tyranny! From Amin to M7! Torture is what markets Uganda! Unfortunately this is what we have been reduced to.

And some of us believe that Uganda has no leaders but M7 only. This is a quote from Betty Nalubega when I stated that there are so many leaders out there, she stated, "" ..there are so many out there.." you say . Yet you wont name any . Mr. Museveni needs exactly people like more than his guns. You keep on and on imagining that people will simply raise up , wear red and scream M7 out of power ..without showing them any altanatives."

Ugandans have shown the alternative, and that is M7 must go. M7 has never won any elections. That means that M7 doesn't have the mandate of the people.

Yes, it is the gun that keeps him in power, however, when we elect someone, in this case, Besigye, that means that we know what we need and deserve. When Katikiro Mayiga comes out and urge us to accept rigged elections, that means that he supports M7 who is torturing us
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+1 #20 Remase 2018-10-28 18:56
Fellow Ugandans, M7 will continue to kill and torture us until we realize that power belongs to us.

My beloved sister Nalubega, "red" is the symbol of "Togyikwata ko." Ugandans are saying that M7 shouldn't touch the constitution.

Therefore, what unites us is that red color. If you pay attention, you will find that people are being arrested because of the red color. the other day Byanyima's sister red take cloths were taken by the police.

Why? Once we are united, nothing will stop us. If one day we all put on red, that will show that we are united and unity will lead us to victory.
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