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Numerous prospects awaiting Museveni in retirement

When President Museveni completes his term in 2021, he will have served our nation for 35 years as a head of state and almost 55 years as a freedom fighter.

He will have amassed immensurable governance experience, probably more than seven US presidents combined. Unlike millions of people who shiver at the thought of retirement, there are numerous safeguards and opportunities of what to do for this gifted son of Kaguta.

Articles 105 (3) (b), 106 and 107 of the 1995 Uganda Constitution envisaged this situation and provided safeguards when the president ceases to hold office. Currently as president, he is paid a salary, allowances and afforded numerous benefits including exemption from personal taxation.

The retirement benefits were operationalized by the 8th Parliament under the Emoluments and Benefits of the President, Vice President and Prime Minister Act 2010. The benefits specified thereof cannot be varied to his disadvantage.

They include an allowance which is 60 per cent of the current president’s salary and a fully furnished house provided by the state.

The Act further provides that he be given an allowance equivalent of Shs 20 million for the procurement of furniture and an additional Shs 10 million for replacement of furniture every five years.

Furthermore, a chauffeur-driven car for town running, attending state functions to which he or she is invited and one trip to his or her country home once a month is guaranteed. He or she is also provided with first-class travel if he or she is required to travel for official business.

Similarly, medical care for him/her and his or her immediate family is provided. President Museveni will receive four government-paid highly trained security guards and a permanent personal secretary to help him with his work, in addition to two domestic staff.

Also, an allowance of Shs 800,000 shall be provided each month to meet expenses on utilities such as electricity, telephone and water.

A retired Museveni can do the following. If he is tired of the public eye and everyday scrutiny, the most convenient way is reside at his country home at Rwakitura, Kiruhura district. There, he will look after his cows and businesses.

Mr Museveni can join Club de Madrid, one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. This is a prestigious organization of more than 95 for- mer presidents and prime ministers whose role is to offer guidance, support and counselling to nations on building of democratic institutions and resolution of political conflicts around the world.

Mind you, this is not a club of only Western democratic countries but Africans too. Former leaders such as Rupiah Banda of Zambia (2008- 2011), Mozambique’s Joaquim Chissano (1986- 2005), Alpha Oumar Konare of Mali (1992-2002), John Kufuor of Ghana (2001-2009), Ketumire Masire of Botswana (1980-1998), Thabo Mbeki of South Africa (1999-2008) and Benjamin Mkapa (1995-2005) of Tanzania are members.

Other distinguished former African leaders are Festus Mogae of Botswana (1998-2008) and Olusegun Obasanjo, two-time president of Nigeria (1976-79, 1999-2007). Actually, there are high chances that President Museveni can be voted president of that body.

Using his prominence and the great name acquired during his long presidency, Museveni can promote Uganda further by actively participating as an invited speaker at a wide variety of national, regional and international events.

With his military experience and diplomacy, it would be nice seeing him as a mediator of various conflicts such as the Israel-Palestine conflict especially that he showed immense interest when Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Israeli prime minister, visited Uganda last July.

How I wish he uses his retirement as an opportunity to publish his memoirs, set up a Yoweri Museveni presidential library, promote the NRM party and contribute to our national archives.


The author is a political analyst and lawyer.


+7 #1 Beebwa Mangu 2017-11-01 12:13
That is for ex presidents who are, according to your M7, not intelligent and revolutionary. If you knew him, he is such a pompous man, self egoistic, hubristic and thinks that he is larger than life and death...put together.

So the reason he wants to make sure that Uganda should be written off the map of the World when he is not there to see this happen as indeed his mortal....
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+11 #2 ejakait engoraton 2017-11-01 12:50
ALL this would be well and good if you are talking of a well thinking, sane and properly mannered and self respecting person like some of the ex presidents you have talked about.

NOT our MUSEVENI. This is a man who has inferiority complex and who one writer said had fought all his life to become president and only envisages himself leaving upon his death, if he has not deluded himself that the world will end before he dies.

Such a person is what Banyarwanda call OMUTINDI , not even comparable to a MUKOPI , he has this "arrival syndrome" and having arrived can not see themselves step aside and let someone take over these "privileges" which he has come to see as rights; presidential jet, 50 car convoy, right of way, meeting heads of state, having his own mobile toilet, deciding who lives and who dies, who is sent where for treatment etc etc.

The Ganda say that once a village dog comes to or is brought to town, there is no way in the world that it can ever go back to the village.
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+10 #3 ejakait engoraton 2017-11-01 13:09
WHEN a person equates a COUNTRY to an animal, a dead one at that, then you have very serious trouble.

This is a person who thinks he hunted his animal and can not see it being eaten by another person, and that does not mean only those he thinks are the ENEMIES (the opposition), but believe me he would not even want his own brother, wife , son , daughter to be in charge of that dead animal.

He has kept changing goal posts from wanting the constitution written, to professionalizing the army from now setting goals that he KNOWS can NOT be achieved by HIM; mbu middle income status by 2020!!!!!!!!.

SO how can he leave before he achieves his unachievable goal. It is like a goal keeper saying he will not retire til he scores the same number of goals as PELE or MESSI have scored!!!!!!!!!

He has met goodness knows how many US presidents, other world leaders , POPES, etc, he wants to meet the next pope and the next, the next US president etc etc.
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+5 #4 Steve Wesonga 2017-11-02 12:54
Ejakait said it perfectly. As it is said often, you can take the boy out of the jungle but you can not completely take the jungle mentality out of the boy.

This fellow grew up poor and based on some accounts, he never owned even a grass thatched hut like most of teenagers do in their father's compound.

That is why he was adopted by Mzee Byanyima - who took him in like a child picked up while wondering in the streets homeless.

Secondly, he seem to suffer from chronic jealousy - Can't bare seeing another person enjoy the clamor he is experiencing.

Either he will die in a plane crash, of some weird un-curable sickness, but as President no matter what.
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+8 #5 Dembula 2017-11-02 13:23
The second paragraph of this article makes a very serious and fundamental error when talking about M7's immeasurable experience resulting from his time as president.

This presupposes that quantity is equal to quality. To show the fallacy of this reasoning, imagine a person who spends 8 years doing his/her "O" Levels. Is this person wiser than the one who spends the normal 4 years?

In fact would you not call the one who spends 8 years a "natural" fool? Look around the world at countries similar to Uganda.

How come they can make progress in a shorter time than the 30 odd years that M7 has had?

Do we really want to keep in power a president who has shown that he is incompetent, failing to meet objectives that he has promised? If he was my employee, I would have sacked him ages ago.
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+1 #6 Akot 2017-11-02 16:35
No dictator, especially museveni looking to conquer & own land for his people, ever retires! Museveni came to get a country so that Rwandese with him have home, just as those with Kagame do & he will get it, unless Ugandans stop him in UNITY!

Museveni is not wanted in Rwanda-DRCongo-Tanzania-Kenya because they know he is a demon!

Just Unity of Ugandans, even without opposition leadership as it is, will throw museveni out!

But Ugandans want museveni to throw them out, why?
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0 #7 Akot 2017-11-02 19:05
Beebwa Mangu, thanks!

It's time we listen to one another:

" Fellow Ugandans, more than ever, this is the time. Let's all join in.

There are no prisons that can accommodate those of us who are opposed to the lifting of the age limit from the constitution.

Let's all come out and stand together. M7 cant impose his will on us every time. Power belongs to us. Not the army or Gen. Teargas and the police. Hell no. Not this time!]

If Ugandans Unite, they will bring down the tribalistic system & leave museveni landless, so where will he lock up Ugandans, in Rwanda?
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0 #8 Akot 2017-11-02 19:22
ejakait engoraton, thanks!

Agreed, but,
His inferiroty complexe makes him more dangerous because he has no feelings for any other who wants to defy him!

Have we forgotten of Rwenzururu tribal leader, Dr Besigye, Dr S.Nyanzi who court is waiting for museveni to tell them what to do with?

No one besides museveni has a say in Uganda, not even tribal leaders who are making sure the demon goes on!

Uganda belongs to Ugandans & the zone is formed by tribal lands of which museveni is NO part!

So, it's time Ugandans Unite & stop museveni finally owning the zone!

How will museveni treat Ugandans if he is allowed to own the country?

Even students of Rwandese origin have started making thier statement, right?
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0 #9 Akot 2017-11-02 20:30
If Ugandans are the last to be aware their land is so so rich, why would museveni be blind & not want to own the country & make it his family legacy/inheritance?

More so Ugandans do not understand the meaning of "country-people"!

How can any Ugandan talk of retirement for musseveni, when what he did to the country/its people, is so evil & should lead the demon to ICC directly?

Ugandans let Amin get away & died only when the money he looted from Uganda dried out & Saudi Arabia stopped keeping him alive!

Is museveni going to own Uganda & throw our people out, or are Ugandans going to UNITE & throw the former asylum seeker out?

Is the choice too difficult for Ugandans to make?
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