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Letter to President Museveni on New Year’s speech

For a long time, I have watched with surprise each time our beloved president has attacked the church leaders for speaking out on matters affecting our nation.

These attacks have been propagated by some government functionaries such as Ofwono Opondo, Tamale Mirundi and others. Supposing Church leaders and other theologians said to our politicians that they should not comment on religious matters since it is not their operational area, would anyone take them seriously?

Not at all! No one has a monopoly on religion or politics. Human beings are political in nature, and an in the same way, they are hopelessly religious. Therefore, it is high time Mr Museveni and his government stopped peddling these unschooled utterances that the religious leaders are not supposed to say anything about politics.

While state and governments are creations of the people, religion is not. People can live without governments but cannot live without a religion that answers existential and the afterlife questions.

Don't undermine the role of the Church in society, and I mean real Churches. Look around and see what the Catholic, Anglican and Adventist Churches have done in society.

All Ugandans (including religious leaders) have right to determine how they should be governed. They also have obligations to the nation of Uganda.

In fact, the Church in Uganda has given Mr Museveni a blank cheque for three decades – Thanks to what Mr Museveni referred to in his New Year’s speech as neglect of what "they ought to have done. 

This challenge should awaken the Church to start preaching liberation theology because our country is not yet liberated from the tyranny of the greedy leaders especially the parliament.

In fact, had the clergy executed the church's prophetic mission, Museveni would have retired long ago. Dear Mr President, stop listening to people such as Ofwono Opondo.

And remember the clergy are more schooled than your NRM cadres and they possess ecclesiastical power that is far more lethal than your state machinery. 

You talked about sacrifice and yet you know that nobody has ever fought a bloody war for any other reason than seeking power and money. The only person in history who placed his life on the line for others is Jesus Christ. Not you, not any other. You fought for good life, money and power and that is why you still cling on.

I marvel at how you keep talking of safeguarding Africans from impending imperialism! Did Ugandans vote you to be a saviour for Africa or East Africa? Do you really think Botswana needs you? Does the future of South Africa depend on you?

Mr President, Ugandans voted you into power to serve their national interests. Countries do not have friends but interests. Countries relate to others for trade and collective security. The duty of your government is to ensure security of our borders, allocation of resources and the provision of justice.

Therefore, before you tell us about East African Community, we want to see service delivery, we want to see an executive that respects the independence of the judiciary and parliament.

We want to see an orderly country where the police is not a hub of criminals; we want to see motorists respecting zebra crossings; we want to see investigations of murders and assassinations concluded. Only then can you tell us about East African Community. 

Mr President, you know very well, there will never be a politically integrated East Africa. Why do you want us to waste our energies on a hopeless venture? Can you show us any region in Africa or even in Europe where political integration of sovereign nations has succeeded? Nowhere!

You ironically accused the clergy of arrogance. Had you been less arrogant, you would not have assented to the ill-conceived and illegally-processed age limit bill. You know it is immoral that the MPs could unthinkingly extend their life in parliament for two years!

And here you are praising these MPs who are even afraid of meeting their electorate! Can't you see that you are being arrogant to fail to listen to the voice of reason? 

Arrogance can be treacherous. It can lead one to ignore the norms that direct dominant states in international relations and you end up fighting institutions such as the International Criminal court (ICC) at your own peril.

I am sure you are a bright president who knows international politics; you better not fight such institutions. Humble yourself and live in peace. 

The author is a Ugandan living in Brussels, Belgium.


+1 #11 Akot 2018-01-11 17:45
wazza, thanks!

Museveni will only become a human being if/when Ugandans decide it's time!

Power belongs to the people & they alone can bring change through Unity, for common purpose.

Tribal leaders staying put making sure the tribalistic system is a ROCK foundation for museveni with Ugandans tribally divided & without that just ONE National opposition leadership iare the best means of ensuring continuity of museveni, more so tax money comes bang roght on time & in peace!

Which ruler, especially a conqueror looking for a country of his own for his people, would let this chance go?
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+2 #12 Lysol 2018-01-12 01:57
Quoting Betty Nalubega:

"It is so painful to hear former guerillas abusing church leaders whereas when they were in the bush, they were strongly supported by the priests and bishops.

If [Emmanuel] Cardinal Nsubuga and Bishop Magambo (to mention only two) were still alive, anyone interested would have asked them for the evidence of my assertion"

By Fr. Lawrence Mudduse


The two Okellos (both being catholics) were convinced by by them to overthrow Obote, which paved way for Museveni.
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