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Observer locker: Can Man United bounce back after rout at Liverpool?

Man United’s recent form has been exciting, as talk of a possible quadruple was beginning to make rounds. Yet, Liverpool’s 7-0 win over their fiercest rivals on Sunday, was not just an annihilation, but embarrassed Man United. All talk now is about whether United can bounce back...

Sebugwawo: What a weekend it was for me! Busiro beat Buddu. Then SC Villa, the Jogoos, swept aside Express, before Liverpool put the icing on the cake.
Mugalu: I tried to send greetings to Vianney, but he did not respond.
Vianney: Guys, it is no bother. You won, congratulations. You are now champions!

Kabuye: Ha, the fellow is annoyed.
Mugalu: Of course. The man, who was talking of four trophies. There is no way he could have responded to my message.
Vianney: It seems your message came in, when I was on TV. There is no way I could have seen it then, and responded to it.

Mugerwa: Vianney, you do not have to give any reasons for not responding to Mugalu’s provocative messages. It is your phone.
Gaston: It does not matter. What matters is that Arsenal is still on top, and Man United lost 0-7.

Bamulanzeki: But where is Spin today? Someone remind him the elephant is still atop the tree. It even bought KFC and has a girlfriend these days.
Mugalu: I doubt you will be able to see Spin today. He is in the hospital for a heart checkup.
Pius: Are you sure about that?
Mugalu: That is what Vianney just told us. (Spin walks into office, while holding a big bag and a flask of tea..)

Kabuye: Eh! Mutaka Spin, is it true you didn’t sleep at home because of Man United?
Spin: I thought that after scoring seven goals, Liverpool would be at the top of the table.
Zziwa: Omukalukalu tajja busera. Spin is simply shameless. If I were you, I would never have worked; after conceding seven goals!
Spin: But you worked, when Manchester United beat you 8-2. Gaston: Wamma, Vianney, how many days make a week?

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