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Here are Fufa’s ongoing projects to bring change

All organisations survive on proper planning and implementation of projects to get the best results.

However, stakeholders are very key during the planning process as this gives a strong foundation in terms of support and understanding the objectives for starting certain projects by any institution.

Over the last ten years, Fufa has witnessed and registered overwhelming positive changes in various aspects of the game. The leadership of Fufa president Moses Hassim Magogo will not rest on its laurels until football gets what they deserve.

Other beautiful things about football in Uganda may happen in the short, medium or long term but foundations will continue to be set up for the future generations to build on. This has kept Fufa busy with several projects lined up for the good of the game.

It will call for the involvement and engagement of all stakeholders such as government, sponsors, fans, football family, media, political, cultural and religious leaders.

With celebrations of Fufa’s 100 years coming up in 2024, it is the best time for people with a rich history about the institution to make massive contributions to this project. Archiving records in Uganda is a very big challenge but there is a likelihood that some stakeholders have very good images, videos and any other content that may be relevant during the celebrations.

Better times lie ahead for everyone who is looking forward to the Afcon coming to Uganda in 2027. Hosting such tournaments will also help to improve in the area of infrastructure development, which is one of the ongoing Fufa projects.

Proper infrastructure attracts good football and potential sponsors but above all, it gives a clear picture of how football is perceived in a particular country. That is why Fufa embarked on acquiring land for football activities in Hoima, Ntungamo, Soroti, Luweero, Lugazi and Kadiba. The acquisition of more land is being targeted in other parts of the country, mainly for football.

Broadcasting matches on television and radio is a welcome project that has aroused the appetite of the old good days with great commentary on league matches in the 80s and 90s. Fufa is in the recovery process to reignite the ambiance and love that existed in the old days but with the introduction of Fufa Tv and Fufa radio to supplement the efforts of other media houses, the future is very bright.

The other projects such as producing Fufa branded sports equipment and the Technical Master Plan are ongoing activities that we need to see succeed. Like the saying goes; a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, Fufa is on course to walk many of them with great results.

The author is Fufa communications director

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