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When will delegates wake up from slumber?

Fufa president Moses Magogo

Fufa president Moses Magogo

I once got a shock during a Fufa general assembly when a delegate stood up and requested for the provision of uniform blazers to all delegates in order to ‘fit the wonderful work they do for the country.’

At first thought it was a joke but when the motion got endorsed, I realised I was with the wrong calibre of people. Not that all delegates embraced this cheap symbolism but the fact that such an issue can be debated in a football assembly was absurd at best.

That was just one of the pointers that the game has been taken over by leeches that seek to milk whatever they can in the guise of serving above self. To put the record straight, Fufa delegates are the members of parliament for football.

Their roles include, but are not limited to, making laws and playing an oversight role – especially to see that the laws passed are good enough, non-discriminative and realistic within the footballing environment, among others.

Delegates also have an accountability role to ensure that the Fufa budget is inclusive and there are ways to follow up every penny, both income and expenses. Unfortunately, our good delegates do only one thing. They ask the sitting president to support their bid. They get balls supposedly meant to be given out for free as they are donations from Fifa.

Then they get some money to buy their votes and come to the house to support every bad rules passed. Many never even read anything. The president then becomes a boss because he paid for their presence in the assembly using resources meant for football.

Take an example of Uganda Premier League clubs. They are direct members of Fufa. But they are entitled to nothing because the number of leeches within outnumbers serious brains. Clubs never get a penny, no league balls and no training facilities; even their coaches pay for the courses!

So, the only benefit for a club from Fufa is the Shs 1m received annually by the club chairman at the assembly. The other is tickets in case you play continental but that is also catered for in the Shs 10bn from government. The meagre prize money is taken off sponsorship.

The bad rules by Fufa even go ahead and dictate that you cannot get a sponsor unless such is acceptable to Moses Magogo and his cronies. Nobody, no delegate has been recorded on the assembly floor attempting to create a rule on behalf of their constituencies or fighting to get anything from Fufa.

Budgets are passed unpacked while annual reports are read without questions. Even abandoned projects like Kadiba, in which Fifa sunk billions, are not queried. The most discussed issues are foreign trips and appointments to committees.

At the moment, eastern region chairman Isa Musiwa is in Ethiopia for the Cecafa Under-23 yet technical brains supposed to benefit were left behind. Just recently, Hamza Junju, the head of Futsal, travelled with The Cranes for a friendly in South Africa as leader of delegation.

That is how Magogo plays the delegates like pawns. That’s how Fufa got the audacity to broadcast Uganda Cup games using Magogo’s companies without involving any club.

The football assembly is all about Magogo and what he wants. Until the delegates or electorate wakes up to the reality, Ugandan football will continue languishing in the doldrums.

The author is Nyamityobora FC president.

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