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Museveni’s security address offered no solutions

Last week, President Yoweri Museveni addressed the nation on the state of security, or lack of it, in the country.

However, President Yoweri Museveni’s address was completely empty, provocative, and aggressive and offers no solution to the present insecurity in the country. The public address did not give solutions to the insecurity and abuse of human rights being carried out by security agents in Uganda.

His solution of putting reservists (Local Defence Units) already failed in the past. LDUs have been a source of insecurity in Uganda. The LDUs have been in Uganda since 1987 and cannot be a security solution in Uganda now. Indeed LDUs are a security problem in Uganda.

Many Ugandans are being abducted and killed by the unknown armed men. What are the LDU doing?

President Yoweri Museveni cannot transform himself to being a capable manager of public affairs in Uganda. He has been accused of rigging elections in Uganda very many times, something that dictators do. Since Uganda is becoming increasingly insecure, the NRM party should deny him support.

It is on record that Uganda is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and where human rights are grossly abused. Ugandans under President Museveni remain among the poorest people in the world and the most heavily taxed citizens.

Museveni abolished the co-operative movement in Uganda, the farmers marketing organizations, and has failed to give the farmers enough funding for more than thirty years now.

With three quarters of Ugandans engaged in farming, this neglect to agriculture has pushed many people into poverty and thereby worsened the security situation. With poverty biting hard, many youths resort to other dubious means to make ends meet.

This year the agricultural sector received only 2.7% of Shs 32.4 trillion, which equals Shs 890 billion. Instead of adding more money to the farmers, President Museveni has given the LDUs Shs 57 billion.

On the contrary, the president said the civil servants in Uganda are corrupt and should be arrested. What has he been doing for the last 32 years? What has he done about curbing corruption in Uganda?

It is no-wonder there is a lot of insecurity in Uganda. It is, indeed, the security agencies, namely the police, carrying out the assaults on citizens and he has no solution to the problem.

There is a lot of unemployment in Uganda, especially among the youth. Instead President Museveni is creating more unemployment in Uganda by laying off employed civil servants unfairly in the merging of different agencies authorities.

President Museveni has no solution to the unemployment of the youth in Uganda. Instead he has accused the youth and the NGOs of causing insecurity in Uganda; that the NGOs are financing the youth to cause insecurity in Uganda, which is not true.

It is true that the opposition in Uganda has been talking about irrigation in Uganda, but all in vain, as a solution to the unpredictable weather. Government programs that have been created to undertake these ventures have failed miserably, and added to the insecurity in the country.

Dr. Dan Okello is the chairman Uganda Peoples Congress, Lira district.


+1 #1 Jama 2018-09-21 02:01
How do you expect someone who has failed for the past 32yrs, to succeed today? Impossible.

He blames civil servants who are under his control for corruption. Is it not said that a fish begins rotting from the head.

We all witnessed daylight bribery, during the age limit campaign, with money drawn from the treasury and poured in MPs bank accounts.

ln conclusion what we are going through is irresponsible Leadership.
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0 #2 Lakwena 2018-09-24 10:30
Dr. Okello, because he is a conman and therefore does not mean whatever he says; all Mr. M7 speeches offer no solution.. If anything to go by whatever the man says means the opposite, and he later goes ahead and confirms it.

E.g. in 2006, the revolutionary "Fundamental Change" of Jan 26th 1986, shamelessly became the BS "No Change".

On 27th Dec 2017, after brutalizing MPs in the Chamber of Parliament; the man who all along declared that the NRA/M, is peaceful and ushered in peace publicly confessed that he /NRM is Master of Violence.
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0 #3 Lakwena 2018-09-24 10:41
On 26th Jan 2017, the revolutionary "patriotism" rhetoric of Jan 26th 2011, became "I am not anybody's servant nor employee ... I only fight for myself and belief" BS.

And on 9th Sept, in a 4-hour much ado over nothing, the man who chest thumbed in Jan 26th 1986 that his regime will superintend over a peaceful, prosperous, integrated self-sustaining economy; mocked Ugandans in their faces and said that:

the wide spread poverty and 87% youth unemployment is because, unlike his children who are now prosperous, Ugandan parents did prepare and bequeathed nothing to their children.


In other words, Mr. M7 is Uganda's greatest social, political and economic insecurity ever, and therefore in no way can offer any solution.

The Cynical M7 owes nothing to Ugandans especially the "Bazukulu", whose parents are to blame for their sons and daughters hopelessness, quagmire and predicaments.
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