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New districts a complete waste of taxpayers’ money

At midnight on July 1, 2017, six new districts came into effect.

The latest six are the second batch in a phased framework that will see 23 new districts created by July 1, 2019, bringing the total number of districts to 135.

The cost of public administration under the current political leadership is mindboggling, and shows how warped our government’s priorities are. According to cabinet’s own estimates, a new district requires Shs 59 billion to start. A new district requires an additional Shs 14 billion to run its administration annually.

Therefore, to create the 23 new districts passed in 2015, the government will spend Shs 1.35 trillion and another Shs 322 billion annually.

On account of this prohibitive cost, the government had imposed a moratorium on creation of new districts, but typically, with an eye on the 2016 elections, the powers that be yielded to pressure and allowed 23 new districts, albeit phased over a four-year period.

Thus the first batch of new districts took effect on July 1, 2016 (Kagadi, Kakumiro, Omoro and Rubanda). On July 1, 2017, we got Namisindwa, Pakwach, Butebo, Rukiga, Kyotera and Bunyangabu.

On July 1, 2018, Nabilatuk, Bugweri, Kasanda, Kwania, Kapelebyong and Kikuube will come on board. To complete the list on July 1, 2019, Obongi, Kazo, Rwampara, Kitagwenda, Madi-Okollo, Karenga and Lusot will be born. 

New districts come with new constituencies; so, we are likely to have not less than 460 members of parliament by July 2019. Added to the local government apparatus in each district, the result is a public administration setup that is burdensome to the taxpayer.

Districts are not centres of production but, rather, consumption. Some of the newly created entities lack even the most basic physical structures and will have to begin from scratch. Resources that should be going towards fighting poverty are now likely to be diverted to serve public administration.

Now, Shs 180bn is to be spent to expand the chamber of parliament to accommodate the fast-rising number of MPs arising from the multiplication of districts and constituencies. Are new districts and MPs really Uganda’s most pressing priority? This haemorrhage must stop.


+3 #1 mungu 2017-07-14 10:09
with an eye on the 2016 elections? you think Museveni really cares about what you call elections with his hirelings in the Electoral office, NRA and militia called police?

His whole obsession is to obliterate this thing erroneously called Uganda and indeed he has achieved that. see those intertribal conflicts in North, East etc. do those things ring a bell?
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+2 #2 Akot 2017-07-14 14:49
Quoting mungu:
you think Museveni really cares about what you call elections with his hirelings in the Electoral office, NRA and militia called police?

His whole obsession is to obliterate this thing erroneously called Uganda and indeed he has achieved that. see those intertribal conflicts in North, East etc. do those things ring a bell?


Why do tribal leaders-elites play be deaf-blind when they too are going to be, finally, victims without even tribal lands when museveni finally completes conquest of territory?

If Ugandans still believes museveni is going any where, then we are the most stupid-naive people on earth!

UN-USA-EU must suspend official representation in museveni Uganda before they help the demon complete conquest of territory, making them too, complices of inhumanity-dictatorship-colonialism-abuse of hospitality!...
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0 #3 Akot 2017-07-14 14:55
...Museveni has & continue to use/abuse not only Ugandans, but the International Community too, by legalising-legitimising tribalism-sectarianism-racism-dictatorship!

Even UN turns blind eyes-deaf ears to enslavement of Ugandans, who are so afraid to go to armed war like the rest of the world, simply because Ugandans know what this would do to the country!

Yet, UN-USA-EU are waiting for Ugandans to take to arms too, in order to come in & pretend helping!

Has joining armed war in Syria-Irak-Somalia...brought solutions?

Are these very people not the ones seeking asylim in Europe-USA?

If UN-USA-EU do not want to help Ugandans just UNITE, would closing Embassies-UN Offices in Uganda be destructive to Uganda?

Or are they afraid this would bring museveni's tribalistic system down & isolate their idol?...
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+1 #4 Akot 2017-07-14 15:06
...Do Ugandans have to take to arms so that so called developed world see they need help to stop the inhumanity going on?

Must there be change through war in a country already destroyed with lost & divided people?

UN has not only joined in esuring dictatorship-tribalism-wars go on, but in degrading climate too:

- don't we see the ever increasing refugee camps destroying lands? Besides huts-tents, there are no trees-grass in refugee camps, just dryness-dust!

But they are blaming D.Trump for taking USA out of fake Climte grouping that only exist to show power while not knowing how/what to do!

What if Americans rally behing D.Trump to get the First place in wolrl politics/real leadership, instead of first place in wars?

What if Ugandans just UNITE & say NO to museveni even if we don't have National Leadership?...
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+1 #5 Akot 2017-07-14 15:16
...Won't Ugandans go on without museveni, who is the most tribalist-racist-sectarian-divisive...dictator who owns a country he has no tribal land in, while UN-USA-EU just go along with him?

Demon museveni continues dividing tribally-intertribally dividing Uganands & will end up dividing families too!

Yet, as it is UN-USA-EU will be in first place to listen to demon museveni at next UN Assembly!

They have taken Ugandans' saying NO to armed struggle as endorsement of museveni's inhuman rule, instead of saying NO to Ugandans & urge them to UNITE!

What kind of leadership are they showing us & what world are they building?

D.Trump-T.May are considered dangerous, but demon museveni is democracy!!!!!!!!

How can ICC function in this situation & help the millions living hell under the likes of museveni?
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+3 #6 Ensi eno! 2017-07-14 17:37
I really doubt whether NRMO misleaders are nationals of this nation, I really doubt! It is as if they came to destabilse this once great country so that they run away when their mission is done otherwise how can a patriotic team do the kind of stuff these misleaders are doing?

What use are these districts to the tax payer? what about the over 400 MPs? Uganda does not need more than 50 districts and 120 MPs and the next Government headed by patriotic Ugandans should reverse all this mess created by these looters.
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0 #7 Akot 2017-07-15 19:25
Ensi eno, thanks!

Uganda is under colonial control & unless we UNITE & gain our second Independence, there will be no change & the owner of our country will continue dividing us, thus making us even less powerful to stand up to his abuse!

Is it not time Ugandans realise museveni is going no where unless we UNITE & throw him out?

Will another 30 years be enough for us to understand that the country belongs to us & any one we invite-take in/give shelter to... has no right to abuse our kindness & colonise it & make us countryless while we slave for him?

Zimbabweans-N.Koreans can accept their fate but why should Ugandans do the same & let museveni who has no tribal land in our country be our master & loot our land while he regionally/tribally/intertribally divides us...?

How can the tribal landless rule us through a tribalistic system?

What's wrong with us?
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