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Indeed, Magogo will go down a historical

Moses Magogo

Moses Magogo

Wonders never cease to happen.

In 2013, Moses Magogo declared a football revolution upon taking over the top office of football administration, just like Napoleon, the infamous character in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

He warned the masses that he is going to be a historical leader never before seen. But just weeks into his helm of running the sport, he decided to hoard hundreds of 2014 World Cup tickets meant for Ugandan fans on the black market. In doing so, he not only dubiously enriched himself with hundreds of thousands of dollars, he also disenfranchised Ugandan fans.

It took a whistle-blower to blow Magogo’s fraud cover upon which he asked for a plea bargain to walk away with a light sentence. Ugandans are naturally a forgiving lot and much as this thief was served with a two-month ban as well as $10,000, he was welcomed back with a triumphant procession mounted by his cronies in the leadership.

With this, Magogo soon realised greed can help him get away with anything. At the 2019 Afcon, he withheld allowances and bonuses of Cranes players and most likely used that money to fuel his parliamentary bid in Budiope, a venture he succeeded in in spite of criticism from moralists.

Now that he has joined parliament, the level of greed has grown to obscene levels to the extent he is seeking to run for football’s top office for the third time. But to do so, just like Napoleon, he has set out to bully all football stakeholders.

The first victims are members of the Fufa executive, who submit to him like a god. What is left for him is to decimate the players, whose continuous pleas for their money has been met with threats of cutting short their national team careers.

This reached a head last week when Magogo went into a misguided rant by reasoning that delay to pay the players is a result of them not performing to expectations. You may have noticed that each time The Cranes wins, Magogo’s well-oiled team of sycophants rush to credit his efforts. But when it loses, then he shifts the blame on players for playing shitty football.

He is the master of rhetoric…when he boasts that under his reign the Fufa budget has risen from Shs 4bn to Shs 40bn, he doesn’t provide context or accountability of what the money has been used for.

Meanwhile, when he claims he has increased the number of Fufa staff from four to 60, he doesn’t not provide any criteria, justification or value. He knows playing to the gallery is effective because sycophants don’t question. I am sure his next attack is going to be on Fufa delegates, from whom he demands loyalty for bribing them with a monthly fee.

In fact, no Fufa president in history has ever been this fraudulent. That is the Magogo effect on Ugandan football today and his disregard for the compassion of other stakeholders is going to be the first step in his impending fall at the polls.

Watch this space.

The author is Nyamityobora FC president

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